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February 28, 2016

Little Flowery Easter Baskets

I saw these baskets at Michael's and got the idea to fill them with some flowers.  They came in a few colors like blue, green, pink and purple.
My crafting room is my kitchen table.   First I put in a piece of styrofoam and put in a small spray of light green and white flowers.  

Then I took them back out once I was happy with the height.  (These have been used before so they had extra holes).  The flowers were very inexpensive sprays I found at Michael's.  All I did was make a large hole in the center and then push the flowers down inside.  (I used my turkey baster for the hole.  The large end where the suction bulb attached was about the same width at the spray of flowers).

I found this light brown grass at Pier 1.  I needed something to hide the styrofoam and I liked the natural coloring of this.

I created a lining to cover the openings in the basket.

Once I got the foam back in I stuffed more of the filler around the edges. 

I was actually making two of these at a time.  I raised the handle up slightly.  You can just barely see it here.

I also added a bright green gerbera daisy flower to the top.

I also picked up a few bunches of styrofoam eggs on stems that I also added.  

I figure I can remove the eggs if I want and still use these as cute spring accents.  I didn't use my good camera- just my iPhone but I guess these aren't too bad.  Sorry the area is a little messy but that's how it goes when you are doing projects!

I moved them over to the lace top table for more pictures.  This is a front and back view.  As you can see there are pretty flowers all the way around.   

I got everything on 40 and 50% off so it was a very reasonable project. 

I think these would be cute for table accents at a family gathering or a church function or such.  My plan is to put them on the dish rack when I decorate it for Easter.  
I enjoyed putting them together and seeing my vision come together.  I hope you like them!

Special Thanks once again to Linda (lifeandlinda.com )for giving me another new blog makeover.  I wanted something spring like in color and we collaborated on some ideas for the header.  She's talented and always surprises me!

February 26, 2016

Friday Quick Notes and Ideas- A Soap Affair

While purging and organizing over the past 2 months I also went through my bathroom cupboards.  I have to confess I am a bit of a soap bar hoarder!  

I'm guessing about 5 years ago I found this at a specialty store that I used to visit when I'd go home to see my mom.  I remember last year someone was looking for "Lilac" and I discovered on their web site that they offer one in Lilac.  This is a link for it "here".  

This Cape Shore brand made in Yarmouth, ME.  I found them at a store near Mackinaw City.  It's moderately priced and the scent holds up well.  The top bar is my lilac scented one and the other is the hydrangea.  I used these briefly and then saved them to use again later. What can I say- I'm cheap on some things!

This smelled so good through the holidays and again I saved it until next year to use again.  I know I'm weird.  I use a liquid soap for showering because I don't like the mess from the bar soap residue so my primary way of using these are on the bathroom vanity but I also use a liquid hand soap so I guess these are going to last forever!

 I found this one while on a visit to Pennsylvania.  It's made by Fringe.  Their soaps come wrapped in really pretty paper and would make a good gift.  I just opened it to use for the first time and it has a really pretty scent (I think it's jasmine).  I can't find this one on the internet so I assume it's not made any longer.  I did find many retail sights selling their brand but not a direct link to their sight.

These soaps go back to the mid 90's when we visited Williamsburg, VA
The store price tag was only a $1.20.  I am not sure why I keep things like this but maybe someday I'll become rich from saving these priceless gems- what do you think??

Another box of soaps from Williamsburg.  I think I got these at a gift shop in Jamestown where I bought a large ceramic bowl that has a similar design on it as the soap bars.   
I loved visiting Williamsburg and look forward to going back.  

When the 1997 movie Titanic came out I found myself buying a few things that were based on real items that were on the Titanic.  Gee aren't you surprised I bought more soap!  These are 19 years old now!

As shown on the back of the box it says in 1909 these were commissioned for the first class passengers.  I never even opened it- still in the plastic!  I suppose I could sell this one on Ebay- no doubt priceless by now!!  Wink wink!

I've also got a small hoard of hand made soaps that I put in this apothecary jar.  I've left them in there for display but really should use them don't you agree!  I ordered these from one of our fellow bloggers Cranberry Morning and this is the link to her Etsy shop called HomemadeSoapnSuch.  

Olfactory senses….
Some favorite childhood memories catapult me back in time to family picnics at my grandparents cottage.  I can still remember the simple tiny bathroom which had a small square porcelain sink standing on a chrome frame with no storage, visible pluming showing below and the classic bathroom window with the privacy glass on the bottom half for privacy.  Plain thin cotton hand and beach towels hanging haphazardly and sand on the floor from us trooping in and out.   In my mind I can feel the warmth of summer and the scent of the bar of soap.  Back then it would have been something very ordinary like Ivory, Zest, Lifebuoy or Irish Springs.  My skins shrinks at the thought of using some of those now- they were so drying!

