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September 2, 2014

Soft September Morning up North

Top of the week everybody! 

I was busy this weekend with a trip to Grand Rapids to see our daughter.  She had surgery about 10 days ago for female related issues and has been resting up.  We visited a bit, went out for dinner and then returned home. That's a 180 miles each way!

So we've made the transition from August to September this weekend!
For us up north here it's still summery outdoors, but we can sense a change in the climate.  Our nights are cooler and there's a dew on the deck every morning.  My Limelight Hydrangeas are blooming like crazy.  I tiptoed outside early this morning to cut a bunch.  I love these because they start out with a very light lime color and work their way to a soft white as they mature.

This is one of the easiest Hydrangeas to grow.  They never disappoint me!

 I cut them from just off the back deck area.  I snapped this late in the evening with my cell phone a few days ago.  

There was a wonderful dappling of the sun on the table so I put together a quick vignette.   I didn't have much time to create it since the sun doesn't stay very long I had to hustle!

On a recent trip to Petoskey I spotted this little appetizer plate at the neatest little boutique decorating shop.  At first I thought it was a flying pig....LOL..

Upon closer inspection and with my glasses on - he's actually marked for butchering!
This is by "Vagabond Vintage"

A soft easy going September morning.

 I do love September up north.

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  1. There's nothing like Fall here in the north!!! Your hydrangeas are beautiful......

  2. Just spent the weekend up north - it already seemed to be turning towards fall. Such a pretty time of the year!

  3. Such a pretty picture with the light streaming in, Liz! I got busy decorating for fall over the weekend. It may be in the 90's still outside; but, it's Fall inside! Love seeing pictures of your pretty flowers.

  4. Hi Liz, I love September up north too and have many fond memories of this beautiful time of year living in Michigan and the many trips home in the fall. Love your lime Hydrangeas. They are stunning on your table with the sunlight flowing in. Your garden off the deck is still so pretty and giving you a great show.
    We can tell fall is trying to move in here too even though it is still hot. The wind is stronger and the leaves are beginning to dry on the trees.
    Happy September!

  5. Liz,
    The hue of these hydrangea are gorgeous!!!
    I love the way the light is playing against the vignette!!!

  6. Limelight is one of my favorites too! Later when they turn pink I harvest and dry them, and they continue to bring some remembrance of autumn well into the cold months. I sometimes even use them to decorate a Christmas tree. Here in Manitoba Limelight is quite hardy. I have several bouquets in the house right now!

  7. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous....I used to have hundreds of blooms each year...this year only two sprouted..and poorly at that...what is your secret?....love the plate too!

  8. Your hydrangeas are stunning. They might be easy for you to grow where you live but down here in south Texas they wilt. I have a large one in a pot on my back porch and although it is in the shade, I have to water it twice a day.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  9. I am drooling over those gorgeous Hydrangeas, Liz. My Hydrangeas did not do well this year. I'm going to have to see about planting a Limelight. Such a cute pig plate. laurie

  10. Those hydrangea are beautiful! The light is perfect for such a pretty vignette.None of my bushes bloomed this year....I think I "trimmed" them too much early spring. Not trimming them at all next year!

  11. Hi, Liz. I hopped over for a closer look at the Limelight blooms. But, that pig plate has me laughing! Those chopped-off legs are sort of shocking when you realize what you're seeing (yes, I took my glasses off and leaned into the screen for the close-up, lol). I hope you have a wonderful, storm-free weekend!


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