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September 25, 2014

Sun Filled Fall Hydrangea Setting

I set up my tablescape to go with my hydrangeas so I centered my attention to draw on the natural colors found in them.   
I posted about them "here" just yesterday.

Gold, green, ivory and purple

The purple stemware pulls on a color from the dishes.
  You don't notice the purple without looking for it very closely.

I used the green bowls that match the dishes on my plate rack that I recently posted about as seen "here"

These golden leaf embroidered placemats offered a good base of autumnal tone and the napkins shared the same coloring.  I tried green napkins but it became too dominant.  The rattan chargers were chosen to keep the look casual.   The green bowl offered just enough color to work with the dishes and the hydrangeas.  The napkin rings were selected to add to the leaf and floral design and I liked that their muted tone didn't compete with anything.

This picture captures the overall colors the best.

Chasing the sun for pictures can be challenging!  There are no do-overs once it's moved away!  Currently the sun hits my kitchen area around 9 a.m.!  I like how it highlights things I just wish it wasn't so early!

 I'll be joining
Between Naps on the Porch for
Tablescape Thursday

Tablescape elements:
Park Designs napkins
Green Bowls- Park Designs Village Collection
Dinner plate- Sugar Plum by Noble Excellence (Dillard's)
Purple Stemware- T.J. Maxx
Placemats- Bed Bath & Beyond
Napkin rings- Pier 1
Flatware- Sophia from Horchow 

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  1. This is so beautiful, Liz. Such a lovely fall setting. I know what you mean about chasing the light, but it's worth it. :-)

  2. Beautiful table, Liz. The china is so pretty and I love the napkin rings. Gorgeous setting!

  3. I must be dreaming or have deja vu. I could have sworn I commented on this before. Well, anyway- it is just gorgeous, Liz. I love the light filtering in-it is beautiful.. What a pretty table and even the napkins look perfect!!! xo Diana

  4. Lovely tablescape. I love the subtle colors. Great job!

  5. That looks lovely, Liz! Perfect with the hydrangeas. I had very few blooms this year due to the harsh winter, but I salvaged the few I had . After they serve their purpose in vases, I will spray them silver to use in Christmas arrangements. I sprayed some black one year for Halloween, :). Don't forget the Oct. Challenge!

  6. Totally gorgeous Liz, the sunlight hitting your beautiful things is breathtaking! LOVE the plates!

  7. I'm crazy about these hydrangeas and have them all over the house right now. Your table shows them off beautifully.

  8. I love your dishes with the purple highlights! They are perfect with the hydrangeas. Everything looks so beautiful in the sunlight, with the soft fall tones. It is very warm and inviting. Great job, catching the sun like you did.

  9. Wow, the sunlight really plays well on the hydrangeas and table! I know, it is so tricky for pictures - too much and it ruins them, too little and the pics aren't great. You captured it perfectly today.
    I love the plates with their touch of purple. Hydrangeas are so great because they can have so many colors and you picked them up in this pretty table!

  10. Love your tablescape... beautiful.

  11. So gorgeous...you've captured the sunlight perfectly. Beautiful!

  12. Wow - what a beautiful tablescape! Those hydrangeas are stunning and I just love the warm feel that the sunlight adds to it all!

  13. I loveyour table but mostly I love the sun through flowers

  14. Your table is so beautiful it is actually ethereal. The sun was a boon to your photography...lucky lady. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

  15. Your table is a lovely complement to the beautiful hydranges. I love the neutrals and serenity of it all. The purple rim around the plate is just the perfect touch. Wonderful!

  16. Oh goodness sweet Liz, your table setting is stunning and what a fabulous photography, it looks from a magazine! The hydrangeas are so lovely and your stemware. Very serene, elegant and exquisite!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  17. You probably heard me gasp all the way there in Michigan when I landed on your home page and saw the first photo! Wow, Liz....beautiful! The tablescape is just gorgeous!!! The hydrangea are magnificent! Way to go, woman! Way to go!!!!!!!!

    As for chasing the sun, good luck! You're up at the butt crack of dawn every morning, so it's probably easier for you than most. My problem is just the opposite now that "Bertha" the tree has met her Maker. We have oodles of sunlight pouring into the living room and kitchen at unheard of hours. Too bad the dining room is on the other side of the house!

  18. Liz,
    What a lovely tablescape!! Your photos are simply stunning!!



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