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August 9, 2023

Summer Gardening 2023, Backyard

I'll start out with the only three roses I have.  I'm real pleased with how they've been blooming.

                                    This one is Cherry Parfait, a definite favorite of mine!

Sarah Bernhardt peony was absolutely lovely!  Sure wish they'd last longer!

One of the mixed planters with dahlias, geraniums and supertunias. 

This is a favorite, love all the colors.  The yellow ones were called Cape Daisies, and have grown quite a bit since I took this picture.  I think they are also known as Cape Marguerite Dasies.  I hope to find more next year to plant a bunch!

One of two planters in front of the garage.  Salvia and coleus did well  I've had to pinch back the coleus because if is overrunning the salvia.  The hummers and butterflies love the salvia!

I planted these Angelique begonias in May and it took until the end of July to bloom! 

Some of the blooms are 3" & 4" across!

Campanula Rapido Blue Bellflowers, I love them, such a pretty color.
A good reliable Spirea, Little Princess

Another spirea, Pink Sparkler 
I replaced some hydrangeas with these because I had trouble with frosts ruining my hydrangeas.  These are much more tolerant of our cold weather up here.

A large planter filled with a mix of peachy pinks, coral, lime green and burgundy.  

This planter has been beautiful.  Prettier in person!
My new Gorilla Cart in green I got early this summer.  Always filling it up!
Bright Lights Double Moonglow, Osteospermum

 Burgundy Glow Ajuga has spread nicely carpeting this area of the retaining wall.

This a Red Wine Lofos vine.  I mixed it with a couple of other annuals, but the prettiness of the vine is the eye grabber!

Some pink Bellflower. This is my "pink" garden so I stick pretty much to pink!
A few weeks ago.... I do have one blue delphium for contrast!
This blue plant is from Proven Winners called Blue My Mind, dwarf morning glory.  Looks especially pretty with the backdrop of my Annabelle hygrangeas! 

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