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October 18, 2019

Halloween 2019 On The Credenza

I gathered together my Bethany Lowe figurines and made a grouping on the credenza.

I found an LED light and it lit up the pumpkin perfectly!

This is a Polish Pottery pumpkin I got a few years ago.

I added my Potions and Spells books because you have to have them too!

These were my first Bethany Lowe pieces.  They're heading to the party!

These aren't actually Bethany Lowe but they've joined the fun too!

I got this woven Halloween corn set last year on our way through Beckly, West Virginia and posted about it "here".

This is a Cynthia Rowley table runner I found at Home Goods this year.  Loved the beaded pumpkins!

 Some close-ups of some of my favorite pieces!

 This is a design for Bethany Lowe by Mary Engelbrite.  I ordered it online through the Mary Englebrite web-site.  I've had it a few years.

 Isn't she cute!

 These were all morning shots...

...and this is an evening shot.  I'm all set for Halloween, how about you?

October 15, 2019

Fall DECKorating (2019)

 Welcome to my Fall DECKorating!

 I love to collect different pumpkins and gourds.

 I've kept my Baby King Tut plant going and I poked in my scarecrow.  His face is made of glass and for a short period during the day the sun shines behind it!

 I always like to make a stack of pumpkins too!

 I found this tin at Michael's last year.  I drilled a hole in the bottom to help drain it from rain water.  I used a big clump of pine needles to stuff it with.  I love the little pumpkins!

 I brought my coleus planter that was on the other side of the deck.  I thought it filled in the area nicely!

 I created a graduation of pumpkins and gourds up the steps and around the corner to keep your eye moving along.

 I anchored the corn stalks on both sides of the corner so it gives you a visual from both angles.

Thank you for checking out my Fall DECKorating!

October 10, 2019

Pumpkins In The Morning

Hello and welcome to my fall "Pumpkins In The Morning" tablescape.

 I chose to focus on pumpkins for this tablescape!

 I chose these striped napkins to harmonize the colors.

The tablecloth was a find at Home Goods recently.  I liked that it had a rusty color in the design.

 The sun shined in for a bit!

 The placemats were also a find at Home Goods.  These you could dress up or down with!

 I chose my pumpkin mugs to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with.

 I went out this morning and cut some limelight hydrangeas.  They're just beginning to turn to the pink coloring.

 Added note- my Christmas Cactus was outdoors in the shade all summer and I noticed it was loaded with blooms so I brought it in.  

 These pumpkin plates embraced the green found in the hydrangeas and the warm orange tones throught the table.

 I chose these plates (a find at Cracker Barrel many years ago) because they look a lot like the Juliska Thread and Berry group and the vase I chose is a Juliska piece.

 You can see outdoors that I have my deck set up for fall too.  I guess I should do a post about that!

The leaves of the trees are barely started.  We'll see how fast they turn!
Thanks for joining me for my "Pumpkins In The Morning"!

I'm joining:

Between Naps On The Porch 
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