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November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving to Christmas at Mom's

As I mentioned I took some things down from my home to my mother's for Thanksgiving.  I started out Thursday morning with putting the turkey in at 8 a.m.  
I  used a tablecloth from a few years back that I believe I got at Kohl's.  

The pilgrims were forgotten on my table at home so I used them here with the glass lantern taking center stage.  We had to remove all of this for dinner though.

We had 13 people and a ton of food.  A lot of hands were taking things to the table and with so much going on there was no designing it!   We held hands and said grace and remembered my sister and her husband that couldn't be with us.

My great niece Audra provided hugs and a some needed joy.  Children lighten the heart!

We went out on Saturday to my favorite place.  It's a local nursery and garden center which also sells seasonal items and they have a fantastic Christmas section every year.

These are a really different color palette.  I believe they feed the plants with a colorant and it causes the leaves to change to these colors.  They spray glitter on them for added sparkle!  

We meandered over to the Christmas trees and decorations.

I was admiring this mantel.

I wanted to buy this ribbon but it was $50 for a 10 yd. roll and even with the sale they had going I couldn't justify that amount but I really wanted it!  It had two sides to it as you can see a tartan and a check.

 I snap shots of things like this to inspire me at home.

They have decorated trees and mantels in various settings.  This area was all about Santas.

We brought in the Christmas in the tree at my Mom's and set it up.  I found some ornaments she had and decorated the tree.  My mom used to collect a lot of Santa head ornaments so I mixed them around on the tree.  

My nephew brought a giant poinsettia plant.  I found a variety of bird figurines and bells and made a little parade around the poinsettia.

We're packing up and heading back home so I can get started on my holiday decorating.    Back at the ranch Dan already brought up my plastic tubs before we left so I can get at it once we return.  Yes this is how I left my home- a bit of a mess but ready for decorating!

I hope your Thanksgiving was great and that you're enjoying the next phase of decorating or at least thinking about it!

November 27, 2015

Friday Quick Notes & Ideas #3

Wow another week has gone by so fast!
I hope your Thanksgiving day was great!

I wanted to show you that I added the tartan plaid ribbon (which I found at Michael's) to the tree collar/basket that I showed last week.  I just wove it in and out on top of the red felt that was already there and I created kind of a ruffle with it.  I think it looks a lot cuter now.  Of course the cats think it's for them.  


Our new Christmas tree was ordered from Balsam Hill.  While browsing their web-site I saw this "Scents of the Season Fragrance Machine" and thought it might be a smart buy.
Its always nice to have the fragrance of a real tree but it doesn't last long so this is a nice option for substituting that fragrance.  It's kind of pricey but it seems like a safe option to me.  My hubby won't allow me to use those plug in wall fragrances for fear of fire and those little aroma sticks that you put in a jar with the scented liquid isn't safe with my cats.  They'd have it knocked over quickly and want to chew the sticks!

This is the link "here"

The only negative comments I've read is there is some noise from the unit when it comes on but they say it's not all that bad.
I went looking for a discount code to help buy one and found a bunch of discount codes at RetailMetNot.com (no affiliation with me- just sharing) for Balsam Hill.  When we ordered our tree they had a sale on it, free shipping and I used a $50 coupon code that was on a catalog that we had received.  I've been big on following sales this year at all my favorite sites.


This year I'm in love with tartan plaid more than ever.

I found this tablecloth at Sur La Table and bought early for fear they'd sell out.  So far they still have them and this is a link to all of their tartan plaid pieces "here"  I'm mixing different tartan plaid pieces around the house this year.  What I really liked about this pattern is the white.  So many of the designs are much deeper in tone.  I liked their wine bag too in case you have an opportunity to offer a bottle of wine as a gift to someone this is a great way to present it!

That's all for now my friends!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

November 24, 2015

Being Grateful and Thanksgiving Reflections

This week is about preparing for Thanksgiving Day.  I'm reflecting a little bit on past dining tables and feeling grateful for the times shared with loved ones.

This year is going to be a bittersweet Thanksgiving.  My brother in-law Jim is gravely ill from Liver Cancer and my sister Sherry and he will not be with us. 
 Normally we would be at their home for Thanksgiving Dinner and this is why I am co-hosting dinner at my Mother's.  This collage includes some quick pictures I took at a previous Thanksgiving at their home.  

