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February 23, 2017

NOLA inspired Mardi Gras Tablescape! (T)

It's Mardi Gras time!

This is my first Mardi Gras table!  I scoured around the house looking for some way to do a tablescape using purple, gold and green!  I was convinced I had nothing to work with but as it turns out I did!  I did go buy the beads though- had to have them!

 While creating this I was thinking about the Garden District, metal gates and fences, and of course the fleur de-lis symbol.  I made a ring of foam and plunged tulip heads into it to add a little "garden district" feel to the tablescape.  

 I had purple placemats, gold chargers, gold flatware, purple and white dishes and green goblets that brought all the colors in that represent Mardi Gras so well.  
Let's imagine dining in the late afternoon before heading into to enjoy the festivities!  

 I used lots of festive beads from top to bottom.

 This flower pot resembles a crown and the fern brought in some more "garden district" to my New Orleans style Mardi Gras table.  After reading up on the Garden District in NOLA I know that's where I'd be heading first!

 This gold tone metal candle votive and the three tier metal stand were chosen as a nod to the fences and gates of New Orleans.

 I had fun draping the beads on the chandelier!  Anyone who has visited Ron at The Uptown Acorn will see many Mardi Gras images since he lives in the heart of NOLA!  He has an amazing collection of local art and Mardi Gras related items.

I hope you liked my NOLA inspired Mardis Gras Table!  Thank you for joining me.  Now let's eat and let the good times roll!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!


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February 20, 2017

Springing With Yellow

I know it's not spring but this warm up is making thinking about it and I haven't filled this door basket since before Christmas.
This basket rests on the main door but there is also a storm door that only allows about 4" of space between them so I can't make it too thick.

A trip to Michael's, a sale on the flowers,  plus a coupon discounts helped make this choice today very affordable!

I saw these whopper yellow daffodils and they had to be a part of this spring basket!

 Though winter weather will return here before long Im going to enjoy this bright burst of yellow and think of spring!

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February 16, 2017

Singin' The Blues (T)

After all the red I had up for Valentine's Day I decided to cool things off with some blues!

I went through my dishes and accessories to put together this all blue and white display on the plate rack and table below.

I chose my fleur de-lis salad plates and the dinner plates to go together since they have the same pattern.    I stuck two navy blue candles in the miniature flower pots.

The two small  plates are part of a set of 4 that came from Terrain a couple of years ago.  They're hand hand painted designs so no two are exactly alike.  The creamer cow came from Pottery Barn a long time ago.

The fleur de-lis salad plates came from Sur La Table 2 years ago and the dinner plates came from One King's Lane a good while back.

The large platter/plates also came from Sur La Table.  I like to use them for soup and a sandwich.  

During one of my visits to Hobby Lobby I spotted this cute sugar and creamer set and decided I had to have it.  It goes pretty nicely with all the other pieces.

Mr. Rooster got a new home and I added a few more pieces with blue to the vignette.

A 2002 Best of Country Cooking by Southern Living cook book fit right in!

I didn't think this pitcher was going to work but I gave it a try and liked it.  I have a much smaller one too- both found at T.J. Maxx several years ago.

The etagare got a little updating too.

I have been looking for a crate for the bottom shelf and found a rather reasonably priced one at T.J. Maxx that fit there nicely.  I'm still working on what I'm going to store in it yet.

 I spotted this blue and white ball in a Pottery Barn catalog and since I was ordering something for Easter I quickly ordered it before they were gone.  There is a larger size but I guess it's already sold out on-line.

It has a flat bottom with a velvet like fabric so you can set it on things without it rolling or marking the surface.

I set up a quick tablescape using my everyday dishes by Mikasa and our everyday flatware.

 Sorry for the quickly put together centerpiece! 

Thanks for joining me and my "Sining' The Blues"!


February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day!  

February 10, 2017

This and That This Week #14

I know you are saying what is she showing this for???  

I was trying to find an eyebrow/eyelash brush but everything I kept seeing was in a pack with other brushes for apply makeup and I didn't need all of them plus I didn't want to spend $18 or more.  I went to 4 stores with no luck.  Dan was getting me a prescription at Walgreens and I asked him to check out their makeup area while he was waiting.  He brought home just what I wanted and what a deal he got! 

It was only $3.79 to begin with but when he told me he paid only .38 cents I didn't believe him.  Once I saw the receipt I said of course I wish I could get another one.  He said there were a few more so we stopped in and I bought 2 more.  I know... call me the big spender!   LOL....

Though there were no signs about a sale it must be an item they are clearing out, otherwise why would it be so cheap.  So if you are in need of one perhaps you'll get the same deal as we did!  I told him I'm sending him out to shop more- he gets the best deals!


We just lost a family member that shocked everyone.  Only 65, a seemingly healthy guy, very active but his heart suddenly gave out.  The funeral was on Monday and it was a wonderful tribute to him.  Steve was our brother in-law married to Dan's sister the artist.  

God Bless you Steve, you will be missed.

Dan's birthday was this week and our daughter came home over the weekend to be with us plus her birthday is but a couple days away.  She brought him a German Chocolate cake which is his favorite.  I made him pose with cards and a couple of gifts.  I had a pot roast dinner ready for him when he came home which he loved.  It's been so cold this week (10º to 15º) it wasn't any fun to go out in.  

Daughter drug me out of the house which I needed and we went to T.J.Maxx and Target and then we got her car washed.  We were going through the car wash with our furry hoods on and she thought that was hysterical so out came the camera.   I've stayed home for past 3 weeks battling that darn bug!  She always gets me in a good mood so I'm extra glad she was here.  My little girl is turning 30!  Hard to believe….where did the time go!

I'll close with this….
The sun has made an appearance a few times this week and one morning this shadow caught my eye!  That's the chandelier's shadow over the kitchen table showing up on the wall.

Enjoy the simple things!

Have a wonderful weekend!

February 8, 2017

Girling It Up For Valentine's Day (T)

I wanted to do something real girlish- lots of pink, roses and lace.

The tablecloth is Lenox, several years ago.

 I got the heart placemats from Boscov's a few years ago.  The dishes are Ralph Lauren, Sophia.

 The napkin are from Pier 1 and have two napkin rings on them.  I believe both sets of napkin rings also came from Pier 1.

 The cupcakes are salt and pepper shakers from Cracker Barrel this year.  I've had the sign for several years but never used it.  I was determined this time to find a way!

 The cups are also from Cracker Barrel this year and have XOXO painted in gold inside the cup.  They had a creamy white cup too but I decided pink is rare to find so I'd go with that color.

 These dessert dishes were given to me by my Mom in the 90's.  I saw them in a Ross-Simons catalog and decided I wanted them for my birthday.  They are hand made from Germany and have little roses etched on the rim.  I used mirrors too for some extra glam!

 This bud vase got transformed into a candy dish. There's a little tiny hole on upper part of the heart where I added food coloring and water so it would show better. 

 I put together the red roses and baby's breath and surrounded the stems with three big leaves.

Spotted this cute heart shaped wreath at Michael's.  I used an acrylic stand to display it.

Wishing you a very
Happy Valentine's Day!

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