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September 16, 2020

Fall Harvest Tablescape

 Welcome to my Fall Harvest Tablescape

 I included Sunflowers

 and Pumpkins!

I cut some Annabelle hydrangeas from my garden.

I found napkins in my stash that had all the right colors too!

I used white handled flatware and woven placemats.  The green dishes are by Park Designs out of the Village Collection and the sunflower dish is by Certfied International called Paris Sunflower
In the distance you can see my floral arrangment that I showed in my previous post.
This is really where I intended to display it.  I know the trucks have been in for a while but I'm just now getting on board with them!
My Polish Pottry vase is stuffed with yellow mums.  They look a bit orange but they are yellow in person!

I set up my metal tray with this display for fall.  Nothing new just a new gathering of items I owned already.  Copper seems fitting for fall!

Hope you like my new fall display and 
Fall Harvest Tablescape! 

I am joining:
Between Naps On The Porch

September 3, 2020

Falling In Love With Fall Start

Well I have begun diving into Fall Decorating, but just a bit!

I got the tin bucket from Kirkland's.  That's the lid for the top on the bottom!

(Pretend the pink roses aren't in the background!)

I bought a bunch of silk florals at Hobby Lobby and put a square foam piece down below to poke their stems into.

Lots of layering.

I poked spaghnum moss in for filler.

This is the small version, they also have a large, but I think this is plenty big!

Now to the dining room.

I collected three colors of sunflowers and combined them in this dark green glass vase which was perfect for hiding their stems.

There is a reddish orange, a pink and a peachy white color.  

Here's a better view of the color mix!

I found the pink ones at T.J.Maxx and the reddish and peachy ones I ordered from Kirklands.

I kept the setting simple with crystal candle sticks with some twisted burnt orange candles.

So that's my Falling In Love With Fall start!

August 20, 2020

Late Summer Kitchen Decorating


I've swapped out the cherries for some summery florals.
I've had the floral plates for several years and I found the two accent vases in my stash so I decided to incorporate them.  Summer's not over in this house just yet!

I recently got this Polish Pottery vase with florals and hummingbirds.  It was a quick sale once I saw the hummigbirds! 

I love the detail in it and fortunately for us the store was having a sale that included their Polish Pottery which greatly helped the bottom line!

I believe I bought these little vases at Hobby Lobby last year.


I hope you are enjoying this last month of summer.  I know some of you are baking in the heat and can't wait for fall.  Soon enough it will be September and then I'll start to feel like decorating for fall!

August 17, 2020

A Little Garden Project

 I decided to re-do this garden bed.  I was dismayed with it's cluttery look so I put a plan in action.  Part of the plan is to remove the two green shrubs that are on either side of the bird bath.  I'm also going to be transplanting some perennials and annuals.


I bought 10 of these Mighty Mini Miss Rose Dianthus plants.  I wanted them placed close to the edge to help with run off of soil and water.

I had pulled a muscle in my back so hubby dug the holes.  He chose a post hole digger which I thought was funny but it got the job done and it was just the right size!

We also pulled out the two shrubs after I planted the diahthus.  And the small pink annuals got relocated.

Now it's looking much better.  I moved the annuals over from where they were and kind of lined them up.

I also removed the larger clump of iris and put a free ad on FB Marketplace and they were taken in a couple of hours!  I moved the clump of iris that's closer in the screen over towards the wood lattice.

Now I bought 10 of Coral Reef sedum to eat up the rest of the space and to continue to help with the water and soil runoff.

I moved some blue delphinium that were off on the right and put them either side of the bird bath.  Next year the pink annuals won't be there but I'll probably add some more annuals in.  I like how the vinca looks.  I tried some wave petunias in here but they weren't taking off for some reason so I yanked them out.

I also added a few more pink flowers by removing the pink begonias that were located along the pathway to the patio and putting them here.


 I added a cute flag too!

So now I feel it's a better look and hopefully the plants I added will help with the water and soil runoff!

July 21, 2020

My Potting Wreath

 I created this wreath after seeing Mary's Patriotic Wreath from  
Home Is Where The Boat Is.  I fashioned it after hers but put my own twist to it.

 The back of the house rarely gets wet so I hope it will be safe!

 We moved the hanging planter over by the window so I could have room for the wreath.  It's too deep and big for the door but I like it back here because this is the heart of my gardening.  It's very overcast today forgive the darkness.

 Browallia Endless Flirtation, Hypoestes Hippo White and Stained Glass Royalty Coleus

 I found the watering can at Menards (very inexpsive) Menards is kind of like Home Depot

Found an old brass water nozzle in our supplies.

 I wrapped chicken wire that came on a spool around the wreath along with this cabbage rose print that fit in nicely with what I was doing.

 I attached some seed packets to the wreath like Mary did.

 I hot glued the seed packets in place.

 Found these gardening gloves with a similar aqua tone as the ribbon plus some yellow like the watering can.  I hot glued them too.

 I made up a bow which also hides the larger tie-wrap that's holding the hose to the wreath.

I bought everything right after I saw Mary's post which was the end of May but didn't get around to putting it together until now.  😀
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you liked this! 


Welcome to Home and Gardening With Liz. I have combined my previous blogs “Infuse With Liz” and “Sit With Me In My Garden” into this new blog. I love interior decorating and gardening. I enjoy redefining interior spaces by moving things around and reusing decorative items already found in the home. I also enjoy creating tablescapes and an occasional crafting project. I'm so pleased you've stopped by. I invite you to follow me and I do hope you will keep coming back! Liz
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