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March 21, 2018

Storybook Easter Dining

I was thinking of storybook tales like Peter Rabbit when I created this tablescape.

Imagining all the little storybook creatures scurrying about delivering eggs and feasting on flowers and cabbage long the way!
I previously showed my centerpiece arrangement in this post "here".   The rabbit is standing inside a wreath of flowers and eggs.  I added a few more eggs and set up more little bunnies and chicks.

My pretty stemware that my kids and hubby helped me to start collecting seemed perfect with it's floral accents.  

I chose my pink cabbage bowls and green cabbage leaf plates to continue the storybook garden theme.

I've had these napkins for at least 3 years and never used them.  They remind me of colorful Easter eggs.  I found the tulip napkin rings last summer on discount.  

Since I have a grandson that is a toddler my mind shifts in the storybook direction.
Here comes Peter Cottontail...hoppin' down the bunny trail...hippity hoppity Easter's on it's way!

Thank you for joining me and I hope you liked my Storybook Easter Dining presentation!

List of table items:
Pink cabbage bowls- made by Bordallo Pinheiro
Green cabbage plates- from Pier 1 Imports
Stemware from Willliams Sonoma called Vintage
Rabbits and Chicks from Pier 1 Imports
Glass candle votives and candle holders from Pier 1 Imports
Tulip napkin rings from Pier 1 Imports
Napkins from Pottery Barn

March 18, 2018

Decorative Easter Touches- Part 3

I always like to decorate the plate rack seasonally and for the holidays.
I think I should have just defined my Easter decorating as "Bunnyopolis" 

More bunnies on some salad plates that I fell in love with from Williams Sonoma

I love the colors and botanical aspects and of course the adorable bunnies!

I kept the little table deco simple.

I loaded up the cake plate with some raffia and eggs.

Down below I set the two bunnies that my mom made for me from her ceramics class many years ago.  

I added some white lacy looking plates and cobalt blue dishes from Pier 1 that have bunnies on them to my other plate rack.

Though I bought these with Easter in mind they can be used year round.
They referred to them as a new twist on flow blue earthenware English style glazing and embossed graphics.

I ended up having to move the etagere back to the corner.  My little Easter chicks and eggs are easier to see now too.  

Lastly another bunny feeding on carrots!
I used him last year for a tablescape you can see "here"

So that's a wrap on my Decorative Easter Decorating!


March 17, 2018

Tulips and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Since my planter is full of green and St. Patrick's Day is here I thought I'd share an update on it.  A lot of growth has occurred in the planter (with tulips, daffodils/narcissus, and (muscari) grape hyacinths) since the last time I posted about them 8 days ago.

March 16th
This sits in the window on the south side and gets some afternoon sun.

I got so excited to see that some flower heads forming.  The little grape hyacinths will be first to bloom.

A tulip (centered in the leaves) is making it's way up too!

These are the bulbs I planted. I suspect the size and color may be a little less than it if they were outside but lets hope they'll still put on a beautiful display! 
Perhaps by the time our snow has melted and my tulips start to come up this will have just finished flowering 😊

I can't do anything without an audience!  Teddy is the nosiest cat I think I've ever had but that's okay- after all why have a pet if you don't like their companionship!   Carmen is sitting by the floor vent below the planter (she's a watcher).


May your troubles be less, and your blessings be more, 
and nothing but happiness come through your door.


My friend Linda from Life and Linda posted a recipe for St. Patrick's Day that looks so good and I wanted to share it.  Below is an image to tempt you with a full link to the recipe and a tutorial for making them.
 Full recipe link "here"

Wishing you a Happy St. Patrick's Day 
(we can all be Irish for the day 😉)! 

March 16, 2018

Decorative Easter Touches- Part 2

In the living room I decorated the mantel with a little more elegant look this year.

I loaded the big vase with the cherry tree blossom branches that I've used several times for my Easter Tree and nestled big carrots around the stems.  (I started with a large foam ball in the bottom so the stems would be supported and to add some height).  The bunnies are begging for those carrots!

This year I used some golden egg accents that I had in my stash.  I usually put up pastel painted eggs but decided to try a new look this year.  

The flowering tree branches came from Terrain a few years ago.  They have a very realistic look to them including a thick texture to the branches.

The two bunnies are lightly accented with gold.

My Lenox rose vase came in handy for the tulips.

I went out looking for pink or green candles but had poor luck so I finally decided these looked good just the way they were for this year's mantel.

A little bit more Easter on the wood top of the built in cabinet area.  

I set up a little tray with the paper mache style Easter Bunny and tossed some foiled eggs around.  The candle is newer- I was attracted to the woven willow candle holder it came with.  It's made by Park Hill and I selected the "Old Estate Magnolia" scent.  There must have been 15 different available scents.
They come with a brown paper wrapping on top held in place with twine.  They would certainly make a nice hostess gift to someone or for any other reason.  Once you're done with their candle then you can use the glass votive to burn any other one of your choice so it's a good investment.  I got mine at a store but I did google it and found various suppliers selling it but for some reason the prices jump around on them.  I'm not making any money on this but I did notice Amazon had a fair amount of choices.

Part 2 of my decorative Easter touches!


March 15, 2018

Spring Green for Easter!

I wanted to show the placemats before I added the dishes and the design gets covered up.  These are cute enough to leave out and I think they will migrate to the main dining table so I can continue to enjoy them!

I like the quatrefoil shape, the stitched vines and colors.  I found these at Kohl's.

I brought this sweet little bird cage home from Hobby Lobby and thought it was so adorable with the bird sitting outside the cage so naturally I had to put an Easter egg inside the nest!  I'm sure they expected a little tea light to be placed there but not this time!

I think the little bird is wondering how in the world she's going to hatch these eggs!

The salad dishes are from from Pier 1 (2016) - they sold them as a set of 4.  It is interesting how a tablescape can take form.  First I wanted something to play off of the soft peachy/orange Easter egg, and then I found the placemats at one thing led to another.

The carrot napkin rings are also from Kohls.  They have such good sales!

I chose the bamboo flatware for color and texture.
The napkins bring in a nice touch of spring green!

I like the way the flatware fits into the framework of the placemat's shape

Isn't that a sweet face!

Can't wait to see lots of green outdoors!

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