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October 31, 2013

October 31st!

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October 30, 2013

October visit to the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Region

A couple of weeks ago we took a trip to see our son and his wife in Pennsylvania.
They live in the Lancaster County region.
They know me well and one of our day trips took us to a neat little garden center called Terrain in Glen Mills, with a great gift shop.
Need I say more?
  I've been wanting some orbs, but I didn't buy any of these, but I wanted to!  Kind of hard to stuff these kinds of goods in a car!

 Great displays of pumpkins and gourds.

I was fascinated by these pumpkins.  Their stems were incredibly large.  This one is about 3" wide at the top!  I'd love to see the plant that grew these!  I learned later that these are called "Wolf" pumpkins.

I wanted one of these crates in the worst way but again putting that in 
a car wasn't going to work- these were probably 30" x 24"

I liked these "aged" urns.  These would have looked great in my gardens!

An outdoor table presentation- they laid a long piece of birch on the table and accented it with the pumpkins, dried leaves and candlesticks.

I did pick up one of these "Cinderella" pumpkins

 These old carts were decked out with pumpkins and mums.  I have one of these but never thought to do this with it!

While we wandered there was the scent of a campfire everywhere.  It was a cool day and the smell was delightful!  This copper fire pit is about 5 ft. across!

The archway stores the wood for more fires.

This old piece of a tree was planted.  What a great way to incorporate a natural element.

This wood trough on an iron stand was a fun piece too.  It reminded me of a giant bread bowl!

  Inside the store I was overwhelmed with everything.  
I could have spent a thousand dollars
in no time!

I didn't take too many pictures.  The green placemats are made of real boxwood.  They were great but too pricey for me.

Lots of display with dishes, home elements etc.
Look at that burlap roll with the stripe!

Great candles everywhere.

These were my two pumpkin picks.  I incorporated them with my fall entryway display.

We actually had snow already- twice last week.

Thank goodness this melted!  Very early for our area.

The next day we went to Litiz which is an neat little town that dates back to 1756.  
We were in a hurry and didn't spend a lot of time here but of course I got some shopping in!

Lots of great architectural details.

We ended the afternoon with a dinner at a smorgasbord restaurant in Ronks.

LOL.... this was us feasting!! 

Actually this was at a working farm, called Wyebrook Farm in Honey Brook, that sells
their own lamb, pork and beef.  They give hay rides
and have pens that you can see the livestock.
Great for the kids!

Of course we saw the Amish with their horse and buggies but I didn't take any pictures since they don't appreciate it if you do that.

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October 28, 2013

We Interrupt This Program...

My fall and Halloween decorating has been temporarily interrupted!
My living room is finally going to be painted!
  I'm staging all my deco stuff from the living room 
on my dining table. 

 All my curtain panels are stacked up along with a large pile of hardware.  I tell ya- having 6 windows in one room is a major expense that I never considered when I first came up with the idea to have all those windows!

I've been waiting since June to get this underway.   

 Various color samples have been reviewed (4 to be exact).  I knew one thing for sure- I wanted to keep the room bright and cheerful. 

The color I landed on is called Lady Finger by Benjamin Moore #1045.

It does have some yellow in it and it works great with the sofa and the other chairs.

So this week I am all torn up but it's for a good reason!  
I love this kind of a mess because it represents progress!

 I have a few more things to remove but overall
the room is ready. 

During this process of choosing a color I reviewed pictures on line to see rooms painted with the colors I was considering.  
I ran across this article from another blogger called  
She suggested painting the sample colors on a large piece of poster board (wish I would have thought of that).
 She also has an article she wrote about selecting the right color (which I was happy to learn that I had applied some of the same logic).  
You can read the article "here"

One of the struggles in my decision process was because my carpet is a lemony yellow color and all my furnishings have some kind of golds/yellow in them.  I have had the Concord Ivory on the walls for 7 years and wanted to break away from the overall strong golden tone is projects.  I wanted to go lighter and allowing the furnishings to play off the wall color.  I had to find a color that could work with my furnishings and still give me the updated look I wanted.  
Now let's hope I got it right!

Stay tuned! 
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October 23, 2013

Festive Halloween Inspired Tablescape

Come join my Festive Halloween inspired tablescape!
I started with the spiderweb tablecloth I've used a
few times before like this one "here" 
with my Winnie The Witch is Back tablescape

I've used some felt leaf placemats, black bamboo flatware with a spider napkin ring.  The polka dot mugs add a little festive pop!

The napkin and napkin rings are from 
Pier 1 (2012)

Adding more to the festivity the bright orange
spiderweb candlesticks, glittery garland and a
raven with his purple party hat!

 I used this glittery garland last year with
my "Goulish Dining" tablescape that you
can view "here"

The dessert plates are called
Halloween Silhouette 

 A simple center arrangement was created using multiple elevations with different height candle holders.  
Hobby Lobby ravens/crows 2011/12?

It's a cold wet day and a good one to be inside
with a warm meal and some hot chocolate!

Rust colored dishes from Dillard's- Noble Excellence, Scroll Terracotta
White with Black rimmed dishes from Horchow- CMG
Polka Dot mugs- Terramoto Ceramic
Black Bamboo Flatware- Neiman Marcus
Melamine dessert plates by Bethany Lowe-  Halloween Silhouette

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Lucky us.... we got snow already!!  Really???  This is way too early- good thing it melts as soon as it warms up.  This was our 2nd day of it and a bit more is coming.
I removed some of the plants from their pots but not all of them over the weekend.  I haven't emptied the pots of their dirt yet.  I figured I had plenty of time! 

 I stood at my back door and shot these pictures... I like the virgin snow on the pumpkins and plants - even if I am bummed to see snow so early!

 Aren't the hydrangeas all pretty laden with the snow...

Doesn't the bright orange look spectacular against 
the snow!  I'm sure they're doomed now.

Neighbor's house
Out my office window
I better hustle and get those pots emptied- I have a feeling we're in for a long winter!


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