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September 3, 2014

Where's the Beef?

LOL... I couldn't resist that!! 

 I seem to have a bovine collection started!

Couldn't resist this mini-cow creamer by Polish Pottery.  I spotted it up in Mackinaw City when I found my plates I used with this tablescape post "here" and I knew it would go well with my other two pieces of Polish Pottery. 

This old gal has been hanging around a while...moo!!

I ran across a website called Antique FarmHouse that I thought I'd give a try.  I spotted these petite cow and bull plaques and thought they looked like old iron pieces that had been salvaged.

 This is their picture from the web page.  They're more "rusty" looking than mine and show up better on the light blue wood background.

I had it on my mind to include them with this wall collage of things I seem to be growing but they are even smaller than I anticipated.  So I decided to use this area near the wheat.   I'll be on the lookout for something to go on the wall above them.

 I gave in and used the flash.  The corner is just too dark and I couldn't get a good picture.

They don't quite have the exact "rusty" finish as the picture from the website shows but they''ll have to do.

So I guess I found the beef!

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  1. Fun finds! I like your collection but don't you hate when you get something and it is not as it appeared?

  2. You certainly did. And suits you and your home.
    I like to have "funny" pieces scattered around the home - I like to smile when I go through them...
    Hope all is well with you. Stop by my blog, when you can, to see my frontyard garden.

  3. Your herd is adorable but I love the Camembert box!

  4. You've got quite the collection going, Liz! I've been noticing the white ones on several blogs these days. I found a couple on Etsy. Love your pretty vignettes.

  5. Love those cows, and I think your plaques are adorable! :-)

  6. Your cow collection is so cute. I like the ones on the wall even though they aren't exactly how they were pictured online. Too bad the online company didn't say what the cow plaques were made of. The look good anyway.

  7. Hi Liz, your collection is darling and I love the wall cows even though the patina is not quite the same as advertised. They do look great where you placed them. The little guy is too cute. I started a little collection and have 3 so far. That makes a collection I guess!
    Happy September.

  8. Lovely vignettes of your cute cows, Liz, both on the shelf of the little table and on the walls. The beefy bovines really are an adorable bunch!


  9. Your cows are adorable. I love the little creamers, too. You have incorporated them beautifully into your decor.

  10. What a mooooo-ving vignette!!! I really like the cow head plaques. You can always rust 'em up to suit you with some paint, I suppose. They're cool "as is", but I understand wanting them to look like they did in the ad. The nerve of them!!! :-)

  11. I saw those plaques and almost ordered them, but I have no empty wall space at my house. What a cute little floral cow creamer. You've created a great cow corner. laurie

  12. Your bovine collection is so adorable, especially the one with the pretty red cherries....so dainty and cute :) Love how you incorporated them in your room decor!~hugs, Poppy


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