I think I was all of 3 here….I always liked being barefoot!  I'm sitting with my Grandfather at the cottage near the lake chowing down on some food from the picnic.  I think we're sitting on a set of steps originally created for the house when it was under construction.  My grandfather grew up in an Amish area in Gladwin, Michigan (but he wasn't Amish he was Menonite).  He helped build barns when he was young and always kept himself involved with carpentry at some level the rest of his life.  Some of my older cousin's helped him build this home.

I'm going to guess that I had a good bubble bath that evening to clean those black feet up!
Stay clean!
Thanks for joining me and my Soap Affair!

February 21, 2016

Welcome to Clover Hills

Welcome to my little Village of Clover Hills for St. Patrick's Day

Stop on over and visit our very old little church where everyone is welcome...

The town folk welcome you and invite you for some festivities...

There's always a fresh cup of tea for everyone...

Wandering around the village you'll find plenty of shamrocks...

We're keeping the town treasure hidden away here from those Leprechauns…

Come on by and don't be shy!  

You're welcome back anytime!
We'll get the Guinness out for you too!

I know most of us are thinking about Easter already and since it's so close to St. Patrick's Day I thought I'd get a roll on that first!

Don't forget to join Cuisine Kathleen for her annual St. Patrick's Day blog crawl on March 16th.

I'm joining the following parties:

February 19, 2016

Friday Quick Notes and Ideas #8

I started these Friday posts late last year and fell away from doing them for a while.

This has been a very mixed up week with different things going on.

We attended a memorial service for a friend who was diagnosed with leukemia in December.  His journey was brief.  A really great thing happened in that it brought his family together.  He had been divorced 40 years ago and then married my friend Linda who had a son and was also divorced.  Divorce has a way of splitting families up.  His one son chose to live with him for a while but the other son and daughter stayed with their mother.  They came together and stood by his side with Linda and her son during his last week of life.  I'm so glad for him that in the end he was blessed by this and that everyone put their own personal agendas aside.   

During the memorial this gentleman played Amazing Grace on his bagpipes.  I have to tell you it caught us off guard and was very emotional.  Afterwards I asked if he'd mind if I took his picture.  He went right into a pose very quickly for me!  He's done this before for sure!  

John would have loved this.  He was part Scottish and this would have meant a lot to him to have this special moment in his honor.  RIP John Miller

Spring is approaching...
My mind is already on changing things up for spring and Easter is going to be here before we know it!  Our son and daughter in-law gave me this iron metal wreath candle holder at Christmas.  I messed around with some ideas and finally landed on something.  I'm working on it for a Spring/Easter look- pictures to follow soon!

For Valentine's Day we went out on a shopping excursion.  I'm looking for a piece of furniture but haven't found what I want yet.   I did find this adorable white elephant candle holder that grabbed my attention.  It's made by Three Hands Corp.  I found a link for it in case anyone wants one for themselves.  You can see the link "here".  I set one of the boxwood spheres on it instead of a candle.  I'm still playing with it so we'll see how I work it in.

This garden angel was on the tray where the Elephant is now so I decided to bring her into the bathroom.  I've always liked things garden related in the bathroom so I decided to give it a try here.

I cut a candle ring into three pieces and worked it around.  Last time I showed it she was still plain.

That little clock came from Hobby Lobby last year I think and the soap dispenser is from Pier 1 (close out).  I did a post on my little bathroom last year and you can see it "here".

A quick look out of my office window.  The squirrels are actively seeking out any acorns that they can find.

They've been digging holes and actually doing under the snow for them.  There are piles of debris from their munching all over the snow.
Spring is a ways off for us yet (usually April) but we have way less snow than usual that it won't take long to melt once it starts.  So far this winter hasn't been as bad as it was the past 2 years so I'm hoping for a little earlier spring here!  

Wishing you a great weekend!


February 18, 2016

Soothing Lavender

I hope you like the aroma of lavender as much as I do!

Not long ago I did a post about this table by the entryway.  This antique vase had some dried roses in it but today I decided to change it up.  You can visit that post "here".

The sun was shining in and the picture of the lavender field popped out at me.  I was reminded that I had a nice bunch of lavender that I had saved.
Last summer I had the opportunity to visit a lavender farm that I posted about "here".  I look forward to going there again this year.  

I do love the smell of lavender and I was so pleased to find that this bouquet of it still smelled great after being kept in a sealed plastic bag.  I wanted to immerse myself in it!

Can you smell it??  No? Scratch the screen- perhaps that will work!
Benefits of lavender oil are believed to help reduce anxiety, depression, insomnia and restlessness.  I know it smells wonderful in warm bath and does seem to sooth.

Though this looks very summery…. I'm dreaming of spring and Easter which I'll be working on some decorating for soon.  Wishing you a soothing and relaxing day!


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