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February 15, 2016

Guest Room - Revamped

Late last summer after we had given our daughter the big sectional that was in here we made a final decision on how we were going to finish guest room.  The decision was to get a bed or a sofa bed.  Now I can hear some of you cringing about sofa beds but….we found a real gem.  

I considered the idea of putting another bed in here and the picture below was an inspiration idea -mostly for layout purposes.

This room is long and narrow liken mine and I really toyed with the idea of getting another bed but mine is more narrow and with a queen sized bed it would only leave 17" on each side- barely enough to work right.   Adding to the problem was that the window isn't centered in this room so the bed would be offset from it.

I drooled over this bedding and I nearly purchased it but in the end we decided to go with the sofa bed.

The tipping point was two fold.  1) I can use this room like a den….watch tv or read in a quiet area.  2) Was once we found out about how smart and well built this sofa bed is we were confident it was the way to go.  I don't have to buy duvets or bedspreads so that's a savings.

Take a minute to watch this quick video that shows how it works- it's so smart!  It's worth the little bit of time to see it.  We also found out the Disney World is changing all their sofa sleepers to these that's how confident they are about them.  (No I am not being compensated for this- just sharing)

Ours is the Queen XL which is a bit larger than the standard queen but not quite as large as a king.  Since it's a heavy piece I knew it was going to be a big deal to get it in this bedroom so I insisted we get the new carpet that we'd been wanting to replace for a long time.  Unfortunately I couldn't get the room painted before all of this so that's a job still waiting to happen.  I am just going to use some kind of creamy white and keep the room light and airy. 
This room is very yellow and doesn't do anything for the sofa.

This is a view looking towards the window.  When the sofa bed is opened up there's a comfortable walking space to go around it but it doesn't leave room for anything else. This bench/table really can't stay when it's open but since it will only get used temporally we'll deal with that then.

To compensate for the need to store bedding and offer a guest a place to put their things I went on the hunt for an armoire.  It must have been fate because there was this beautiful Ethan Allen solid cherry piece for sale on Craigslist that happened to go well with my other Ethan Allen cherry side table that I was planning to use in this room.  

It's in mint condition and as you can see it holds the linens nicely.  All the drawers are empty and could be used for the guests.  I could put all the linens in the drawers and leave the shelves for use.  The cushions for the sofa bed can be stacked alongside the armoire to get them out of the way.

This was an impulse purchase.  While we were there the seller mentioned this nightstand was also available so I grabbed it in order to have a the convenience of a nightstand on both sides.

This is the other Ethan Allen piece.  I've had this a long time.  I love that it's solid cherry and made in America.  Dan and I are big on finding things made in America.  The pottery piece was picked up on one of our trips to Manistee from a local potterer.  Dan actually picked it out and I was pleased with it knowing it's colors would work well in here.  The curtains were already here.  They were from Pottery Barn a while back and have a blackout liner.

These lamps (the one above and this one) are oldies from Ethan Allen too.  They can be adjusted in height.  One is a floor lamp and the other a table lamp so I made their heights identical. 

The throw was also from Pier 1.  This picture gives a good representation of the sofa fabric.  I chose it for it's simplicity and I selected a frame that had very straight sides to maximize my space.

That little picture is of a church on Mackinac Island.  I saw the striped candle and was drawn to the deep blue color which goes with a couple of the accents in here.  I just popped it in this silver finished seashell candy dish.  

Some of you that have followed me a while may remember this big blue vase (another piece from Ethan allen).  It was part of the inspiration for the accents I chose to go in here.

I was at T.J. Maxx and saw that dark blue pillow and then I ran across the ombre stitched pillows at Pier 1.  The ombre colors in the pillow pick up on the curtains, sofa and the blue vase.

Once we paint I'll lower the big picture because it's too high.  It was just mounted on an old nail that was already there.  The bronze cranes are from the old Bombay store that closed back in 2006.  Many of us remember Bombay and wish it was back in the U.S.

