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October 31, 2017

It’s Halloween!

For Halloween I added two terra cotta luminaries to the “Deckorating”.  We found them at a local garden center this summer.  
Halloween night will be a cold one- likely in the lower 30’s with rain/snow.  Poor kids- but we’re used to it up here.  More than once our kids wore a snowsuit under their costumes!  We actually got a little bit of snow today- more like ice pellets.   It stuck to the deck area but it’s melting as soon as it hits the ground. 
We don’t get any trick-or-treaters at our house but if we did I’d be ready!  I always buy some candy during the season- who can resist those little candy bars! 
We’ll be relaxing in our warm home and probably watch some old movies like Dracula and Frankenstein!

October 29, 2017

Thanksgiving Vignette

I found this adorable gobbler at Pier 1 already marked down.  I was drawn into it's cuteness immediately.  It's loaded with natural feathers and I love the whimsical rosy wreath!

This wood top is on a wall that leads to the basement level.  I always have something on it one way or another.  (I had my cast iron flying pig on display at first but the other picture I took with the turkey picture was blurry)

The little blue pumpkin came from Pier 1 and I wanted to make more use of it so I decided to embellish it with faux berries, gourds, acorns and pine cones.  Kind of a harvest basket look in a small dough bowl.

This whole set up fell together after I was removing things from the kitchen table from one of my tablescapes.  I was piling things on the wood top and I decided to play with it and make more of it.

The turkey is better in person than what their on-line picture reflects.  

I like how the WoodWick Candle crackles ever so much when it's lit.  It burns slowly and the fragrance isn't overpowering.

This will be nice to view through Thanksgiving. 

Next I plan to set up the dining table with a festive Thanksgiving look and add something to the mantel. 
Looks like we'll be staying home for Thanksgiving since my husband will be having cataract eye surgery a few days before Thanksgiving.  

I am joining:

October 27, 2017

Chasing Fall Colors-First Frost

Last weekend we took off on Saturday for a color tour.
The day started out sunny and blue skies but by the time we got to where were going clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped.  Later the rain started that lasted for 4 days.  I didn't get a lot of great pictures but I'll share a few.

Later in the day the sun came out again and I tried to capture a shot while speeding by!  

Last Saturday was also Sweetest Day which we celebrate as our official "first date".  We met in 1973 so that was 44 years ago!  Dan brought me flowers and we ended our color touring day at a favorite local restaurant with a classic up north feel. I had a Pinot Grigio and he had his favorite Bloody Mary.

Did you know about the new "wreath style" mums?  

Ha ha…just kidding.  We had rain for 4 days straight and the mums just flattened out.  

Our first frost Oct. 26th.  

I went out to capture a picture because the sun was creating a glow from behind the scarecrow’s face but it moved off just about the time I got there.  I went back in the house turned around and then it was glowing again…I think the sun was having fun with me!

Since we've just had our first frost things will change quickly.  Everything is so cozy looking right now.
There are still things to put away and cover up for the winter.

My favorite shot was this little accent table frozen with leaves and the little bowl was iced over.
It's been too wet to even blow off the leaves but we'll get it done because they stain the surfaces so we don't want to leave them on the deck.

Special Thanks to Linda my Blog designer for creating my new blog header.  She’s a miracle worker and if you ever want to upgrade your blog, straighten up problems you are having check her out.
Here is a link to “My Fairy Blog Mother” also known from her blog “Life and Linda

Wishing you all a great weekend!

October 25, 2017

Vintage Farmhouse October Dining (T)

I started this tablescape with some fresh cut limelight hydrangeas from the yard.  They've turned that pinkish color and the next step will be brown.  They are not in water and I expect them to dry like this, but they may turn a tad bit darker.  

I wanted the hydrangeas to go with these dishes.  The dinner dish I've used many times was from Cracker Barrel (no name).  The salad plate is newer from Pottery Barn called Vintage Floral, and top appetizer dishes are from Cracker Barrel.  I was pleased at how well they go together.  The napkins offer some rich fall tones but don't take over.

Fired with a white crackle glaze to give them an authentic vintage look.

I scattered small pine cones and mini pumpkins around the base of the vase.

The vase is called Beehive by Juliska.  I lucked out on finding that in a markdown area at a little store up in Petoskey a couple of years ago..  

The Vintage cut crystal stemware is from Williams Sonoma.  The kids and hubby helped me get started collecting them at Christmas a couple of years in a row.  They seem perfect with these dishes.  

I used a square lace table topper (by Heritage Lace) to set up the look for this vintage farmhouse style table.

There are 4 patterns in the appetizer dishes- this is the only one with green. The candle holders are ceramic and I also got those up in Petoskey on one of our trips.  

It has been raining for 3 days.  Overcast and no sun expected for several more days.  I used my camera on the tripod again and some of these were taken with my iPhone.  

