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February 25, 2013

Messin' In My Office Cont'd

Here's a little update on the Office Messin' around I've been working on.
In my effort to create this sort of well traveled look I've been selecting items to create this little gallery on my (dresser top) office bureau.

Of course you've seen my white monkey in the cloche from last week's post as seen here (link) 
A few things left and a few things were brought in
to create my new look.

Things always look more interesting in the evening when the lighting is different and highlights are created.

Last year I picked up this Tang horse and I thought he should stay with this theme since it represents the Chinese Tang Dynasty.  The picture with the blue door is a photo from Greece.  I've long had an infatuation with elephants.  The lamp was acquired several years ago. 

There is a young one snuggled behind her big ear.

A little trinket box I borrowed from my desk

My clock I also relocated that was on my desk. 
That was a T.J. Maxx find a few years ago.  
It looks like an old antique.

On the far right a Bombay jar I acquired from Ebay last year.  I think it was for pot-pourri but I decided a candle inside would show off the cut outs on the lid.
This rust colored bust seemed like a good fit and my old world globe definitely stays in this eclectic mix for my well traveled look.

So there you have it.  My new updated look for the office bureau.

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February 23, 2013

Oh sun, oh sun, where art thou!

This past week was rather epic with one 
 snowfall after another !  
Let's just say I didn't see the sun very much!
The wind howled around the side of the house 
causing a great deal of drifting on the deck.  
This was my view one morning.  I opened the door 
to go out and shovel the snow and had to 
shovel the snow back out that fell in!

Throughout these days of staying indoors a lot, 
 I keep busy with projects inside. 
  Every so often I check out the wildlife for entertainment.  
I noticed this critter plowing 
through the snow.  See the black spot there...

 Oh hi!
(Notice the top of my garden benches sticking out of the snow...
that's how deep it is in my back yard) 

I'm a black squirrel looking for bird seed that 
may have blown out and around!
(Sorry about the low grade quality- but shooting through windows
does have it's challenges) 

Ahh yes...where did I bury that acorn???

Have you ever seen black squirrels? According to a story I was told- the Kellogg's of the Kellogg cereal company located in Battle Creek Michigan introduced black squirrels to their area and they've migrated north.  
They're actually kind of small and not nearly as pretty as the silver or fox squirrels, but they are unique just the same! 

 I always love to see the beautiful cardinals.  
Here is the Mrs. and the Mr. is never far away!

That red really pops off the snow doesn't it!!

I get a lot of joy out of watching the wildlife here.  
We have a great variety of birds that visit.  
When I was a kid I pretty much only knew 
about Robins and Crows!

So- no sunlit pictures today, but I tried to find 
something to be grateful for and that gives 
me some happiness...and I did!

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February 21, 2013

Coffee table spruce up!

Well of course you know I 
can't stop fussing!! 

 I have issues!  

I have been searching for just the 
right thing for my coffee table.  

The design on the sofa fabric doesn't always jive 
with everything I've tried.
Recently whilst browsing around 
Pier 1 and combing over every little thing they had 
I spotted a metal bowl that spoke 
to me!  

Yes I hear things talk to me like this.. don't you?
me me me me!
I loved the airiness about it and just had to give it a try.  They call it a 
"Gold Patina Metal Ring Bowl"
Along with it I found a gold mercury glass flower votive 
and the red ball so they had to come with me too!

I figured the red ball and candle would add a little pick up to the sofa color!
I have also been adding a little bit of chocolate coloring 
to the room. 

I keep playing with the arrangement.  Book in the bowl.. book out of the bowl...etc...etc...etc...
One thing is for certain the bowl is not going anywhere! 
I can see lots of possibilities with it!

Notice the chocolate velvet pillows too!  Seems like Pier 1 has done well by me recently! 
I've been searching for a while for something that had the right look for this table and sofa and I do believe 
I've finally found it!

Thanks for visiting!

February 19, 2013

Messin' in my office...

