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April 27, 2017

Mini-Tablescape and Plate Rack

Sunday morning I put together a quick tablescape for an "Impromptu Morning Dessert" and you are welcome to take a look at it "here".  I mixed some new tid-bit plates from Pottery Barn with my Polish Pottery that worked out nicely.

 I was in the basement I saw my decorative wooden terrarium that I got at least 6 years ago at Kohl's.  It's not a real terrarium since there's no glass in it- it was just an accent piece shown with flameless candles or plants.  

 I invested in several small artificial plants to go in it and I added my faux moss to the bottom that I used at Easter.

 I was going to get rid of it but decided to give it another chance so it ended up here on the small table.

 I found these bisque ceramic candle holders at one of my little favorite shops in Petoskey.  I decided they color and texture worked well with the terrarium.

 I felt like a punch of green was needed so the Pier 1 cabbage plates went up on the plate rack.  This has become a fun decorating spot for me!

 I couldn't make my mind up for the bottom shelf of the plate rack but finally decided to put an assortment of creamy white pitchers for it.

 A couple of months ago I found this blue/white cookie jar at T.J. Maxx and decided I had to have it.  I goes with the other pieces from that same Ralph Lauren Mandarin line that I have.

 I have one candle holder from the same group and I can't remember if I showed this porcelain sphere I ordered from Pottery Barn a few months back.   The cobalt stemware was a clearance purchase at Pier 1 some time ago.

 Pretty much the same here- with the exception of the Dutch Wooden Shoe ornament I found at Bronner's Christmas store on our way back home after my birthday in March.

 Here in Michigan we have a neat little city called Holland that is dedicated to celebrating Tulips!  They have a festival and 25,000 tulips are planted throughout the area including Windmill Island where you can actually go inside an authentic 250 year old dutch windmill.  Anyway I had to have the ornament for nostalgic reasons!  

 I think I mentioned this a while back too- I found the crate at T.J. Maxx.  I was looking for something different to add to the bottom of the etagere.  I started adding a few things I had around the house.  I had thoughts of putting wine bottles in it but they really should be stored on their side.

This area is frequently used.  Notice my Christmas Cactus is blooming again!  This is the 4th time since December.  I guess it likes where it is!

I turned it around to view the flowers better.  I love flowers- what can I say!
I joined Ron at The Uptown Acorn yesterday for his  (link) "What Makes Me Happy" series.
I'd love it if you haven't visited yet and could leave a comment!

Looking forward to a great weekend and I hope yours will be too!


April 26, 2017

What Makes Me Happy

Today I'm joining Ron at the Uptown Acorn blog for his
What Makes Me Happy series!
Come on over and visit 

April 23, 2017

Impromptu Morning Dessert (T)

With a late morning start we decided some apple and cherry turnovers sounded good and Dan volunteered to head off to the bakery to get some.   We'll be eating again around 1o'clock and didn't want to eat too heavily at this time.
 I got the coffee brewing and then decided to set up and impromptu table setting.  LOL he'll be surprised when he gets back!

 These little blue plates came from Pottery Barn (called Scalloped Tidbit Plate) and the reason I wanted them was to have something that fits on my little plate serving stand.  It's really small and a standard dessert plate doesn't even fit on it.

 Turns out their color looks really good with my Polish Pottery so that was a double bonus.  I ordered these on-line so I wasn't 100% sure of their color but fortunately it worked out well!  Some stores still have these but they are listed as sold out on line.

 This is the little plate stand.  I added the raspberry jam jar for looks but we didn't actually need it for our impromptu morning dessert. 

He should be back any moment so I best stop taking pictures!
Wishing you a beautiful day!

Dishing It & Digging It 

April 21, 2017

Welcome Spring!

Hello Everybody!
Spring has been slow to get going here but we are seeing flowers and shrubs blooming so that's a good thing!  I love this Primrose plant.  It will continue to get larger and have more leaves as it warms up.  We're still dipping down in the low 30's at night so the plants are slow to come alive.
 The Pachysandra (Japanese Spurge) is another reliable plant here.  This is my hosta hill as I call it but so far the hostas are barely out of the ground.  This area was loaded with oak leaves but I got Dan to use the leaf blower to clear them out early.  A few stragglers are still around.

 They're flowering right now.  Nothing real exciting but still a welcome sight!

It's hard to imagine that before long it will look like this again!

