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May 31, 2012

Have Fun- BeFunky

I have an iMac and I have a program that allows me to do some photo editing but it is a limited format.  I can't use the photo editing programs like "PhotoShop" because it's a "Windows" based program and isn't compatible to my iMac.
My friend Linda over at Life With Linda gave me this link called BeFunky.com that allows you to add some special affects and edit photos.  I thought I would show you some quick examples that you can do with it.  There are many options but I'm only showing a few.

 First up is the picture I started with.

 Then I cropped it and used their "Edit"
option and sharpened the image.

This one I used their "Text" option and put 
my blog name on the picture...there are 
various fonts to chose from as well as the 
color can be changed.

This one I used the "Impressionist 1" 
I like the artistic look it gives!

 This one is a "Featured Effects"
one called Sketchers that I 
added a paint option to.
It could use more refinement, but
you see how there are many options
to have fun with!

This is called "Underpainting"
and it's under the Featured Effects 
area too.  
 I added my name again and a 
"Basic Frame"
I adjusted the opacity of the frame
which makes it a bit "see through"
This is a tablescape Alycia did over
This is it's normal look 

 And this is one I played with!
As you can see you can get some real
special affects out of it. I think I used
the Impressionist one on this one.

 Lastly this one is using the Cartoonizer 2 
feature!  I think this is fun! 
I'm glad I learned about it!

Everything I did was free- There is an upgrade package, but I don't feel I need it.  If you create an account and log in you can save your pictures and come back to edit at any time. 
 Thanks for stopping by and 
let me know what you think.  
Have you ever used a photo
editing option?

May 28, 2012

Flag Day......

Happy Memorial Day!  

The Iris were usually blooming around Memorial Day, and my folks always called them "Flags"
 In fact I sent a picture of my Bearded Iris to my sister and her first 
response back was "Flags"!
My kids gave me some iris for Mother's Day many years ago and this white one is one of them!
These deep purple ones have a rich smell to them too! I moved a few of these from an old garden spot and lined them up on the edge of the driveway turnaround area and they've been multiplying in size rather nicely! 
We had a large storm come through yesterday and it really rained a lot! It made a few of the iris fall over but since we needed the rain badly- so there are no complaints!
Over near the deck things are growing like crazy and this beautiful 
"Orange Harvest" Bearded Iris is making it's spring debut!
These are supposed to able to bloom twice a year, but so far I haven't seen that happen.  They've bulked up in size quite a bit this year so we will see what happens!
Such a pretty color isn't it!
My garden fairy is surrounded by 
some Siberian Iris but they haven't bloomed yet. 

I hope you all have/had a wonderful Memorial Day!
Hang your flags proudly!

May 25, 2012

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Hello everyone!
I've been busy working around my
 gardens and getting caught up 
with outside projects.
I haven't been posting much lately
because of it. In fact if you want to know
much about me you will find more on  
my garden blog than here!

When I was a kid they used to call the 
Iris's "flags" because they usually 
bloomed around Memorial weekend.

In the South after the civil war, the
women decorated the graves of loved
ones who lost their lives in battle.
This holiday was known as
"Decoration Day" for many years
but eventually became Memorial Day.

My Dad "1942-1946" 
                                        Air Force

Even though this holiday is reserved to 
honor and remember those loved ones
 who have died in our nation's
service, it has also become a time to 
remember those we have otherwise 
loved and lost.

Fortunately my Dad did not die during 
his military career, but I always think of 
him at this holiday and I am always 
proud to know he served our country 
during one of the most critical 
times of our U.S. history. 
 My brother-in-law who served in the Navy that we recently lost with my nephew Kenny who is also proudly serving in the U.S. Navy.

I hope you all have a memorable weekend!
Don't eat too much or work too hard!

Hang your flags proudly!

May 20, 2012

Watching and Waiting....

Watching and waiting to see each and 
every tree, shrub and plant bloom. 
Cranesbill (Hardy Geranium)
Last year these were blooming around June 14th
Although this is just the beginning we are a bit
ahead of schedule! I'm watching constantly
and amazed at what I'm seeing so early on.

Waiting for the Peonies to bloom...
they are full of flower heads!  Ten days ago
I put grow cages around them....The plant was
just barely through the top of the cages- They've
 grown twice as tall since then!

Waiting for the Delphiniums- they just got going too!

Another Cranesbill called "Lizabeth"
which is how my name is spelled, so I
had to have these! I should have tried harder
for a better picture! It was hot and I was
rushing! It's coming up nicely but I have a
feeling it's going to be a few years before
they get to be a nice size.  Maybe they will
double up this year?  I can always hope!
I'll watch and wait!

