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November 16, 2022

Thankful Thanksgiving (T)


Thankful for Thanksgiving and getting together with family!

I've got a mix of colors going on here.  I was attracted to the shiny pumpkins at Home Goods this year and for the "thankful" one by Martha Stewart. The pink and blue challenged me!

I used this pink stemware to match with the pink pumpkin.  These were from Horchow called Harper (I can't find them anywhere).

You'll notice that the blue feathers go with the blue tablecloth that I found at Home Goods.  These are the Plymouth dinner and salad plates from Williams-Sonoma.

I chose this vase because it has the same glistening vibe that the pumpkins have.  It's actually a blend of silver and gold. 

I ordered these pink Luminara candles which I can use for various other tablescapes. The candlesticks/holders are from World Market.  The table runner is from Home Goods.

I chose these wreaths but intended for them to be  like candle rings.  I like the festive look with the glitter on the tips.

I had to intermingle my traditional fall colors of golds and warm earth tones with the pink and blue.  I didn't want to go out and buy more accessories so I used what I had.

I believe we will be able to serve with smaller dishes and pass them along or we'll serve buffet style from the kitchen.  There will actually only be 4 attending but I like to see the table set for more!

I am happy with the blend of colors.  I was pretty iffy that this would work but I think it's fine.

Thanks for viewing my Thankful Thanksgiving tablescape!

November 3, 2022

Fall Quickly Slipping Away!


I've emptied my planters of annuals.  It's always sad to have to do that but I'm already looking forward to next spring!  "To Plant A Garden Is to Believe In Tomorrow",  Audrey Hepburn.

This Japanese Maple literally glowed!

The fountain is turned off due to all the leaves falling.  Dan will winterize it soon. 

I've played around with my deck arrangement a few times.  
I see it every morning while having my coffee.  I like to fuss! 

Such a lovely glow! 
The new steps will get stained next year.

We planted this Norway Maple several years ago. 

I love the color it turns!

Burgundy Glow Ajuga, it's filling in nicely and I look forward to seeing it next spring!

Asters which I need to plant in the garden soon!

We have a lot of maples, oaks, beech and ash trees around us.
Lots of leaves everywhere!  
I will fill his basket with Christmas items soon! 

Thanks for your vist!


October 31, 2022

House and Barn Updates


            I mentioned before that we had the storage barn painted, and this is how it came out.  I                                         love the red color which is Sherwin Williams Remington Red.

This was it before.  Dan had to re-do the trim because through the years the elements finally deteriorated them.  He ended up widening the pieces to help cover up some blemishes. It's in pretty good shape for being about 30 years old!

I ordered these two door knockers to add to the barn for a little added style plus new handles and a new lock.  I just wanted to give it more appeal and I really like it turned out.

We had the light fixture that's now above the doors for a long time and finally put it up.  
Who knows why we waited so long!  
So the house was a light taupe color with red doors and we changed it to blue!  Last year we updated the outside light fixtures to a dark bronze.

I wanted a deep blue and took a family consensus and everyone liked this blue.  It's called Mountain River by Valspar and it's from Lowe's.  We chose the same product line that we used 12 years ago because it held up so well.  The blue entry door is also by Valspar called Coventry Blue. The garage door color is from Sherwin Williams which they also have at Lowe's and it's called Mink.  It pulls on the color of our shingles nicely.
We have verticle siding on the house and were considering vinyl lap siding to end the need to paint, but the price of doing it plus the stonework was too expensive, so we chose to repaint (professionally) and add the stone work.  When the house was like this we had a 2" foam board on the foundation that had been finished with a stucco finish.  I always hated it and it felt cheap to me so we opted for stone.  We bought this in 1989 and it's a far cry from it's original looks.
The stonework started late in August and didn't get finished until early October.  We had a lot of rainy days that halted the work.

I took this yesterday evening. Now I have my eyes on changing out the tree and shrubs on the right side, "next year". 
It took a year between getting bids and everyone being too busy.  
Finally mission accomplished!

October 6, 2022

Fall On The Mantel


I'm pretty fond of mixing the fall colors with the blue and white porcealin.  I removed one of the porcealin pieces and added the lantern.  Then I added a small vase.

I added branches of leaves, pumpkins and berries.

Added the pumpkins here since I didn't on the mantel.

I've had this planter which was made for me up in Petosky at Monarch Garden & Floral Design which I posted about in April of 2018
First it was in a white planter which got broken because of a certain cat!  Then I found the brown one and just transplanted the whole arrangement into it.

I like the faux branches, they're neat and less messy.

I hope you enjoyed my Fall On The Mantel!


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