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January 26, 2020

A Picture of Pitchers!

 Since it's all white outside I decided to create an all white vignette!

 The center pitcher is a Juliska that I ran across marked down to half off.  I couldn't believe my luck!  The pitcher on the left was just a T.J.Maxx find and the pitcher on the right was from my mother's collection.

 I added a creamer and sugar container that have a similar beading design on them as the pitcher.  The galvanized cake platter is from Hobby Lobby and the galvanized tray was from a gift store in Pennsylvania a couple of years back.

 This pitcher was staged on a candle holder with one of my mother's lace doilies. I'm pretty sure I got that pitcher from Hobby Lobby.  The candle holder was from Pottery Barn several years ago and has a nice vintage look to it.

 I added a few more of my mother's lace doilies.

 Cute little butterfly doily.  She often put these out as a coaster on the glass tops of her tables.

 I have a few of these star like doilies that were hers too. 

 My mom had a collection of pitchers but this was the only plain white one.

 It's older and the glaze has crackled a bit too but to me that adds character! 

 I placed a couple of faux ferns in a clay pot.  This is another candle holder from Pottery Barn like the other with a vintage look.

So that's my Picture of Pitchers!

I'd like to give a shoutout to Linda (Life and Linda) for remaking my header on my blog.  We collaborated together and I love how she put together my ideas and hers (mostly hers)!
If you ever need a new blog, blog re-design or an update contact Linda "here"

I'll be joining:
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January 21, 2020

Santos Cage Doll and Amaryllis

Hello!  This is my first post this year.  It seemed to take me longer to get Christmas put away and getting things back to normal, plus we caught that cold that everyone seems to be catching which took a while to get over.  Anyway....

I've had my Santos Cage Doll for many years, she's a re-production doll.  She has been moved around the house a lot and I decided to give her a more prominent spot.  This Santos Doll has removable wings and if you want to read a brief history on them you can do so "here".

 I was looking for something to fill her cage and I finally decided to do it with some deco balls.  They were a bit big to get through the cage area so I was able to unscrew the top of one on the back slats, slid it over and put the deco balls in.  

 I don't remember if I showed you my little dog before.  Currently she is carrying a basket full of ferns.  I thought a pop of greenery was due!  I've been using the stand that the Santos Doll is on for  Christmas displaying but got to thinking why not keep it around.  Then it came to me to put the Santos Doll on it.  

A little unconventional design but I like it!

 I picked up some Amaryllis bulbs at Home Depot after Christmas.  They looked like good healthy bulbs and so I potted them up and this one has three stems.  It's still opening up and I'll enjoy their blooms for a while longer.

 The sun was shining in on them so I captured a few shots.
This is called Red Velvet.  It's a pretty common one and it sure does impress!  

My Thanksgiving Cactus decided to put off a few more flowers too!

So that's my current status!  


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