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September 4, 2014

Between Summer and Fall on the Deck

Well I succumbed (a little bit) to some fall decorating.
I started outside on the deck near our back/entry area.

Getting motivated.  I was sitting at the table staring at all of this and planning what I'm going to do.  (In other words- get off your duff lady!) Ok.. Ok so I got moving!

 I potted up some mums, kale and a rake (oh wait you can't pot a rake!) 
I placed a flower pot upside down inside the pot to take up some of the room and it still took two five gallon pails of dirt to fill it.

 I chose mums that didn't have a lot of flowers opened up on them yet so they will last a lot longer.  It's tempting to buy the most beautiful ones with all their blooms, but since it's early September I don't think there will be anything to look at in October if I you buy them that way.

I took these purple Browallia plants out of another pot and stuck them in for a little pop of color.  In a little while this will flourish and look even better!  Do you know that hardy mums can take a few frosts without being bothered!  

The whiskey barrel style pot I am using is from Lowe's and is made of fiberglass.  I wanted the look of a whiskey barrel but didn't want the large size of a real whiskey barrel.  I liked the looks of this because it's made with a grainy texture to look like wood.

  That watering can is from MacKenzie Childs. I thought that flower shaped water spout was too cute!  (Watch their sales at the Mackenzie Childs web page - you can do pretty good on their sale stuff)  I bought this at least 2 years ago.

This year I seem to be paying homage to more of the farm/country style things. 

The little miniature rose plant my daughter gave me last spring.  I added my little flying pig to go with the farm/country theme.

 The Welcome Friends sign is from last year's fall design on the deck as seen "here"
I will expand on this as the season marches on with pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks and so on but those won't be available until the end of the month.  This makes a nice transition between the two seasons.

So this is my little easing into the fall decorating!   This will give me some time to enjoy this in between Summer and Fall time of year.

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  1. That looks so pretty Liz...now I want to make a trip to the nursery!!

  2. Looks lovely Liz. Your flowers are so pretty. You definitely caved in....LOL Happy September

  3. This is so pretty, Liz! You create such beautiful vignettes...inside and out! The deck looks great!

  4. Liz, come and do my porch! You are amazing!!
    That is brilliant to repot for fall! My summer pots are pretty tired now. I love everything you did!

  5. Great looking container and I like your plant choices, especially the cabbage. My plants on the deck are slightly crispy. They fried when we were at the beach, even though I watered them before we left. Thanks for the gardening inspiration.

  6. Your plants are always so beautiful, Liz. Love, love the look of your deck with the Fall touches. So pretty!

  7. Looks so good Liz. I want to head out to the garden shop this weekend but it is still a bit hot here. Love your harvest rake sign. Have a great weekend.

  8. Good morning, Liz! Popping in to say hello and see what you're doing outside. I know I can always get great tips, and this time was no exception. I'm hoping to buy some mums in the coming week, and I'll be sure to get those that aren't all bloomed out yet. Thank you for that! I want them to last for a while!!!

    Kale is so popular for eating now...I hope it's not super, super pricey for decorating this year! I love decorating with cabbages and kale and all those really cool, textural veggies!

    Have a great weekend!!!!!!! Enjoy the fruits of your labor!


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