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November 16, 2018

This and That This Week #16

Green Bean Casserole Queen!

I was recently gifted with this by my daughter in-law because she knows our family can't get together without making the classic green bean casserole dish!  I  squealed with delight and laughter when I saw it!

It even comes with this silver plated serving spoon which you have to love!

As you can see it's made by Mudpie.

It's oven save and other than the spoon I'm sure it must be dishwater save.

Do you make the green bean casserole in your family?  My family  insists on making it with 1 can of Cream of Mushroom soup, (we don't add milk or worcestershire sauce like the original recipe calls for) plus two cans of (drained) green beans (I prefer the whole cut ones) and topped with French's crispy fried onions.  I like the White Cheddar version and I'm very liberal with it.  I buy the larger size and coat the entire top with it.  I recently saw the mention of adding chopped ham pieces to it also but I've never tried it.  Sounded kind of good to me though!  

Does your family include the green bean casserole at your gatherings?

I found that casserole dish on a few links but I am only including one to make it easy in case you want to get one for yourself or as a gift to someone.
Here is the "link"

Here is an update on the Amaryllis that I posted about "here" on Nov. 4th. 

If you read my previous post this will make more sense to you, but all I've done is give them bright light and they're growing!  The decorative gold stones and moss are just for looks- no water no soil.


As you can see they've grown a lot.  I have a feeling they'll be in full bloom by early December.  I might go back and see if there are more to start another round with!
Easy peasy!

Have a wonderful weekend!

November 13, 2018

Thanksgiving Dining With An Organic and Woodland Touch (T)

I am joining 20 other bloggers for a Thanksgiving Day tablescape blog-hop hosted 
by Chloe of Celebrate & Decorate.  We are all linked together and you can find everyone's post at the bottom.

Welcome to my Thanksgiving Dining with an Organic Touch!

I added some woodland creatures like the golden pheasants. 

Squirrel accented planters were used and I filled them with dried Limelight Hydrangeas surrounded with fresh leaves from my ornamental cabbage plant that was out in the garden.  

I wove the garland made with woodland things like twigs, pine cones, leaves and berries through the center.

I chose the purple placemats to coordinate with the color of the hydrangeas and to enhance the 2nd layer leaf shaped placemats.

Some turkeys in the shape of Pilgrim Turkey Salt & Pepper shakers!

 I chose my crackle stemware from Pier 1 which have a nice light amber tone to them.

Salt & Pepper Turkeys from Pier 1 a few years ago.

The dishes from Williams Sonoma are called Plymouth. 

I made a fantail shaped napkin that I was inspired by from Mary @ Home Is Where the Boat Is 
This napkin has an embroidered wheat pattern so I turned it to show that off.  This style napkin fold works either direction.

Everyone enjoys seeing the decorative arrangements and since we often serve buffet style from the kitchen area I can leave everything as is on the table.  

Thank you for visiting and I hope you'll take time to visit the others for all their Thanksgiving Day tables at the links below!


November 6, 2018

A Little Deco for the Thanksgiving Holiday

I added a turkey and some pumpkins to the mantel.  

I set a wreath below the pumpkins and tipped this one a bit.

I realized this turkey's coloring would work well with the big candle holders so it was chosen to set up there this year.

Instead of stripping the mantel I just added to it and kept my center floral arrangement.  

I'm happy with it- just enough to feel festive!

On the big wood top dividing the rooms I set out my pheasants which have been on the mantel many times.  The sun managed to shine if only for a bit the day I snapped these pics!  It's been rainy and gloomy!

I found the candle at TJMaxx...and it smells so good!  I loved that it had a copper top and the leaves decorating it.  The smell is just a nice aroma of classic scents of fall.

I centered my McKenzie Childs turkey and accented it with a few more of my McKenzie Childs pumpkins.  All of these pumpkins were seen recently on my Halloween Etagere I posted "here

I found the table topper in Frankenmuth last summer.  I've been waiting to put it out!

It's missing something though!

I added a lantern.   I've got all my flameless candles running around the house on timers.  Since it's getting darker sooner I tend to use them much more!

I'm joining:

November 4, 2018

Amaryllis For The Holidays

This is the time of the year you can get the Amaryllis bulbs and starting growing them for the holidays.
It's dark and overcast outside so I used my manual settings to get lighten things up.  As you can also see in the background my "Thanksgiving" cactus is in full bloom!

We were at Home Depot and I spotted these wax coated Amaryllis that you don't have to water. A couple of years ago I ran across this idea of growing them in a tall glass cylinder at a garden center.  I shared a post of my visit to Terrain in Pennsylvania which you can see "here".  Lots of inspiration for the holidays there!

I thought I'd share the basic info for growing these which as you can see is going to be very easy!

I had two glass cylinder vases that I knew would work.  I decided to dress it up a bit to  so I picked up some gold painted glass chips and reindeer moss (Michael's).

I had some wired ribbon that I figured would give it a bit more of a festive look.  The larger check is new from JoAnn's.  The also have it in a much larger 4" size.   

I used the whole container of gold pieces and made a little indent in the center for the bulb to rest.

The bulb comes with a wire stand so you can set it on any surface to grow.

The bulb is heavy so I layered a bunch of the moss knowing that the bulb would crush it down a bit.

And here they are!  I hope they don't grow too fast!  One thing I never liked about growing Amaryllis is how long the leaves are plus the stem of the flower can get a bit tippy so I hope this will work out well and cure those issues.  If you try this just make sure your cylinder is large enough to place these in.  For reference the inside measurement of my cylinders is 4 1/4" across.  

I love what the ribbon added!
I hope you liked this and find some inspiration from it!

I will be joining:


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