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October 13, 2017

It's a Mum time of year!

I thought I'd take a few more shots of the mums I've got planted or on display for this autumn season.
I love this yummy yellow color of these mums.  I did add some mini pumpkins and gourds to help fill in around the base.  

These will last a while even after the frosts start to hit.

The ornamental kale made a nice accent with these smaller mums.  At this time of year leaves are dropping everywhere.

Mums or chrysanthemums are a great way to pop in late season color for the gardens.

This mum was in one of my fall displays a few years back.  It took a while to see the flowers but this is a natural blooming time vs the ones we get at the store which are pushed to be in bloom early on.

I hope the new purple ones make it back next year too!  

I have to find a spot to plant these mums- I love the pink color.

Do you plant the mums you get for these fall displays or just toss them?  I've done both.  I've had mixed results with the mums coming back so I'm not always committed to planting them.

Happy Fall!

October 12, 2017

Harvest Dining

At this time of year corn, apples, pumpkins, peaches and more are all harvested and the spell of autumn has begun to wrap around us.  Jackets and cozy throws come out as the days and nights are cooling.  Comfort food and warm drinks become the norm.

I wanted something organic for the centerpiece and I had some extra Indian Corn so that was my beginning point.  I hunted around the house looking for something I could stand them up in and finally landed on this metal candle holder.  There is a glass insert that I removed to create more space.  I nestled a flameless tea light candle in the bottom to create a warm glow resembling a small campfire.  

I added some of my Purple Fountain grass which helped soften the look. 

I just kept layering!  I placed the napkins in the mugs to add color and dance around the centerpiece!

The pumpkin plates came from T.J. Maxx (Olfaire of Portugal) 2 or 3 years ago.  The harvest wheat plates came from Pottery Barn a couple of years ago.  The deep orange chargers came from Hobby Lobby- last year I believe.

The napkins I've used before are from Pier 1 (this year) and the mugs are from Park Designs.  My idea for this dining experience is to have hot chocolate or mulled cider.  The stemware can be for wine or water.  A salad will be served on the pumpkin plates and a some baked chicken, thinly sliced potatoes seasoned and baked (with a little olive oil), and a warm dinner roll. 
(Notice the turkey feather in the centerpiece?  I found that under some leaves the other day!)

It's very overcast today since we've been getting rain.  Using the automatic setting on the camera resulted in very dark pictures.

I used the manual setting to brighten up the images but it slows down the shutter speed so much you need a tripod to hold it steady.  In the end it all worked out!
I hope you enjoyed my Harvest Dining tablescape!

Between Naps On The Porch
Tablescape Thursday

October 10, 2017

I ended up embellishing my "deckorating" a bit more with some straw bales, more gourds, pumpkins and Indian corn.  I do this for me- I view it daily from the kitchen dining area.

I clustered three pieces together with twine and then stuck one through the side.  Dan figures I will have either squirrels or raccoons eating them up but so far nothing has happened.

Our Home Depot gets in these mini bales of straw (shipped from New Jersey) so I got two this year and staged one of the mums on a plant stand to the rear and added a scarecrow I found in the garage.  He has a little black bird on his left shoulder.

I emptied the blue chair and added a few more pumpkins and gourds.  The little white ones appeared on my last tablescape.  The scarecrow is made of metal and glass.  Last year I had it in a different spot and the sun would light up his face as seen in the picture below.

Fall 2016

Summer 2016 Fairy Garden
 I tore my fairy garden apart.  I do this every year because of our snow load.  
I don't know if I'm going to put it back here again for several reasons.  My little brain is cooking up ideas for next year already.  I will cut the Annabelle Hydrangea down real short for the winter.  I did save a bunch of cuttings from this before they turned brown.

I rinsed things down and will store everything in containers.  This year I invested in some plastic storage containers instead of the usual cardboard boxes that I've used in the past.  I've ended up with a few fairies with broken parts in the spring due to overcrowding. 

While trying to remove this fairy that was next to the little tree stump I ended up with a whole cluster of the mushrooms that came with her. The mushrooms grew right around her and even one of the artificial flowers had become attached too.  I think she's saying "what can you do?".  I'm going to save her like this and see how it looks next spring- minus the pink flower.

I was walking the yard and thought I'd share this view of the new garden I created in September as seen "here".  This gives a better sense of the depth and a more interesting view of it. 

I hope you are enjoying this fall season.  It seems like the colors are coming on in a normal fashion.  At first I was worried we'd have a fast color change but it's coming along nicely.  There isn't enough to take pictures of just yet but I hope to share some pictures of the beauty in our area soon!
Our backyard around Halloween 2015

October 8, 2017

Autumn in the Dining and Living Rooms

When we visited Pennsylvania we went to a place called Wendell August.  They make heirloom quality hand crafted metal gift ware which includes platters, bowls, ornaments and more.  Anyway…
I spotted this vase on a display and decided I wanted it.

They only made two and the other one has the aluminum base so I favored this one.  The young man told me that they aren't going to make anymore of them and I have the only one of it's kind!

You can see the hand hammered finish on the bronze metal cuff that they applied to the glass vase. 

I wove a couple of garlands laced with pine cones, leaves and twigs on the mantel and then started to nestle various pumpkins along it.  I will probably add some items for halloween on here before long.

Nearby on the chest I put my glass cloche with a mercury glass finished pumpkin inside,

I put raffia around the bottom and elevated the pumpkin on a candle holder.  The white pumpkin  in the background is on a timer so it lights up each evening.  I'll stick a black bird in there for Halloween!

A new arrangement on the wood top that divides the two rooms.

I picked up an antler bowl a while back and stuffed some raffia in it then layered the pumpkin and pine cones around it.  

The candle holders were on the mantel so they found a new home for now.  I've had the metal planter a while and keep it filled with the faux philodendron.

My little conservatory/lantern got a little update with the same orange pitcher as last year and some dried plant stems.

I changed out one item here on the tray with the glass pumpkin.

It has an open bottom so a flameless tea light candle can light it up.

The dining table was moderately changed.  I added the rust and gold runner for some depth in color.  I found the runner at Michael's (very inexpensive) but it looked too skimpy so I layered it on the other one that was already there.

These small magnolia leaf wreaths were added to the bases of the big candle holders.

I used these pumpkins on last years mantel.  

Those that follow me will remember my center arrangement I created "here".  I wanted to keep everything in place but just swap some of the candles for pumpkins!

The cocktail table got a minor change.

I set out the amber glass pumpkin and made a quick arrangement in the big bowl with a large rustic pumpkin surrounded by my collection of small velvet pumpkins.

This lantern has been used many times.  I stuffed faux dried plants and pumpkins around the sides.

So that's the living and dining room for autumn!

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