I found that lamp at Target.  I liked the coloring and design and I wanted a light we could turn on when entering the room with the light switch.  You've seen the lanterns before in some posts from last fall.  The empty wire basket is sort of new.  I'm thinking some rolled up maps would look good in it. I will have to follow up on that.  It's color reminds me of the patina from an aged copper piece and grabs a little color from the big wall picture.

  This not a very attractive area and didn't change.  The TV is too big but we already owned it so we're using it.  I'd really like to mount a smaller tv in the corner on an angle… Perhaps once we paint and remove the pseudo wainscoting trim we put up a long time ago I can get Dan to think about making that change.  

So that's my upstairs guest room.  I have held off on showing it because the paint was'nt updated but I got tired of waiting.  I guess I should get around to showing you my downstairs guest bedroom too!

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  1. Looking good, Liz. I really like the sofa fabric. I cannot wait to see when it is painted.

  2. Hi Liz! Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day! Oh, your guest room looks beautiful! That's hard to believe your sofa is a sleeper - it's just beautiful! What a lovely armoire you found and it's just perfect for your room. Everything looks so nice.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Hi Liz - oh def a well thought-out design - everything looks great!

    I love all your choices and as soon as I am finished I am going to look at that video. I'd like to get a sofa bed in our den, too.

    I see large shells in that wire basket - easy to wash in the shower when they get dusty and would bright things up there? Also, go to Pinterest - so many folks are "framing" their wall-mounted flat screens now and they almost look like works of art, suddenly not so bleh on the walls now. Just a thought, I know I would consider doing so, if ours was on the wall.

    Well done!

    Hopeyou hop on over to Between Naps on the Porch and share this room re-do for the linky party called Metamorphasis Monday!


  4. Love that you can use it as a den. The sofa looks fabulous and the armoire is a super find. Great room.

  5. Great job with your redo. The sofa bed looks very comfortable. Some folks near me have done a murphy bed to use less space in a room.

  6. I think it's perfect Liz! I have a sofa bed in the basement too and it has served a similar purpose as yours in our former home! Love your choice!

  7. I like you new room! Great looking sofa and for a guest room, you have the bed when you need it. I also love your blue pillows...and that blue jar, gorgeous. I vote Yes to all of your choices for this room. Sheila

  8. A lovely room indeed. The sofa bed looks comfy and you dressed it beautifully with those blue pillows. A truly nice room where it can be transformed for guests. Painting the room will be a lovely addition.

  9. Hi Liz, love your room and the sofa is beautiful. The fabric is gorgeous and the perfect shade to change things up with in the future. I love your blue accents in the pillows and the Bombay piece. Gorgeous. I can see maps in that wire basket.
    When I added them in my hubs office, I was short on maps, so I took one map and made color copies at home. Taped them together to make long rolled maps and tied with jute. No one can see they aren't all real or taped together once rolled up.
    Your wire basket looks like it could work with shorter maps.
    Painting the walls will add so much. Your quests will love this room. So comfortable looking and the Ethan Allen piece is stunning. Have fun!! xo

  10. You have put together such a comfortable and beautiful space for your guests. It's surprising how little thought folks can put into the comfort of viitors, but you have done it all! And so beautifully!

  11. Liz,
    I love that you're using a sofa bed so that you can use the room when guests aren't about! One thing I found shortly after retiring, sometimes you need another space to sit and read or watch TV away from one another.
    The painting and all your decor pieces complement one another, quite nicely!
    Love your pillows and throw on the sofa!

  12. I just love this idea! The room looks beautiful and I love it can be used as a den. Gorgeous pillows! Maria

  13. I love love love a multifunctional room! Your room looks beautiful.

  14. that is a gorgeous sofa! i love the light color and the arms...where is it from?

  15. Liz-
    Your guest room looks like a perfect haven-
    for you and for your guests.
    It's a win win!

    Thank you for joining our 2nd Thoughts of Home on Thursday party!

    *pinning to our TOHOT board.

  16. What a great space. That armoire was a fantastic find!
    It is such a joy to have you join the gathering at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. You really help to elevate it to something very special.


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