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September 8, 2014

September Morn...

What a beautiful September morning! We're experiencing wonderful weather- mid 70's during the day, dry and sunny.  We had a lot or rain last week- in fact 4 1/2" overnight on Thursday!  Needless to say the grass is green as can be.
I snapped off a few pictures this morning while the sun was dancing through the trees onto the patio and garden area. 

I wandered back to the fountain and the water was glistening

The water was splashing and toppling over the edge- the rain fall had filled it up quite high

My planters have done fairly well.  These begonia's tended to spread out wide rather than go up higher like the ones I had in previous years.  Leaves are always falling and collect in this area very easily.

This one is has branched out enough to reach the bench and cling to the armrest

The hostas have been blooming away and I need to trim out the finished stems from the flowers.

Soon this landscape will change to golden yellows and browns- I love the colors of fall I just don't like to think about what follows!

The PeeGee Hydrangea flowered more than I expected

It is not happy here and I will be removing it late fall.  PeeGee's love a lot more sun than what this one is getting so I hope to relocate it to a better spot.

It seems like every year I only get 3 blossoms on this Cityline Paris Hydrangea

I love the florets- a strong pink with little white dots!

Across the sidewalk is another hydrangea called Forever & Ever Red Hydrangea.  I transplanted it early in the spring from a spot near the bird feeders where it was barely getting along.  It's more than quadrupled in size but where are the flowers?

Hiding underneath is one flower that is barely there.  I'm hoping next year it will bloom nicely since it will have been established for a year in it's new location.

The sweet potato vine has grown out like Rapunzel's hair.  I lost the little orange begonias that were in there to mildew so I tossed them away.  The Browallia was unaffected and has filled in.

Everything has grown like crazy and it's almost jungle like!  The morning glories have filled the left side of the arbor but no flowers so far.  The Sweet Autumn Clematis filled the right side and top area and should be blooming anytime.  It's the lack of sun that prevents better blooms.  I've cut a lot of the Limelight Hydrangeas on the right side and gifted them to my daughter, her boyfriend's mother and myself!


I hope September is starting out nicely for you too!


  1. What a beautiful tour that was. Everything is so lush and full, just as it should be at this time of year. All your early work is there - you must be so pleased.

  2. Liz, I think you have one of the most beautiful private gardens I have ever seen. You have made it all amazingly beautiful! I wish I could experience it for myself- just to walk through and smell all the scents and see all the colors of flowers and foliage. GORGEOUS! You have outdone yourself there! I am SOOOO jealous! lol I would be embarrassed to have anyone see my gardens this year- xo Diana

  3. Hi Liz,

    So enjoyed your snaps of this sunny and serene September morning in your beautiful garden! Everything is lush and green and dewy, so different from the temps here in the Med, which are still hot. How refreshing to start one's day in such a pretty place.


  4. Your garden is so full of lusciousness!! We have begun the autumn clear up so everything is beginning to turn to their rustic colours. Thanks for the lovely tour of your garden!

  5. You really have a lovely garden, I like that fountain area so much! And your Limelight Hydrangeas just beautiful in the vase.

  6. You have a beautiful garden, lovely in the morning light.

  7. Your garden looks fantastic, Liz! Love your hydrangeas, especially 'Limelight.' Still looking pretty, Liz. My garden is quickly fading. (But much work remains!)

  8. How beautiful! I love how private and secluded your garden is. Thank you for the stroll!

  9. I hope your transplanted hydrangea flowers next year. It should be beautiful.

  10. Hi Liz, your gardens are the best I have seen anywhere. It is so inviting and well planned. What a beautiful place to relax on a September afternoon. Simply wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. quel endroit merveilleux, plein de po├ęsie : magnifique

  12. It is starting out nicely but is shifting to cool/cold now and that will end so much...your garden is perfection!

  13. Wow, now that's a lot of rain! Everything is looking so good still, with it being so late in the season. All the hydrangeas are gorgeous - especially that pink one - few blooms or not. It's starting to get quite a bit cooler overnight here, which in turn is taking its toll on the annuals. I'm ready to start ripping things out.


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