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October 30, 2011

Halloween wrap up!

Happy Halloween everybody!
My mantel acquired a spooky mood
for Halloween
I started out with a fall look using some
of my elements already on the mantel
and then I added some spooky elements
for Halloween...

When I saw these sparkly pumpkins at
T.J.'s I decided to go with them for my
mantel since I tend to decorate a little
more formal I thought they would be easy
enough to incorporate.
 A few leaves and candles give it a more
festive look
When Halloween is over I'll remove the
skulls and raven and add a few
pieces for Thanksgiving
It looks great at night...
 My more playful side came out this year!
 Had fun with some old a new
The dining table has a little bit of
fall and Halloween decorating...
This runner (which I've owned for
at least 10 years) is pretty long
so I put it on an angle
It has these nice black tassels of which 
my cats found very interesting almost
immediately!  That was another reason
for the angle- keeping them from having
a field day with them while sitting on a chair!
 Spider webs and bats
 Stacked pumpkins with moss in
cylinder glass pieces
This will carry through Thanksgiving too
with the exception of the runner
A combination of fall picks tucked in with
some fall decorated balls in the top of
my centerpiece
 This cabinetry divides the living room 
and dining room and I decorate it
like a sideboard...
 I fell in love with this frame at a gift shop
and put a printed picture of a witch in it-
but I will soon change it...
She's kind of  a witch/scarecrow in a field
 Luminaries always set the mood!
 In the living room I stacked these gourds, 
pumpkins and miniature corn pieces
I added some skulls for Halloween!
 Outside on the deck my fall arrangements
greets you (see the turkey feather stuck in
with the flowers?- we have quite a few
that visit our bird feeding station)
Happy Halloween
I've had some fun
with it this year-
I hope you've found a way to enjoy 
Halloween this year too !

I'm joing The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays
BNOTP for Metamorphosis Monday

October 29, 2011

Frost Has Finally Hit!

We've had a beautiful long fall season with great temperatures!
 A hazy sky...The sand dunes in the distance with
Lake Michigan barely showing at the top and
Crystal Lake showing in the foreground.

I have to prepare for winter now.  Time to
empty all the planters and get them stored
in the garage.  
I hate to see the season end.
All the lawn furniture will be tucked away 
in storage because we get so much snow. 

I am late on trimming back plants, but it's
been a nice long autumn and I chose
to enjoy it!
My hydrangeas were still blooming
and so was my grandiflora rose.  
It's all going to change rapidly now since
 we finally got our first frost.
Last weekend I planted 80 tulips bulbs, and
three lilac bushes.  We also planted 3 more
maple trees along our property lot line.
They seem small now but someday
we will thank ourselves for doing it!
A few weeks back I captured this scene on our driveway under the ash tree.
It always has beautiful golden yellow leaves- I just wish it would last longer!
In a few days it was all done!

I hope you have been enjoying your Autumn
and your gardens are ready for winter's nap!
I'm looking forward to seeing
my new tulips next spring and smelling the lilacs!

October 26, 2011

Bewitching Gathering

I'm recycling this halloween post from 2011.
Please join me once again for my
Bewitching Gathering!
I'm joining 
Cuisine Kathleen for
Let's Dish  

Tablescape Thursday 

Bewitching Gathering
Winnie Green flew in to check out
this dinner engagement
She brought along some of her favorite things and seated herself on the champagne bucket!  She's surrounded with purple roses, purple sunflowers, skeletons and spiders!
A black crow keeps watch over her as she 
casts her spell on this dinner table...
 She's brought some friends along to check out the food
 Skull bone candy is served
Salt and pepper shakers must be included too!
 Tonight's dinner is served on black dinner plates from the dollar store, Mikasa's Italian Countryside salad plates and the appetizer plates are by TAG called Halloween Black Plaid
 The purple placemats came from T.J. Maxx and the silver flatware are a set that used to be my Mother's called Reflection by Rogers Bros.
 I like their simple cute design!
 Skull and Cross Bones Wine Glasses
from T.J. Maxx
Evening has fallen and the trees look ominous 
in the dark sky!
Perfect for our bewitching gathering!
 Lots of hands help guide your eyes
 Some are rather creepy
She likes the darkness even more!
The chairs have been mummified and blood stains have appeared!
Time to enjoy some food and spirits!
Witches Brew is in order!
A black light adds some special effects!
Having fun with Halloween (adult style!)

Thanks for stopping in- I hope you enjoyed the visit!

Joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch
for Tablescape Thursdays

October 25, 2011

Fall Season Touring

A couple of weeks ago we took a tour of some 
small towns near us to check
out the fall colors. 
There are many small quaint little towns
around here and one can follow the
lakes and find many lovely spots
to view.

Up in the subdivision that we found a few years
ago we fell in love with the views.  It's
about 25 miles from our city that we
live in.  Unfortunately the contractor that
started this subdivision lost it to the bank
and only 2 houses have been built in it.
This is one spot we like and the above pictures
are views you could have from your home
if you built there!  This last picture shows a
small inland lake called Crystal Lake.  
To the north of this lot is a view from another parcel
that shows the bluffs and the sand dunes we visited
the week before.
 This is Crystal Lake in the foreground and beyond
the dunes at the top of the picture is part of
Lake Michigan
Another shot showing Lake Michigan
Sorry it's not better, it was a hazy day.
Further on we stopped at a roadside 
scenic look-out
Doesn't it look like you're in the New England area!
It's a ways up to get some good views....I'm down on 
the right by the railing...I chose to stay down
on the lower level...
 My husband and daughter checking
out the view....
It was so beautiful, I wish I could have
captured it better!  The sound of the waves
clipping the shore was mesmerizing.  I
could live with that sound all day!
Lake Michigan is big and beautiful!
On our way back home the moon
was visible as the sun was
still setting.
A pretty ending to a nice day!

We're just about done here with all the color.
Most of the trees have lost their leaves
and with November just around the
corner it's going to start getting
cold and wet soon!

Time to snuggle up indoors!
and soon we will be thinking about Thanksgiving!
Before that though we still have to prepare our yard
for the winter.  We get so much snow here that we
put all our lawn furniture inside our small barn
and all the flower pots get emptied and stored
away.  I hate to see it come, but it always does!


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