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January 16, 2023

Creating Vignettes


Starting with the kitchen area I played around with some items that I already had here but used them in different spots and added the blue vase and the verdigris water can which I  picked up late last summer from Home Goods. 

The Fleurs tray was down below before and could hardly be seen so I tried making a vignette related to flowers.  The rooster is just there because he's white!

It's a real watering can and I was enamored with it but it took until now for me to decide how to use it.

My husband bought this blue vase for me from Terrain which we got to visit while in Pennsylvania. 

Down below I moved my copper items.

I tried a whole new look on the mantel.  I'm still deciding if I like it but everything coordinates nicely.

This is a new planter I got for Christmas.  I set the arrangement (that previousy has been in front of the picture) down inside and it fit. 

You can see the floral arrangement i'm talking about.

This was ordered from The Enchanted Home.  I always buy my stuff from them when there is a sale.

This vase was my moms and she bought it while visiting me in Chicago when I lived there (1978-79).  I think it's Japanese but I'm not positive.

 This is the bottom.
And finally I created this vignette with the bulk of my blue and white porcelain. 

These three Chinese men referred to as Elegant Sitting Emporers are new and also came from The Enchanted Home. 

A side view.  I like how they are sitting on a garden seat.

This blue plate is also from my Mom's and was a gift I gave her from Marshall Fields when I lived in Chicago.  The big jar I bought and is one of my favorites.

This plate was also Mom's and mixes well with my porcelain pieces.

 So that's it for now!
I hope you liked my Vignettes!


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