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June 16, 2019

Gardening Update June 16, 2019

I've been busy having a garage sale for two weekends so I haven't posted anything new in a while.  It was very successful so I am glad about that!  

So with that.....
I'll start with my dwarf korean lilac topiary.  It's full of flowers and boy does it smell heavenly!

Up the path a way my hostas have filled out nicely and have engulfed the space entirely!

Across from there are some Gold Glame Spirea which are just about to bloom.

Further up I planted three spikes in the middle and surrounded them with these fuchsia colored new guinea impatiens which have just begun flowering.  We've had a lot of rain lately.

At the hosta hill the swans are filling out nicely with their impatiens.

 These pots are filling out nicely!

 My hosta hill is still filling out.

 A pink clematis pops out to make an appearance!

 This is Sum and Substance hosta (a few leaves are twisted backwards due to wind) 
It's a terrific plant that gets large fairly quickly.

 I don't know for sure the name of this one but it is still filling out.  Love the variegated coloring. 

This is another one tucked under the cut leave maple.  I believe it is called On Stage.  My daughter did a lot of theater so I bought it with her in mind.

I've got a collision of hostas here.  I shall have to remove one!

 Last year I put together this side hill of hostas and I'm very glad to see how well it's come back!

 This is a nearby hosta with very curly leaves.

 The big one is called Empress Wu and the Brother Stefan hostas have all come back nicely.
I did a post about planting this area last here "here".

 This is my ferns filling in a corner of the house.
They've loved all the rain!

 Around the corner my foundation plantings have all come back nicely.  I did a post about this last year.  (You can see it "here")  The astilbe are close to blooming and the hostas are filling out.

Further down from the foundation plantings these Curly Fries hosta have come back nicely.
The one by itself is a  Sagae hosta.

 Some of my iris have been blooming.  Love the painted look of this one.
You can see my bleeding hearts and columbine too.

 Some very pretty yellow iris have been blooming too.

This Dwarf Nikko Deutzia is starting to bloom.

  I had a lot of people from my garage sale do a walk through my gardens which was fun!  

So that's all for now!  Hope your gardens are doing well too!

May 31, 2019

Hosta Hill and Roses

Well as the spring rolls on the hostas are popping out of the ground.  There are still many more to show up yet!  I've outlined the hill with coral impatiens and on the other side I'm trying out wax begonias.

 The sweet woodruff is blooming and looks so pretty!

 A planter mixed with a spike, Diamond Delight (euphorbia), Impatiens and Creeping Jenny

 This is a row of  June hostas.  It's a good performer.  The sweet woodruff has jumped the border line.  I'll be removing some as this is supposed to be a path to the backyard.

 This hosta is called Hump Back Whale.  I planted it in September of last year.  It's coming up nicely and is going to be a giant one.  We had some hail that damaged some of my hosta leaves.

 This miniature crested iris is always a delight.  They've hidden themselves among the sweet woodruff.

 Early morning shots show the hosta are actively growing.

 The Jack Frost Brunnera are blooming very nicely right now.  They continue to grow as the season goes along.

 I captured this the day before.  It's a double primrose!  Isn't it fancy!!

I dug out a hydrangea shrub that basically never produced flowers and replaced it with a new floribunda rose called Cherry Parfait.  

So that's my gardening update!

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May 29, 2019

Bouquet Inspired Tablescape

 Welcome to my Bouquet Inspired Tablescape.

 I bought this bouquet for the holiday weekend and finally decided to create a tablescape to go with it.

 As you can see it's all greened up outside and we are enjoying some warmer days! (In between the rain)

 There are some blue hydrangeas in the back but they didn't hold up well.  That big red gerbera daisy really caught my eye!  Three red roses, white lilies and carnations and blue delphinium carried the theme.

 I chose these dishes and the red napkins to repeat the colors in the bouquet.

 I added a bit of whimsy with these bicycle napkin rings.

 Some bees to buzz around too!

Early morning "Bouquet Inspired Tablescape"!
Dishes:  Johnson Brothers- Devon Cottage
Napkins:  Williams Sonoma
Tablecloth:  Williams Sonoma
Chargers:  Pier 1
Stemware:  LaRochere- Napoleon Bee


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