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May 30, 2018

Cherry Garden Brunch (T)

Cherries are in abundance in today's tablescape!

The cherry orchards have been in full bloom in the Grand Traverse region where I live.  Our area produces 75% of the tart cherries in the world.  Approx. 600,000 sweet cherries come into bloom first in early May and then the 2.6 million cherry trees come into bloom later in the month.  There are a lot of orchards in the region.  So I have cherries on my mind!

I used my cherry pitcher for a beautiful bouquet of reds, whites and blues.

I love that soft blue color of this hydrangea and the red roses couldn't be any prettier with it.  

A white lily is soon to open and the blue thistle made for a wonderful accent!

I had some cherry coffee mugs tucked away to add and I pulled out my cherry napkins.  We enjoy a good cup of coffee here (even decaffeinated).

I found the woven chargers at Home Goods on a visit there last month.  The blue and white checked tablecloth has been around for several years.  I should use it more often!

The green cabbage plates helped bring in color and added to the garden theme.  My mind was thinking of summer and fresh vegetables from the garden so I combined it all together!

We're expecting heavy rains soon from the tropical storm remains of Alberto and it's become very gloomy and muggy outside.  I'm glad I have these beautiful flowers to enjoy inside because it's going to be wet and rainy for a couple of days now.  It's been a dry spring so we really can use the rain.  

I hope you enjoyed my Cherry Garden Brunch!

I'll be joining:
Table contents:
Cabbage plates from Pier 1
White grape leaf embossed plates by Bordallo Pinheiro made in Portugal (I've had them a while)
Cherry napkins came from local stores as well as the pitcher and coffee mugs.

May 25, 2018

Potted Annuals and May Garden Party

Welcome to my garden and to our May Garden Party

I love to plant lots of annuals and I've been very busy planting away here! I primarily put my annuals in baskets and planters so here is what I’ve been up to!  Fair warning- this is a heavy picture post!

I put a large Cleome plant called Señorita Rosalita and surrounded it with White Alyssum in my big black tulip shaped planter.  In a few weeks that Alyssum should make a nice skirt around it.

I made up an arrangement with Dichondra (Silver Falls) that will drape over and grow down the side along with the Purple Calibrachoa (Calitastic Indigo) and Nemesia (Sunsatia Lemon)

I set the frog planter on the ground one afternoon and Dan decided he liked it there so I brought out a stand and perched him on it so the flowers can grown down the sides. 

I filled him with some Purple Petunias and a different variety of Creeping Jenny (Variegated).  It doesn't much look like the Creeping Jenny I'm accustomed to but I wanted to give it a try.  I like the lime green color with the purple.

Dan bought me this cute bike planter recently and I loaded it with white Wave Petunias in the lower section and a Geranium called Brocade Wilhelm Langguth which will be red when it blooms.  It has pretty bi-color green and white leaves.  I added more of the white alyssum to fill in around it.

Just above the bike I filled this basket planter with a new Petunia called Pistachio Cream and in the center is a Supertunia called Black Cherry. 

If you look closely at the flower it's creamy white in the center and has a pistachio green edge.  Can't wait for it to fill out more.  

Flanking the garage door are my two white planters.

I really went a different direction this year and put a Prince Tut (Cyperus Papyrus) (should grow anywhere from 30 to 48" tall) in the center and surrounded it with Supertunia (Royal Velvet),  Superbells Tropical Sunrise (Calibrachoa) and in the back is a white Flowering Kale/Cabbage.

On the deck I have a new bistro dining set. 

 I filled a planter for the table with another White Wave Petunia, more White Alyssum and Flowering Kale/Cabbage.

This beautiful planter is from last year and I put a Dracaena in the center with Lantana (Bandana Red) to anchor the sides.

Butterflies love this plant and I believe the hummingbirds do too! 

In the corner by the side of the house I filled  this big planter with a deep red Dahlia (XXL Taxco), Creeping Jenny and Superbena (Royal Chambray)

I'm in love with this Royale Chambray color!  Love how the yellowish green Creeping Jenny looks next to it.

Near the walkout area to the patio I always put a pair of planters.  I found these beautiful pottery pieces at T.J. Maxx this year that are made in Spain.  I thought they'd make a nice compliment to the big blue handled planter I showed earlier.

This pot has one Coleus (Pink Chaos) and I skirted it with Pink Alyssum.  That Coleus looks delicate but last year I found out it grows pretty large so this will fill in nicely.

More Flowering Kale/Cabbage along with Sedum mexicanum (Lemon Coral), white Dianthus (Ideal Select White), asters and a little more of the pink Alyssum.  

This Begonia called Waterfall Encanto Orange grabbed my attention.  Orange was my primary color I chose for my accents this year.  This has a row of more of the Dichondra Silver Falls that will drape along the sides.  (I cheated and split the Dichondra plants up to get more but it will take a few weeks for them to start spreading out.

This orange geranium (Savannah Oh So Orange) is very intense.  I added Calibrachoa (Calitastic Indigo) around the base for a heavy purple and orange combo.

I'm only sharing one picture from my Fairy Garden- more next week!

Working up the steps to head out back I have two planters.  

I could not walk away from this Geranium- it's called Flamingo Rose!  I'm geeking about Flamingos this year!  I've seen accent pillows, rugs, beach towels, dishes- you name it!


I fell for this plant called Angelface (Perfectly Pink) and added some Diamond Frost which will fill out around it.

I saw this planter chair and bought it without hesitation!  I added a coco liner and filled it with White Dianthus,  Flowering Kale/Cabbage and Bacopa (Snowstorm Blue).

Let's head into the shade.

I changed up where a few of my planters are located and how I used some others. 

The big planter has a row of Impatiens (Deep Orange) and in the center I have an Elephant Ear planted.

It's barely up and I don't know much about growing them but I decided to try it this year.  I do know they like the outside temps to be warm so it's going to take off soon (I hope!).

By the bench I planted Begonias (Nonstop Mocca Orange)

I hope they'll fill this out with plenty of plump flowers!

The black obelisk stand was on the deck the past few years.  I decided to give it a try out on the patio.

This is a Calibrachoa (Superbell Grape Punch)  I only put one plant in because I know how well this will fill out.

Calibrachoa (Superbells Lemon Slice)

The black stand was also on the deck last year.  I loaded it with this big round blue planter.  

I put an Ornamental Pepper (Chilly Chili) and Bracteantha (Straw flower/Helichrysum) (Mohave Orange).  

The little blue pot has more Blue Bacopa, Flowering Kale/Cabbage and the Lemon Coral Sedum.

The "Hosta Hill" is still coming alive.  The hostas were slow to come up and have a ways to go.  I planted a bunch of the orange impatiens along the edge.  In another week this will look so different.  There are so many hostas that just haven't filled out yet.  It's been a dry spring and I have to run the sprinkler to help things along.

Next to the fountain (which isn't running yet) I put a combo of orange and white wax begonias.

I found this beautiful Caladium (I think it's called Rose Glow but I can't find my tag).  I put two Foxtail Ferns next to it and some of the Orange Impatiens.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed seeing what I've been up to.

Welcome to our May Garden Party

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