This Japanese Maple is doing well.  They make such
a nice contrasting color to the woods and our home.

This little corner is in front of the the
bedrooms and the living room addition we
added in 1996.  I've got a mix of things here 
including this "Coral Bark" Japanese Maple 
which is  S L O W to grow! Spireas in the
forefront, a tall grass and some Ninebarks to 
the right.
  We put lava down in the mid 1990's which
I now regret. It's a stinker to try to open up 
a spot to dig...and it's weird to walk on!
 My office is the smaller window with the
shade pulled...that's where I tap tap tap way on 
the keyboard!
 See, this is my view from there.  My island out front
has Stella d'Oro lilies that should start blooming
before too long. 

See the coral colored bark!  
Boy it was hot today and yesterday!
We hit 91 both days....lots of sun!

My Ninebark has a fungus-mildew.  I didn't notice
it until recently, but it's rather unsightly!  I have never
seen this plant get this before, so I was surprised.  I
have a feeling it's because of the warm up we had in
March, then the numerous frosts, causing moisture to 
stay on the leaves.  It has lots of aeration so I don't know
why else it would get it.  I am reading on it and there 
are a variety of suggestions.

Waiting to see these Dutch Iris bloom.  They
are real close! Again last year around June 14th
they were blooming! 
(Please ignore the grass that I haven't wed out!)

They follow the edge of a turnaround on the driveway.

This is my PeeGee Hydrangea that I am praying
will perform better this year.  Of course the year
I bought it- it was dripping with gorgeous flowers,
but last year I had only 3...I am hoping it's getting
comfortable where it is and will perform nicely!
As you can see my Hostas are going to town
growing like crazy!

I bought this little statue last year and didn't
really have much of a spot for her.  I remembered
I have this gazing ball stand so I brought it over
to give her a spot to sit.  I turned it  upside down-
 but the bottom has a worn look.  I think it's going to
work, so I'll scrub it up!

We've been staining the deck and we got
the other side of the railing done just in time
because these ferns aren't waiting for anything!
They've shot up in two weeks to this height!

I've been waiting for this project for a long time
I came up with the idea in the fall of 2010. We
bought the wood, the little top pieces and even
stained the wood but didn't get it installed.
Last year we were a bit busy with a couple of showers
and a wedding for our son in Pennsylvania, so it 
fell by the wayside. 

 I'll show more on it soon.  I was taking a break
and watching Dan working on it and used my 
iPhone to take this shot...his poor head got
burnt from the intense sun so he grabbed a hat!
Makes him look like a farmer!  I've got a new hose
for the reel too! This one's a tired puppy!

Speaking of Dan, my handyman, husband,
always on his feet, and likes to paint guy!
We came up with a plan to salvage these
fiberglass planters that were really starting
to look shabby.  This is the first layer we chose
an enamel in almond to start with.

I think these are about 6 years old. This
was last year. The paint was coming of quite
badly.  I hated to spend money on more so
we chose to save them and I'm glad we did!

We used a spray "stone finish" paint from Lowe's
I love how the design shows up so much better 
now!  I hope to get at least 2 more years out of them!

I planted them this morning with a trailing red Supertunia, bright green sweet potato vine, and a burgundy 
colored spike.  
I can't wait to see the red fill out along
with the vine...it should contrast beautifully with
the new color on the planters!

Out back by the fountain I've just planted
these big cement planters.  They should look
sensational as they progress!  

Up at the "ranch" house I planted my window boxes
with these gorgeous Velvet Red begonias, lobelia
and vinca vine.  I love the color of this vinca vine it's called Wojo's Gem.

And just to the right is my new hanging basket that
I bought already planted.  I loved the yellow color
it had and the flowers they put in it!

Out my back door looking at my flowers...
the deck is still in progress...see the darker
railing...it's called "Italian Leather" by
Valspar from Lowe's.  We had a few things
hold us off from getting the floor boards done
including heavy pollen that has just begun. I'm 
anxious to get my furniture back on here!

I've got these potted (bought six colors of these "million bells" Calibrachoa-They will mound and fill out nicely!  up and they are waiting for their "soon to be painted wire plant stands" to set on!   
Yep another "Dan" project!  He does a much better job than I would so who am I to say "no honey I can do it"!   
I just realized I bought all these pots and my flying pig statue in Pennsylvania last year while we visited our son.  I didn't even realize I clustered them in the same 
area until now!
 Of course I had to find a local garden center!  The good thing is when I see these things it takes me back to some fond memories!  That's a good thing!

Well, that's a wrap as they say!!  
Thanks for coming by!
What are you watching and waiting for?


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