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January 24, 2021

Living Room Jan.2021


I've left the mantel the same because I'm satisfied with it.  The coral/orange centerpiece was created for me by a gentleman who owns a store up north of us called Monarch Garden & Floral.  I did a post about it "here".  The big ginger jar is again from The Enchanted Home and I carried the blue with a small blue jar.  I'm mixing the coral/orange with blue which is through the room.

Last fall we picked up a couple of new chairs and I sold my two wing back recliners. We managed to get them at a fraction of their cost because the store was closing and liquidating.
This is the other chair, it's motorized and sooo comfy! 

I picked up the pillow at Home Goods, I couldn't resist it.  It really doesn't go with my Asian theme but I loved it right off and knew it would go with this chair.  He looks like a British Captain so we'll just say that he is traveling to Asia!
Sun floods the room and is always appreciated during the winter months!
  The coffee table got a new tray and the acryllic bird piece.  The elephant was from a furniture store a while back.  It had no brand name on it so I couldn't find out more about it.

Lana our youngest cat just turned 2.

Teddy basking in the sun!
They are both Tonkinese, which is a siamese and burmese mix.   The look a lot like siamese but with a rounder head.

There you have my living room in 2021!

January 19, 2021

Valentine's Inspired Tablescape (T)


My amaryllis are lovely right now and made for some good cut flowers so I decided to use them for my Valentine's Inspired Tablescape!

I sure have enjoyed these for the past couple of months!

I gathered some of my Valentine's deco and had some fun with it!

This little piggy is all dolled up for Valentine's Day, and is sitting on a pair of gold hearts with an arrow through it.  I scattered some red glass pieces for fun!

Isn't she cute! Aren't those some crazy eyelashes!

I had these heart plates from Pier 1 from several years ago.  I used a black outlined dinner plate to frame the heart dishes.  The white chargers, crackle wine glasses were from Pier 1 and so were the heart napkins.

I used a gold napkin ring to go with the gold hearts.

I double layered the heart napkins with a black & white check and repeated the black with the flatware and dinner plate.

I chose this red and white rooster talecloth that I got from the April Cornell website a couple of years ago.

I had a terrible time with these photos.  It's a very overcast day, snowing and I just couldn't get 
enough light, so I altered all of my pics to be brighter.

Cheers to Valentine's Day!

January 12, 2021

Into The Blue and White


I mentioned that I had a collection of blue and white porcelain pieces from my Mom's home.  Everything here except the vase down below was from her house.

 I especially like these figural Chinese statue pieces.

I don't know a lot about the names that could be applied to these but I know they came from the 90's.
I ordered a base for the hexagonal vase to set on and it fit perfectly as though it had been made for it!  

I gifted her this dragon plate, one of the first things I gifted her after we were married in '78.  We lived in Chicago and I bought it from Marshall Fields.

Next is my display cabinet that I put some of her other items plus a few of my own.

The big platter down below was also a gift I gave Mom.  At that time her home had a sofa set with blue peacocks as part of the design.

I added the blue jar from a website known as The Enchanted Home and the Fu Dog I found at Home Goods. 

Some more modern design.  I used this large elongated brass dish loaded with some deco balls I've had for a while.

The pumpkin shape piece was another of my Mom's pieces and the Tulipiere pagoda vase also came from The Enchanted Home.  The elephant came from Pier 1. 

More modern deco, I added these two white and gold matching pieces along with this very large clear glass vase from Ethan Allen.

So that's what got me started on adding blue and white porcelain to my decorating!

January 7, 2021

New Year's Greetings and a Vignette!


After tearing down the Christmas deco and having open surfaces again, I decided to start here.  While bringing things back out to the living room and kitchen area I picked up this plate that was my Moms and decided to give it a try on the credenza.
Mom had a fair amount of blue and white porcelain asian pieces.  I have more that I've never shown.  Mom is in assited living, 98 years old now. 
My favorite Pottery Barn candle holders.

I went to my storage area and found this blue and white deco ball so I decided to give it a try too.  The african violets seemed like a good choice to add some color.

I think generally this is farmhouse style.  Asian meets Farmhouse?

I like this combo, what do you think?

My amaryllis are still putting out blooms.  I'm so impressed with these bulbs.  Definitly try to buy bulbs that are the larger cm measurements.  They are more mature and put off more stems with flowers.

What I am most impressed with is that all three colors I chose are blooming at the same time.  My first blooms occured early on in December so I'm delighted that the've kept going!

I hope your New Year is starting out well.  Thanks for stopping by!


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