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September 2, 2021

Welcome September, Flowers, and a Tribute

Hello everybody!  It's been a while since I posted.  Several different things have had my focus.  First off our daughter came home and spent the summer with us.  She lives in Arizona and thought she'd spend her summer up here in northern Michigan.  Dan and I attended a baby shower, a wedding shower, then the wedding oh and we had Garage Sale!  

In between I kept up with my gardening and just took the time to relax and enjoy the summer.

This is a "head" planter I found at Home Goods early this spring.
I planted one Double Impatiens called Burgundy then found a nice little vining plant called (Tri-color Bolivian Jew or Callisia Repens Variegated/ Turtle Vine) that I just kept breaking off the replanting around her head. This was earlier this summer...

...and this is her today!  Quite a head of "hair" wouldn't you say!

I think she looks like Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl!  LOL

I got this galvanized watering can planter last year at Tractor Supply.  I potted several "Calliope Medium Dark Red" Geraniums and have been real happy with their flower production.

I planted a bunch of "Redhead" Coleus that turned out to be a wonderful color framing the hydrangea.  I'll repeat something like this again!

These phlox were heavenly.  They are called "Cotton Candy" and are beautifully scented!

I mixed this planter up with a peachy pink variegated impatiens, a Bossa Nova begonia, and a Curly Cherry Ming rex begonia.  There's a white caladium peaking out there too but it hasn't amounted too much.  

These sedums have produced a wonderful shade of pink flower the the bumble bees love them!  There are three on the flowers.

These "Playtime" lilies were stunning.  During our garage sale at the end of July everyone visiting were commenting on how pretty there were.  Lots of people took a tour of my gardens, I enjoyed it!

These "Muscadet" lilies were lovely!

Out front these "Baja" lilies really performed.  They've lasted for a month and offer a reddish orange very large flower with yellow centers.  I'm quite happy with them.  In the background are "Tuscan Sun" Heliopsis

These "Carbonero" lilies are fantastic.  They are quite tall but sturdy.

I got two of these planters and planted them with "Sunrise Rose" lantana and sunflowers.  The lantana attracts butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.

Such a happy flower!

Out front I put out a seasonal flag and my island is blooming away.  The flag is by Breeze Art Studio M called Sunflower Snippet.  I'll switch up to a fall flag soon.

  Finally... In Remembrance
I lost my mom early in August.  She turned 99 on August 2nd but died on August 3rd.  This is an older picture we used but in my mind I will always remember her like this... She was born and raised in Detroit in 1922 at a time that Detroit was great vibrant city.  Married in 1941 just as WWII was coming on in the U.S., then they moved to a suburb of Detroit and remained at that house for 63 years.  Dad had passed in 1991.  Mother to 4 daughters, grandmother to 9, and great grandmother to 7.  She was a great seamstress and always made our dresses when we were little kids (back when the schools required girls in dresses).  She made wedding cakes in the early 60's and then got interested in doing ceramics in the 70's.  A loving mom who was devoted to her family and gave us a christian upbringing, and lots and lots of family gatherings that we hold dear.  There's so much more I could say, but you get the picture.
Love and miss you Mom 💜always.


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