These are previous tablescapes with a link to the original post.


For this year I didn't set up the table except for this daily display.

Most years we head down to be with family but this particular year we stayed home.


I am so very grateful for all the Thanksgivings I've had in my life and for the loved ones that I've enjoyed them with.  

Wishing you all blessings and a great Thanksgiving Day!

XO Liz

November 20, 2015

Friday Quick Notes & Ideas #2

A new idea for this year.
Christmas Tree Baskets or Collars
I have been intrigued by these "Christmas Tree Collars" or "Christmas Tree Baskets.  When I walked into Michael's last weekend they had a bunch of these (50% off) so I decided to take one home and see if it would work.  My tree stand was a little wide for it but I'm going to buffer the bottom with a little dressing to hide the gap.
We ordered a new tree this year on-line so we had to set it up to be sure we liked it although I haven't decorated it.  

While searching on line for these collars (before I found the one at Michael's) I found this one from Pier 1 and I decided to see if they had them in the store.   I was so pleased that they did that I grabbed it up quickly.  I had a discount that day that helped with the purchase.  I have a small pencil tree I'm going to use this one for.  The base on this is actually a tad wider and would have fit the other tree.  I might weave in some tartan plaid ribbon over top of the red to add some more design to it!

Teddy has a different vision for it!

This one is from Crate & Barrel.  They have three different tree collars and they're all nice- just depends on your style.  

Pier one has another one that is more glitzy- I saw it at the store and it's pretty!  They have a couple of versions in a woven wicker like I found and one with a Peacock design- very pretty too!  One thing nice too at Pier 1 if you want something they sell in the store and they're out of it they will order it for you with free shipping but you have to do that at the store.

Terrain is a wonderful garden center we visited in Pennsylvania a few years ago.  They have a few woven versions like this one.  They are the first place I got the idea from (last year) but didn't act on it.  This year when I started seeing more of them at other stores I decided to go for it.

There are also versions of homemade ones that people cut the bottom out of a basket or galvanized bucket to make their own.  

If you click on the name of the store I mentioned with each picture it will take you to their page.  (I'm not being compensated- just sharing ideas) or you can just use a search term of "Christmas Tree Baskets" or "Christmas Tree Collars" and a bunch of them will show up to look at in case you like this idea.  My goal was to find one locally and not have to pay for shipping so I'm glad I found these.  I thought it would be a fun change from the traditional skirt this year.

Have a great weekend!

November 19, 2015

A Glowing Thanksgiving 2015

Boy time is flying by fast and Thanksgiving will be here before we know it!

I set the dining table though we will be celebrating at my Mother's home.  

 Earlier this fall I showed you this antler shed that a local person had turned into a candle holder in a post "here".  Somehow I wanted to incorporate it with this table and this is what I came up with.  The candles ended highlighting the turkey's fanned tail very nicely. The curvature of the antler was a perfect spot to nestle the turkey into.

The pumpkins are seated on small wreaths made of faux magnolia leaves in rusty fall tones (Pier 1).  There are also small pine cones that you can't see in this picture.  These pumpkins had been in my big basket I loaded up for a fall display as seen "here".

Since the turkey is most often the main course on Thanksgiving I gave this guy center stage.

The stenciled leaf burlap piece is glued on and an adornment of a pine cone and leaves are tied around the ring with raffia.  I filled the bottom half with dried corn to represent food from the harvest.  

Williams Sonoma came out with these "Plymouth" dishes this year and I couldn't resist.  They're more affordable than the Spode Woodland ones that I love so I decided to splurge on these.

I turned the lights on so you can see things better.

I rummaged through my linens and had found these placemats that I hadn't used.  They worked the best with this tablecloth's coloring.  The crackle finish wine glasses are from Pier 1 last year and the double old fashioned glasses are Ralph Lauren, Aston (from T.J. Maxx)  The napkins are by Park Designs and the gold tone flatware came from Horchow a few years ago.

 I love how they center has a ring of fruit designed on it.  Perfect spot to center the turkey platter.

I have been aggressive this year and following the sales.  I think I got this in August from Williams Sonoma and have been waiting to use it.

I'll be taking some of this down to my mother's and setting up the dining table for Thanksgiving.  

Wishing you all blessings for Thanksgiving!

I'll be joining
Between Naps on the Porch


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