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February 28, 2021

This and That This Week #16

The sun is shining and as I came down the halllway I noticed it was highlighting my yellow roses!  I popped in some pussy willows too!

A little bit of sunshine does a long way here!

I picked up a wreath from Home Goods that I like and put it on the inside of the door.

It's simple but one of those you can put just about anywhere!  I was drawn to the black and white striped ribbon too!

On the other side of the door I already put up a spring wreath.  I got it from JoAnn's (on-line) at discount, and in this case it looks better than their image!  I wanted something noticeable from the outside and this one also has anemone's which are very early spring flowers! 

Last Saturday I had a delivery.  While he was backing out another driver coming down the road panicked and slid across the end of our driveway and hit the van straight in the middle.  Everyone was okay but it sure did mess up her van.

This is a view from my neighbors house that she sent me.  We were so lucky that they didn't run into our big blue spruce and missed the mailbox too!  The police were directing traffic.

It's been in the upper 40's and the snow is really melting.  They are predicting an early spring for us!

My son Ryan and Grandson Joey came for a week to visit so I was busy with that all week! 
He's 4 and so rambunctious! 

Grandpa took him for some sledding fun on the driveway!  This was earlier in the week before we started melting down.  Now the driveway is clear!

Inside another set of Amaryllis is blooming.  I decided to plant more to have a continuation of the blooms!

These are called Purple Rain.  They aren't purple but pretty just the same!  You can see my Thanksgiving Cactus in the background is just about to put on a show too!

I like the veining they have.  Perhaps that was the "rain" part to their name.

Happy New Week and welcome March!


February 21, 2021

More Porcelain Blue White


Do you ever get ideas for decorting while browing catalogs or online? 

Inspired by some displays by Ethan Allen with large ginger jars and vases.  I finally decided I'd come up with my own version.

This large ginger jar was on the mantel not long ago and was inspiration for this display.

Though hidden by the chairs I really liked this one.  I like the various sizes and shapes mixed together.  I'm still debating as to whether I should bring in a couple of candle holders.

I like the use of orchids so I made sure to include some in my display.

I keep my table at the smallest size so I mixed together a cluster of jars and vases, just enough to make a statement.

I'm real happy with the outcome!  It's interesting I moved one jar and the mantel and it started that old domino effect and then several other things got switched! 

The background of these bigger jars and tall vase have a bit more of a blueish vs. white background so I was pleased that these pieces, which were all collected at different times, ended up working together nicely.


The sun was out for a while today, which makes everything seem so much nicer.  Last night we got about 3" of snow but some areas nearby got 15"!  Glad we didn't get that much!  Can't wait for spring to get out  in my gadens again!
Have a great week!

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February 7, 2021

Never Say I'm Satisfied!


Recently I posted and showed my living room and this is how the mantel looked.  I said I left the mantel the same because I was satisfied with it.  Well....

I got a bun on to make a change.  I played with different ginger jars and finally came up with this.

I finally decided on this ginger jar and also brought in the plate to add more blue.   I wanted my color theme to be more prominent. 

This ginger jar is a lot smaller than the other,  but I brought over the smaller jar I had on the right side.  I think they make a nice pairing.

This plate is part of my mom's collection and it dawned on me that I had the gold plate holder being used somewhere else so I grabbed it.  The gold picks up on the picture frame.  
I love shopping my house!

I'm pleased with the variance of texture, shapes and colors.  What do you think!  
(I will move the ginger jar a bit to the left.)
We are getting hit hard, today's high was 15ΒΊ and it's been snowing too.  We've been having it fairly easy so I guess Old Man Winter finally decided it was our time!  
Now what else can I find to swap out somewhere else!

February 4, 2021

Valentine's Dining With Friends (T)


Hello, join me as I've set the table for Dan and I and a couple of friends for Valentine's Day 
(a bit early).

Romantic flowers center the table with my mother's fine china place settings.

There are snap dragons, though they haven't opened up much yet, beautiful pink roses and soft lilac colored mums.

I used the candle votives I got from Nell Hill's back when she had an on-line account.  A touch of purple from the candles picks up on the purple flowers and some purple in the dishes.

Some Sea Holly

Time for dinner!

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