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June 28, 2020

Land Of The Free

The Home Of The Brave!

I've created this vignette for the 4th of July celebrations with the same items I've used for several years but in a new display area and layout.

Freedom and Liberty

Uncle Sam was a find several years ago so he makes his apperance each year.

A faux red geranium and some wicker balls were added.

The two boy and girl statues are Bethany Lowe figurines and a couple of patriotic birds!

I loaded the base with these red white and blue filler pieces just to make it look more complete.

Freedom, Liberty and behind is a red one that says Happiness

What is that myserious rolling pin?

I found this old rolling pin in my mother's things when we were cleaning out the house last fall.  The ribbon is in pretty sad shape but I thought I'd leave it as is. 

After studying flags I've decided this loosely represents the Norwegian Flag and Coat of Arms.  I'm imagining mom picked it up at a craft show since it has little hooks put into it and the ribbon was added so you could hang it.  It has nothing to do with our 4th of July celeration but I thought it was quaint and fit in to the vignette.

One of the ends of this runner (Pier 1 several years ago)

Land of the Free

I'll be joining:

Life and Linda

June 18, 2020

Tropical Luncheon Dreaming (T)

Greetings from "your" favorite tropical destination! 

We'll pretend we're seated on a lanai enjoying a lovely view of the ocean and an early afternoon luncheon!

Flowers are a must!

Adding to the sunny afternoon some sunflower plates accompanied by bamboo handled flatware and Pioneer Woman glassware. 

The carefree tablecloth was a find a couple of years ago at Home Goods.

We'll enjoy a few toasts and reflect on our lives.

Thank you for joining me!

🍹Until we meet again!🍹

June 14, 2020

Outside Gardens and Planters

An early morning glimpse at my "Pink Garden" .  Not much pink is in bloom except the foxgloves and some cosmos.  The shrub is a Nikko Deutzia and will fill out more in the next several days.

Just above that I have two planters with "Baby Moses" grass, and two supertunias called Daybreak Charm and Mini Vista Indigo.  They are just starting to fill out.

My island out front which we expanded last year in this "post" has come up very nicely.  Everything is bigger and even better it all came up!

Almost nothing is in bloom here but it should pop soon!

I took a panoramic photo which makes it look more rounded and short!

On the end are a bunch of Stella De'Oro daylilies that are just starting to shoot up their buds.

Only thing blooming is my Max Frei Cranesbill.

Last year I did a post about creating this shade garden.  I'm pleased that everything came back and is looking great!

Out back as we walk up the sidewalk is a planter loaded with Creeping Jenny, White Begonias and a Royal Hawaiian Blue Hawaii elephant's ear.  Can't wait for the elephant's ear to grow much larger!

Remember earlier this spring I did a "post" about how we moved three Limelight Hydrangeas over to this area and I also split up some hostas and created a step down from the Limelights, then another step down to the "Wild Rose" Coral Bells (Heuchera)  Then I planted some white alyssum and pink begonias.  We'll see how it all looks in a month from now!

The shrubs seemed to have taken the transplant well.  We'll see if they're going to bloom!

This is the area that we took the Limelights from and planted these new "Tiny Tuff Stuff" Hydrangeas.

The're shooting off new growth which is a good sign.  I ordered these online and they came up from North Carolina.  It was a particularly cold spring so I kept them in the garage at night and brought them out for some sun.  Eventually we planted them and a few weeks later they started to bloom!

The lace cap flowers are pretty!  They've just started blooming so I'm looking forward to how they fill out.

Several years ago I took out my Engdless Summer Hydrangeas and replaced them with these "Pink Sparkler" Spiraea.  They are filling out nicely and have begun to bloom.

This is how they looked a few years back.

Out front of the garage I have a pair of planters.  I planted a Papyrus called Prince Tut in the center as well as Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Lime Sweet Potato Vine and Supertunia Vista Fuchsia.  It's just now started to fill in and I'm looking forward to seeing how the Supertunia's do!

They really are a nice fuchsia color!

I guess I'll wrap it up for now!  I have a lot more to show but I'll spread it out!


June 3, 2020

A Summertime Tablescape! (T)

Greetings to all!  It's been a while since I posted but I decided to jump right into 
A Summertime Tablescape!  I intend to be joyous about summer!  I know technically it's not summer but to me it is!

 I had picked up this lovely bouquet last week and it's still going strong!  I freshened it all up this morning for the tablescape.

Since I had chosen this crystal vase I decided on these glasses to reflect the look.

 I chose these plates (Pier 1- Botanical Gardens) for their summery look and layered them on a Bordallo Pienheiro Grape vine white plates.  The placemats are butterflies and the napkins  (Pier 1) are double sided with stripes and flowers.  

 The sun was streaming in and accented the table beautifully.  It acted as illumination underneath and created a very summery look!

 If I had a gazebo this is a table setting I'd create just for it!

I picked up this Vera tablecloth several years ago at Macy's.  I really love the artwork!

Happy sunny summery days to you all!


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