I hope you enjoyed my Vintage Farmhouse October Dining table!

October 20, 2017

Cool Fall Mornings and Blooms Inside and Out

I buzzed out early as the sun was rising.  It was rather cool so I didn't spend much time outside.  The limelight hydrangeas here out back are chugging along at a much slower pace than the one in our front yard.  The one out front gets a lot more sun so I have to believe that is why they are running at a different pace.  

I removed all the annuals but since this planter had two perennials I left them in there.  I have to get them in the ground this weekend.  Things will change quickly weather wise once November hits.

Out front my big limelight hydrangea is prime with rose colored blooms.  I would cut a whole pile of them and make an arrangement but I have found when I bring them indoors I seem to have a mild allergic reaction so I'll just watch them continue to change to their brown color.  They look interesting through the winter that way too.

Fall is all around and we still haven't had a frost.  Next week we are having seamless gutters installed for the first time on this house and Dan wants to wash all the eves before they come.  Most people don't bother up north here because the snow load is known to rip them off but the contractor swears these won't- so we shall see!  I do have some tulips to plant so I also need to get that done.  I hope we will be able to take time at some point and go color touring this weekend.  Once the trees are really colorful it isn't long before they drop their leaves and become bare.  

 I brought the Christmas Cactus in from the deck a couple of weeks ago.  It's gotten so huge it barely fits in this area anymore.  It's blooming like crazy so I took a couple of pictures of it. (Technically mine is actually called a Thanksgiving Cactus- I was unaware that there was more than one variety until I read up on them.  Not a true cactus but a leaf cactus.  Both the Christmas and Thanksgiving Cactus are in the Genus Schlumbergera and are native to Brazil.  Occasionally I fertilizing it with an all purpose liquid house plant fertilizer by Schultz and it seems quite happy in the window facing East.

Hard to believe it was this small when I got it in 2011

It obviously likes being outdoors during the summer.  The cooler evenings help it to prep for flowering according to what I read- but I made sure to bring it in once it started hitting in the 40's.

Fall 2015

Wishing you all a beautiful fall weekend!

October 19, 2017

Halloween Dining with LuAnn! (T)

Poor little LuAnn- she needed a little help to be pulled back together!  She's a cousin to Winnie the Witch who has made appearances a few times "here" "here" and "here".  I'm afraid LuAnn met with a rather disastrous end so she needs help to be seen on Halloween!

This is how she came together.  Walking around JoAnn's I spotted the foam bust, the little tutu and hat.  Next thing I know I'm on the hunt for fabric!  I looked for inspiration on the internet for the face, printed it, cut out the mouth and face and traced it on the pumpkin.  A paint pen filled it in. The foam pumpkin head was found at Michael's. 

I made up a little necklace for her and there's a skeleton head dangling from it (hard to see).  I bought a card with about 8 skeleton heads from the jewelry area of Michael's.  I glued three on the hat.  

I used some green dyed spanish moss for her hair and neck area

I wanted to give LuAnn some arms but couldn't decided on how to do it.  I had the creepy hands in my stockpile so I strung them together using a ribbon and draped it across her shoulders to give her arms/hands.  
My blog friend Linda @ Life and Linda has also used a tutu for some tablescapes in the past- here is one of the links "Spiderella".  

I took pictures at various times of the day so the mood will shift as we go along here.

Creepy creatures hanging around looking for a bite to eat!

I found the creepy skeletons at our Halloween Superstore

Old Fred here is coming out for the night and two of his old friends Max and Sally are ready and waiting for him!

My little Mary Engelbreit clown Crissy attends every party!  
I think these were produced by Bethany Lowe for her.

Do you remember the wax lips we'd get as kids?  I found some in the candy section so I had to add them in too!  This would be a fun party table for young kids around 8 to 12 years old.

I was looking for fake eyeballs to fill the candy dish and spotted these chocolates with eyeball wrappers so I chose them instead.    

Indian corn in my metal ghost candy dish by Dansk from at least 12 years ago.

Salt and Pepper shakers (by TAG)

This plate inspired me to use the napkins with blue in them.  I got these dishes from Williams Sonoma on a sale with free shipping- only way to fly!  

The skeleton heads had a hanger on top that I removed.  The shape has an indentation that helped them sit on the edge of the plate.

The metal skeleton chargers came from Michaels and I layered them on the Pier 1 Imports white chargers to show the pattern off better.

I also got these little tumblers from Williams Sonoma.  I put a tea light inside to show their design off. 
The tall crystal highball glasses are from Mikasa called Windlass- no longer made.

I found the two shorter black candle holders on clearance at Pier 1 and the two tall candelabras came from there last year.

Finally it's nighttime!

I hope you enjoyed my Halloween Dining With LuAnn

Between Naps On The Porch


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