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December 20, 2012

Traditional all the way!

In keeping with my traditional roots I've set the kitchen table 
with a classic red plaid tablecloth. 

I used a mini Poinsettia with some ornaments tossed around in my green metal lantern. 

The little white Santa boots, spiral red glasses and striped dishes were from Pier 1 last year. 

The red 'Tis the Season plates were from T.J. Maxx- also from last year. 
The lantern removes easily for dining. 

A mini boxwood candle wreath was set below the lantern for added fullness.

I found the poinsettia at the grocery store. It came with this ornament shaped base. 
It has sparkly spray on it but it doesn't show up in the pictures.

Winter has arrived

I hope to do this for Christmas morning but
there will be 5 so we'll squeeze a little closer!  

I'll be joining Between Naps on the Porch for
Tablescape Thursday

I'm thrilled to no end that both my kids and my dear daughter in-law 
will be home for Christmas this year!

I'm taking the rest of the season off and won't be posting again until after the New Year.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas 
full of peace, joy and love!
Best Wishes for a
Very Happy New Year!  

December 19, 2012

Calm before the storm....

Well we've had snow

It's melted back down

Now they are promising a large storm to descend upon us with up to 12" of snow!
The big green mass will head north along the Western side of our state right for us!

The calm before the storm...
Early this morning

On a brighter note!
I captured this Cardinal on the bird feeder
early last week.  They are so pretty with the snow in the background!

As promised I'm showing you how the Paperwhites/Narcissus 
are doing!
I'm amazed at their growth rate and that I'm getting flowers already!  
There is a method of which I haven't tried of using a solution with alcohol that is supposed to help slow down their growth rate and keep them from getting so tall.  I will have to try it sometime.

Are you ready for Christmas?
I am and thrilled that our daughter, son and his wife will be here to join us! A real family Christmas at our house!

Till then..

Have yourself a
and a


December 17, 2012

Craft Paper Gift Bags

I bought a set of six craft paper gift bags at Hobby Lobby 
(Original price $3.99 at 50% off = $1.99 which is  roughly .33 cents a bag)  
to decorate them myself for Christmas gift giving.

 I shot these pictures quickly with my cell phone so they aren't my usual 
quality but I think you will understand what I did. This is my ugly vinyl
tablecloth that I use for my crafts so pay no mind to it!

First I put a weight inside to help the bag stay open  
(I happened to have a small 3 x 3 x 6 gift box that I put a cup in for weight.  
 I used wrapping paper for my accent. 
I decided on a width that I wanted the wrapping paper to be.  
I left an extra inch so I could fold in each side 1/2".  
I like the foil paper because it has some body and is pretty easy to work with.
 The width of the roll worked out pretty close to the overall length I was 
going to need to go under and up both sides.  

I started on one side by creasing the top where I needed to make a fold.  
Then I put some Elmers glue on the back so I could stick it to the paper bag to keep it from shifting and from hanging loose away from the bag. 
I did not put glue on the folded edge of the foil that is laying against the bag because I figured it wouldn't stick and I'd end up with dried glue that would look bad.

I put glue on the bottom also and then I came up the other side and did the 
same fold and glued it.  
I used my hands both inside and out gently pressing just enough 
to get the two papers to join.

  I used this wide ribbon as an accent against the wrapping paper. 
I guided it up the bag with my hand and creased it over the top.

 I cut both ends of the ribbon to be the same inside the bag and used the 
Elmers glue again to keep it in place.

I gathered the two handles and tied on a ribbon.  
This was my first run through and I think I'll work on making the 
ribbon a little fancier on the handles.

 Overall this was a pretty inexpensive project and I'll have six bags in the end for a small investment and they are customized to my liking.  
I'll add some tissue to make it ever prettier as I start to fill them!

I will be joining 
Between Naps on the Porch 
Metamorphosis Monday

December 16, 2012

Sunshine & Nostalgia!

This simple little cardboard village piece brings out the kid in me.
I know I already featured this once but it's a nice sunny day and I caught the light 
shining on my little mini village piece and thought I'd snap a few more shots!

Part of me likes to view things like a child would. 
I like to create something that a child would gaze at in wonderment.  
To me this little village in my window is just that.

Makes you want to peer into the windows and see what's going on!  

 I think there are some kids inside like this opening gifts and playing!
(Tee hee...that's me on the left)

Thanks for stopping by and sharing some nostalgia with me!

December 14, 2012

Santa's Sleigh is ready!

Up on the rooftop reindeer pause
Out jumps good old Santa Clause
Down thru the chimney with lots of toys
All for the little ones
Christmas Joys

 Ho, ho, ho!  Who wouldn't go!
Ho, ho, ho!   Who wouldn't go!
Up on the rooftop Click, click, click
Down thru the chimney with 
Good Saint Nick!

 First comes the stocking 0f little Nell
Oh, dear Santa fill it well
Give her a dolly that laughs and cries
One that will open and shut her eyes  

 Ho, ho, ho!  Who wouldn't go!
Ho, ho, ho!   Who wouldn't go!
Up on the rooftop Click, click, click
Down thru the chimney with 
Good Saint Nick!

 Look in the stocking of little Will
Oh just see what a glorious fill!
Here is a hammer and lots of tacks,
whistle and ball and a whip that cracks! 
 Ho, ho, ho!  Who wouldn't go!
Ho, ho, ho!   Who wouldn't go!
Up on the rooftop Click, click, click
Down thru the chimney with 
Good Saint Nick!

 Santa's sleigh is on it's way!
Ho, Ho, Ho!

As you can see I filled Santa's sleigh. This year I added some faux fur, lighted boxes, a small tree, nutcracker, bear and a rag doll.

December 12, 2012

Glowing Holiday Dining!

Dining for four...
 A few days ago I showed you my everyday table arrangement.  
Today I've added a table setting for four.

 No doubt you've seen these dishes before with other bloggers.  I found them last year but never had a chance to do a tablescape with them.  
Today I layered two chargers on top of a square  placemat.
The silverware is an old set of my mom's. They are called Reflection by Rogers circa 1960's

  I got these placemats last spring and forgot about them.  
I found them while I was rummaging through my linens and I
decided their bright green coloring would be a great backdrop 
for my chargers and dishes.

The dinner plate is adorned with a charming Christmas scene- it's
called "Christmas Home" by Royal Stafford

 These red poinsettia plates are by Maxcera called "Honey Poinsettia"

 The napkin rings were a bargain I found while nosing around at Bed Bath and Beyond. Clearanced at $ .99 each. 

The little bowl tops the dish stack off beautifully! I like the repeat of the 
green, red and white throughout the layers.

The red stemware is from the French Countryside collection by Mikasa which
I've had for several years.  I love their ruby red coloring.  
I should get at least one more set to coordinate with these water goblets.

 I added a few more candle votives to the setting for more holiday glow!

 I used my Murano dish my daughter brought back for me  
from Italy for some chocolate candies.
We are chocoholics!

 Down inside the mercury glass hurricanes I have a scented candle.  
A gentle perfume lingers through the air.

I chose to not cover the table so it's shiny top would add to the glow of the table.

Thank-you for joining me and viewing my
Glowing Holiday Dining table for four

I will be joining 

Cuisine Kathleen for
Let's Dish 
Between Naps on the Porch for
Tablescape Thursday
and the Homespun Christmas 
Link Party at  



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