I came across the nicest cloche I've found from Pottery Barn 
(on line only).  
I splurged a bit on it but I really feel it's a life long purchase 
because of the extra large size and 
the beautiful mercury glass tray 
it comes with.

12.25" wide x 17" Tall
I stripped everything off the top, shook the linen runner and cleaned all the glass and mirror objects.
This is a picture from Pottery Barn. I didn't capture a good enough shot before I filled it up, but you can see the tray has a wonderful design on it.

I have this white monkey (not everyone likes it but I do) and I was determined to put him in the cloche.  I borrowed two books from my shelf on the desk and I added a the brass piece and a little topiary tree I had stashed away.

 I bought this monkey from One King's Lane a while ago.  
It is from the 1930's

I watched a little video on the Bombay Company web site and this designer was referring to a trend watch he called 
"A Well Traveled Home".  
He was pointing out how to make your home look like you've collected things over time.  As he said "Finding globe trotting elements for an authentic and eclectic mix". 
You can watch it if you like- click this link below

My vision when I started decorating this area last year was kind of in line with what he was describing.  
Today was my experiment and try things out day.  Currently this is where I'm at but I'm not done.  I'll show it to you again when I've finished the whole area.  

When the Sherlock Holmes movies came out with Robert Downey Jr.-  I was intrigued with the decorating.  What a fun job it must be to set up all the rooms for the scenes.
     Well I can't quite achieve this kind of look but I can have a small go at it!

 I antiqued the picture to add a little old world look to it.
It's a bitter winter day here...I'm literally being snowed in.  So it was a good day to have a project like this!

I've got a pot roast in the oven and the house smells so good!  

Thanks for visiting!

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February 16, 2013

Red, White and the Sun

With the 8th, 12th and 14th being birthdays 
and Valentine's Day it seemed to busy 
things up around here.  
I'm grateful for the distraction!

We don't make too big of a deal about Valentine's Day, 
but some of the simple pleasures like flowers, 
candy and a nice dinner make us happy!

I bought the flowers for a tablescape I created.  
This morning the sun was beaming in and I snapped off a few shots of my leftover arrangement.

Ever practical- 
Dan bought a huge box of chocolates! 
He knows me well!   
Don't worry we're sharing! 

This morning we are again blessed with the sun. We're under a Lake Effect Advisory for the day so I don't know how long this will last!

Artistic poses

 Party lights crystallized by ice...

I have to admit I'm more than done with winter but I must endure this white dressing for at least another month!  
February seems to be flying by, perhaps March will too!  

Can't wait to see the flowers this spring!
    Thanks for visiting!
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February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day....

 I wish you a 
Happy Valentine's Day....

February 11, 2013

Romantic Confectionery Cloche Valentine's Table

I wrapped together a bit of romance and some confectionery goodies in this Valentine's Day tablescape.
 I used some cloche's to display some of my elements.

I reused the plastic wrapper that the flowers came in. I cut and arranged the flowers, then I cut off several inches from the bottom of the bag, wrapped it around the flowers and lowered it into the vase. This way it hides the stems and added some color!
 Another confection was added with that big heart shaped cookie!
Dan and I like a little sweet something after we eat so we each have a personal cupcake to satisfy our sugar tooth! 
These cute little personal sized cloche's come in 
handy for desserts!

 My Mikasa stemware works it way in nicely.  

I fell in love with these Ralph Lauren plates. Both came from T.J. Maxx about a year apart. The red chargers were purchased for Christmas but work well for Valentine's Day too.  I used three napkin rings to pop some more red in and to highlight the silver!

  We like some bubbly but not too much, so I was delighted when I found these half sized Champagne bottles.  

The flatware has a tailored look that pairs well with the black and white Ralph Lauren plate and contrasts nicely against the red runner.

I didn't add any chocolates (just yet) because Dan usually buys me some! I used inexpensive flowers just in case someone brings home some roses!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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