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September 10, 2014


The patio area is looking pretty shaggy!  The grass and weeds have been their worst this year.  It seems as time has passed dirt has accumulated into the grouted areas between the stones and more and more plant life has been growing.
Dan found a way to knock back the grass and weeds with this torch and it's very effective for a while but they just keep coming back.  

Next year we hope to remove the grouting and try a different method in hopes that it will stay free of plant life.

Another shaggy member is my overgrown Dusty Miller.  I put red geraniums in there too but you'd hardly know it!  Some of you may remember I trimmed it back quite a bit but it didn't take long and it was out of control once again!

So I yanked out nearly every single one of the Dusty Miller's and found that the Geranium plants had more body to them than I expected.  It's late but now they'll have a chance to look better!

My big planters out in front of the garage have become shaggy with the Supertunias that have done very well.   They're about 4' across!

My husband thought I should show a reference of size so he offered to zip in there for a picture when he was out mowing!  LOL… 

Last year I removed the plants and re-potted the planters for fall with mums.  I haven't made up my mind as to what I'll be doing yet.  Lowe's and Home Depot sell a bunch of real small ones that I could plant around that spike plant in the center that you can barely see.  

This is a new planter on the deck that I planted with two different colored mums and some kale.  I picked mums that were only just beginning to bloom so they'll last a lot longer.
I got the idea to plant this combination after I saw some small pots at the garden center.  I found this imitation whiskey barrel at Lowe's and decided to use that for a casual country look for fall!

 I emptied out a pot that had some Browallia in it and popped them in the back of this pot for added color!

Do you ever replant your planters for fall?



  1. Love your autumn whiskey barrel, and your supertunias. We like supertunias too and have had good luck with them when they receive full sun. In part sun, they don't seem to thrive though. I had to move some this year to accommodate that requirement. Some years my planters begin with pansies, then switch to a summery look, then fall, then Christmas. Not sure what I'll do this year - but yours look GREAT!

  2. I replant my planters for winter with pansies & violas. Even with our below freezing temps, snow & ice; pansies & violas will just sleep under all the cold, perk up & bloom when the sun comes out.

  3. Your flowers are so pretty, Liz! I usually replace my annuals with pansies, once the temperatures drop. They will survive right through to Spring.It's supposed to rain over the next couple of days and the temps should drop into the 70's. Looking forward to working on the backyard and patio.

  4. Bonjour,

    C'est incroyable comme vous avez de magnifiques fleurs ! Elles se plaisent beaucoup chez vous !...
    Merci pour ce joli partage photographique.

    ❁ Gros bisous ❁

  5. Oh- You know from here the growth between the stones look almost like moss and it is really quite pretty. You really do have a green thumb. Your hubby and I have the same tractor. I LOVE my John Deere. Tell him I wax mine at least once or twice a year. lol I have LOTS of hours on mine.

    Those Supertunias look beautiful...and yes...I usually add Fall plants to my large planters in Fall. xo Diana

  6. Can't say I do. Replant the planters...
    I embrace the lull in the garden when Autumn steps in. Winter will come with a mean streak I can feel it so I know that if I replant I'll regret it. Autumn and Winter I just do maintenance...
    I need to ask you something, Oh You My Garden Fairy: does Impatiens recover. I had a pot with an olive tree and the bottom I played with impatiens in pink and white. Suddenly one of the white Impatiens died almost overnight. I cut it so now I'm not sure she'll be back or if it's gone for good. All the other 3 are happy as ever - vivid, demanding ahahah
    Take Care and enjoy Fall in your beautiful and amazing outdoors,

  7. Your petunias are stunning and huge!! You really do have a green thumb. The growth between the stone looks like moss and makes for a pretty look. Love your tractor. We had one just like it when we lived in Ohio and had acreage. Enjoy the weekend and the change in the weather.


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