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September 12, 2014

My Roses are Pink my Hydrangeas are not Blue- Walk With Me and I'll Show you!

Yep no red roses here just pink and no blue hydrangeas!

 It's okay I love pink so I'm good!

The bugs got at it in late July and riddled holes in the leaves but it began a 2nd growth spurt and all the new leaves are fine.  Too bad I didn't notice that hose!  I'm so used to seeing it I don't even notice it!

I've always enjoyed this rose.  The buds are deeper in color and are so perfect you want to preserve them.  

Notice the rose that centered itself right between the three legs of this trellis.  The ornamental grass is heavy with seed and tends to lay over on anything it can find to rest on.

An older bloom…the flower will continue to fade to a soft pastel as it ages…kind of like us humans!

I put in some Foxgloves this summer and to my surprise I have a 2nd round of flowers blooming!  I think they're so cute and quite a treat to have!  

A lone survivor.  A few years ago I picked up a miniature Black Eyed Susan plant.  I  think I weeded out the plants not knowing what they were this spring.  This little one popped up in the alyssum.  I kept picking out grass that kept showing up in the alyssum and somehow this little guy made it!

My Autumn Joy Sedum is just starting to flower.

Nearby is an ornamental Kale that came back.  I didn't know it would come back and was surprised to see it!  It doesn't look like much- something chewed on it a but I still enjoyed that it came back!

Along side the garage the planters are doing great.  The sweet potato vine really rook over.  I'm not sure I'll use that again in the window box planters. 

 The geraniums did their best to survive!  I enjoy these fancy ones- their pretty little florets look like they've been air brushed wish color!

These fuchsia plants did okay but not as good as I would have hoped.  The Bacopa plant that I mixed with it blooms really tiny flowers which are cute but I think I like the more traditional Bacopa better.  

Dan's assault on the weeds really works!  It's all trimmed back now and looks great once again!

My Althea Hibiscus Krystal Blue- Rose of Sharon is finally blooming.  It had a tremendously slow start this spring and I wouldn't have been surprised if it didn't make it after last winter but it did!

I'm considering moving this Limelight Hydrangea to another spot late this fall.  The weeping Mulberry to the left has grown so large that it's made this area too crowded.

It's always a good bloomer.  It doesn't mind it either if I cut it back which I may opt to do this fall instead of moving it.  I haven't trimmed it much for the past 3 years and it's really gotten large.

To the side of the house are some burning bushes which you can see are starting to turn color.  

I cut some of the Annabelle Hydrangeas and hung them up under this window box.  These are under the eves but I should move them indoors since we have more rain coming our way.

These three were the largest ones.  They are each the size of a dinner plate!  

That big pot is where I hide my hose for watering things on the deck. I pulled it out from under the window box area because I couldn't get to it!  Yes that is a lobster trap behind there.  We picked it up on a trip to Connecticut in 1999 and it's been stored in our little barn.  I decided to put it outside to get a little age on it.  It was too "new" looking.

This picture was taken about a few weeks ago.  I may end up staining it anyway so it doesn't much matter.  It was supposed to get turned into a coffee table for my nautical room but it never happened.  How I'm thinking of it with a glass top and making it an accent table.  

I borrowed one of the garden benches from out back by the fountain to add to my fall display.  This will evolve as the weeks go by.  I've already got it in my head to shuffle a few pieces around! The pumpkins aren't ready yet to cut- their still ripening.  I know this because they featured a local farmer this morning about it!!  I always love adding some pumpkins and gourds as autumn sets in.
I sold a piece of furniture and the woman that came for it brought her mother.  They asked to tour my gardens and made me feel good about my efforts!  Good thing Dan had gotten those ugly weeds killed off on the patio!  I rarely have "live" visitors so I enjoy it when someone comes by that appreciates my gardening.

Thank you for all your visits!  I was so surprised to have multiple comments the other day and I didn't even join a blog party!  I've been pre-occupied a lot lately and haven't had time for many visits so I haven't joined the parties.  I'll try to get around and visit more!




  1. Oh- If I lived closer, Liz, I would be one of those "live" visitors that would camp out on your deck with you. lol What a gorgeous tour this morning. Can't believe how gorgeous ALL your plants are. Those hydrangeas are phenomenal...and I love all your "survivors" too. xo Diana

  2. quel magnifique jardin et jolies plantes : je suis admirative

  3. Just lovely flowers especially the hydrangeas and that susan will expand her blooms next year....

  4. Everything is so pretty.
    Pink Roses have always been a favorite.
    Yours are so delicate, and a lovely shade of pink.
    Linda C in Seattle

  5. Your garden is simply beautiful and so inviting. If it were mine I would never get anything done inside as I would always be out among the flowers in the garden. The size of your hydrangea blooms are colossal. I'm thinking that Texas is just too hot for hydrangeas as I struggle every year just to keep mine alive. I always enjoy your posts and your garden tour.

  6. So funny, I spot the house in my photos, too.
    Your yard is so pretty in photos, I'd love to see it in person as well!


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