 It's been raining for several days on and off.  Sorry the path looks messy but the old mulch pieces seem to find their way onto the stones when it rains. Anyway, some daffodils and tulips are making their way up and should be blooming soon.

 This is the same path area but I removed the hostas that are up close here and relocated them last fall.  Right now the new tulips are coming up in that same area.

Last weekend it was so nice out I had to get outdoors and do something.  I started bringing out some of my planters and accessories. The art post is a new piece (gifted at Christmas) for the garden.

 Each side has a different design.

 This is the same general area from last summer.  This reminds me I need to get out my hummingbird garden accent!

 I can hardly wait to plant flowers and enjoy the upcoming summer season!  May is when things really get a move on here and then watch out!!

 An early summer view from the deck last year.

There are some daffodils blooming around town and so are the forsythias.  I took this snapshot by a restaurant.  I like how the dried grass looked near them.  

How's it going in your area? 

April 12, 2017

Daffodils & Bunnies Garden Easter Brunch (T)

 Let's imagine we're out in the garden dining with the bunnies!

 These little bunnies are having a great time munching on carrots!

 I used an ice bucket to set the daffodils in.  For some reason they exploded in height when the flowers started to open up but then they were very floppy. (The ice bucket is new from Walmart- it has a white liner that I temporarily removed and a cute top too- nicely made) We'll pretend the ice scoop is a dirt scoop! 

 I made a chicken wire wrap to help support the flowers and I think it adds a nice touch for the garden look tablescape!
This year Walmart has a cute galvanized metal collection by Better Homes and Gardens that have some of the same design ideas as Pottery Barn (for a lot less).  They even have a beverage dispenser with a pedestal like PB and a multi-tier tray which I've wanted for a while.  (Not compensated just sharing info)

I slipped one of the scatter carrots under his paws to make it look like he's munching on one!  I chose the wicker placemat for a ground color.

 Since the bucket is galvanized I chose to use the galvanized chargers again.  I like the rustic feel they add and the pretty dishes seem even prettier played off of them. The napkins came from Williams Sonoma and the white flatware was from Horchow.  I found the napkin rings on clearance at Pier 1 during the winter months.

These are perfect for my garden theme (there are four different patterns).  I found these a while back but have had trouble finding more.  I once saw them in chocolate brown and white- real cute! 
 Bunny Toile by Elisabeth Trostli for Andrea by Sadek

I wanted some color to pop underneath the green/white dishes.  This is a favorite pattern of mine by Spode called Delamere Bouquet.  I followed some sales through Horchow to collect mine.  I recently noticed that Pottery Barn is selling galvanized chargers this year in case you want some.  Mine came from Michael's 2 years ago.  

I got these cute egg shaped dessert dishes at Pier 1 several years ago (2014?) I used them on my formal dining table as seen "here"

 I will plant these outside once they're done blooming!  Did you know daffodils are deer/bunny resistent!

 The green tablecloth is by Zina Vasi.  I found it on a markdown about 6 years ago at a local store that has unique tablecloths, napkins and placemat collection.  

It has a garden theme with daffodils so it's perfect for spring!

Wishing you a Blessed and Happy Easter.  

I'll be joining:

April 9, 2017

Hopping On The Plate Rack!

Since I did a tablescape in the kitchen dining area the other day I wanted to show you the plate rack.

I'm keeping the centerpiece on the table from the tablescape.

 I used the set of four rabbit dishes I found last year at Pier 1 and displayed them on my dining table as seen "here".

 The plate rails partially cover them up but they're still viewable and I love them!

Four different patterns- this is my favorite!

 The green, yellow and purple bunnies have been with me for some time.  They make great accents for tablescapes too!  I used them last year at my mom's house for Easter as seen "here".

 I found this plate at Hobby Lobby last weekend (should have bought more!).

 This little wall plaque was a find at T.J. Maxx.  Sometimes I love the old fashioned images like these.

 This is a set of three bunches of tulips (from Pottery Barn 2 years ago) and some carrots positioned right down the center.

I found this sweet little bucket at T.J. Maxx too.  There are some dishes and cups that went along with it but I only bought this.

I am so thrilled that we did not get the snow they predicted!  Spring is here, my tulips are on their way up and the warmer days make me so happy!  Next week I saw a high of 69 expected so I'm head over heals about that!


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