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September 5, 2014

This Week's Ramblings #11

Another fast or rather short week has gone by. I never did feel I was on the right day all week.  Those Monday holidays always screw me up!

We had heavy rain on Labor Day and some areas not far from us actually had some tornadoes. 
 Tornadoes are fairly rare up north here and they are always very brief.  The biggest problem was trees being knocked down and some hit houses and parked cars. 

I did a post showing some of my Limelight Hydrangeas in the kitchen which you can see "here"

I have had a great year with my hydrangeas but I've heard from several people in the south that didn't have flowers this year.  That happened to me once in 2012 when we had an early warm up in March and then it went back to cold and it damaged the growth on them.  Have no fear I'm sure next year they'll bloom again.

Then I did a post about my increasing "bovine" collection
 you can see that "here"

  I put together a small start to fall on my deck with some mums and kale that I posted about "here"

I did a little wandering around at a fabulous store in town that caters to furnishings for cabin and log home style living.
 I thought this bed set was pretty awesome with it's copper accents.

 I have some little pigs that I've shown a few times and I found a very large version of them at this store.
 My little Tuscan pig collection- they had all three colors just like mine at the store.

 I loved the looks of this large lidded vase and how they loaded it with the pine boughs and sticks.   It would be sharp on an kitchen island or by a fireplace.  Simple but effective idea for the holidays!  You can find this same line of stoneware at Horchow and a few other websites.  It's called the GG Collection.  I can't find that big vase anywhere so I think it's discontinued.  I'd love to buy this one, but it's pretty pricey.

It's thundering and pouring rain as I type this on my iPad at the dining table and my metal tray is buzzing on the wall next to me from them lightning strikes!  We have some schools closings today because they've lost power due to the storms.

Life is good! 

I don't have a plan yet for the weekend-  but I guess it depends on the weather as to what I'll be doing! 
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hydrangeas got messy for me. They were fine in May - in fact they promissed to be striking but then heat waves came and ruined flowers - they'd writhe away from one day to the other (and yes, I watered them accordingly) and even leaves were yellowish and some even had mildew or something.

    I'm telling you - as far as Hydrangeas are related pruning time doesn't come soon enough. Need to get rid of the ugly, it's getting on my nerves. And it is so crazy that I haven't pruned them and they already have new leaves - this won't be pretty.

    My week was returning to work. It was quite nice. I think brain still didn't realize the idea that will be long before we go on vacations again ahahahah

    Autumn is coming. Definitely. They say we'll have rain this weekend. Mornings are cold and so are nights. Days are summery.

    Stay Safe and Happy,


  2. Hydrangeas are my obsession! Two years ago we had such a drought her in Northern IL that I got not one bloom! But last year and this year I have had more blooms than I can handle! Love it!
    Have a great weekend.
    xo Kathleen

  3. Loved seeing the pictures from your shopping excursion. I think we could do some serious damage in places like that...lol! Nothing like great shops, with awesome displays!

  4. Yikes! I hate tornadoes! It must be because we have so many, though. I am hoping to plant a limelight hydrangea this fall. I love that they can be planted in the sun, and yours is beautiful. Don't they bloom pretty much all summer long? I would enjoy bringing those blooms inside as long as possible, too. The bed set with the copper is pretty awesome, for sure. My brain immediately went to "what do I have that I could add copper to for the same affect?"...and I think I have an inspiration for a side table. Thank you very much. I enjoyed your Friday rambling! :-)

  5. That shop looked like it had a lot of cute things. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Liz you have truly been one busy bee! I love your tuscan pig collection and your hydrangeas are stunning.

    I also wanted to say thank you for your kind comments and friendship. You are a treasure.

  7. I hope you don't get any trees fall in your yard, Liz. I would have loved to browse through that shop. Thanks for giving us a glimpse. Christine


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