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May 31, 2019

Hosta Hill and Roses

Well as the spring rolls on the hostas are popping out of the ground.  There are still many more to show up yet!  I've outlined the hill with coral impatiens and on the other side I'm trying out wax begonias.

 The sweet woodruff is blooming and looks so pretty!

 A planter mixed with a spike, Diamond Delight (euphorbia), Impatiens and Creeping Jenny

 This is a row of  June hostas.  It's a good performer.  The sweet woodruff has jumped the border line.  I'll be removing some as this is supposed to be a path to the backyard.

 This hosta is called Hump Back Whale.  I planted it in September of last year.  It's coming up nicely and is going to be a giant one.  We had some hail that damaged some of my hosta leaves.

 This miniature crested iris is always a delight.  They've hidden themselves among the sweet woodruff.

 Early morning shots show the hosta are actively growing.

 The Jack Frost Brunnera are blooming very nicely right now.  They continue to grow as the season goes along.

 I captured this the day before.  It's a double primrose!  Isn't it fancy!!

I dug out a hydrangea shrub that basically never produced flowers and replaced it with a new floribunda rose called Cherry Parfait.  

So that's my gardening update!

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May 29, 2019

Bouquet Inspired Tablescape (T)

 Welcome to my Bouquet Inspired Tablescape.

 I bought this bouquet for the holiday weekend and finally decided to create a tablescape to go with it.

 As you can see it's all greened up outside and we are enjoying some warmer days! (In between the rain)

 There are some blue hydrangeas in the back but they didn't hold up well.  That big red gerbera daisy really caught my eye!  Three red roses, white lilies and carnations and blue delphinium carried the theme.

 I chose these dishes and the red napkins to repeat the colors in the bouquet.

 I added a bit of whimsy with these bicycle napkin rings.

 Some bees to buzz around too!

Early morning "Bouquet Inspired Tablescape"!
Dishes:  Johnson Brothers- Devon Cottage
Napkins:  Williams Sonoma
Tablecloth:  Williams Sonoma
Chargers:  Pier 1
Stemware:  LaRochere- Napoleon Bee

May 19, 2019

First Garden Tour

It's a slow spring up north here!  My tulips finally started blooming- yay!

I transplanted these to this location after they died back last spring so I was tongue and cheek about whether they'd come back, but they did!

 Opposite the other tulips these are almost fully in bloom!

 Along the pathway my daffodils are blooming.  They are an apricot color rather than the traditional yellow.

 Further down is the Jack Frost Brunnera which has just started filling out.  It will grow a lot more and their little flowers are the sweetest!

These are related to the "forget me nots" so their flower does look very similar.

 This is a big patch of Japanese (spurge) Pachysandra out on my hosta hill.  It's flowering right now.

I've planted some beautiful yellow begonias.  They'll fill in as the summer comes on.  Hostas are coming up all over.

 It has been raining so some of the leaves are floppy!

Something has gotten to the tulip bulbs.  There's only about 1/3 rd of what I planted coming up.

 I've begun planting annuals too.  There are some primrose coming up around the pot.

 One of the earliest to appear!

  I've started with my fairy gardens.

There are some sedum plants coming up and I've placed the houses near them.  We'll see how this turns out!

 Around the corner my stone house fairy garden.  It will take a bit longer for the plants to come alive and I'll be putting down some mulch.

 Over near the granite bird bath are some hyacinths and a tulip that's not quite ready to make it's appearance.  I've got some tyding up to do.  Those tulips are a fringed tulip.  I hope they bloom soon while the hyacinths are still blooming!

 I've made a little grouping at the corner of the garage.  Can't wait to see how these plants develop!

This is a new hanging basket I ordered from a company called Kinsman.  It's called the peacock planter. 

A little bit here and a little bit there it's all coming alive again!

So that's my first garden tour!

May 13, 2019

Memorial Day and 4th of July Wreath

 I bought a wreath with geraniums at JoAnn's for half off but decided I wanted to embellish it a bit.  I bought the blue and white flowers at JoAnn's and spent a total of $27.00 altogether.  I bought the yellow Gerber daisies at Hobby Lobby for 50% off and that was around $6.50. 

 I began first with the blue and hot glued them in place as I went along.

 Then I added in the white flowers for my red, white and blue look.

 Then I placed the Gerber daisies and fluffed it out.

And here it is all ready for the two holidays!

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May 8, 2019

A Dutch Mother's Day Brunch (T)

Since Mother's Day and tulip time fall together nicely here in Michigan I decided to create a Mother's Day tablescape featuring tulips!

Gorgeous yellow tulips!

 I found this Nutcracker Dutch girl last Christmas at JoAnn's.

I knew I'd use her for a spring tablescape!

I wanted this to be for a morning brunch and I went with colors on my table that are often found in tulips, red, white and yellow! 

 Notice the Dutch clogs.

I got these in Holland, Michigan last spring.  They are a child's sized Dutch clog.  

I got my red through some gorgeous roses and my white from these daisy like flowers (forgot the name).

 We are greening up outdoors. 

I have tulips and daffodils getting close to blooming!  I think by Mother's Day they'll be opened up!

Wishing you all a 


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