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September 24, 2014

Early Fall Hydrangeas in the Morning Sun!

The hydrangeas are plentiful around here this year. 
 I've cut them for arrangements and given some to others when they were fresh and now I'm going to keep some that I'm drying.

 The trick is to wait until they are older and are starting to change their looks.  They develop an almost papery texture and they shift coloring.  These are Limelight Hydrangeas that start out white, shift to a soft green then to this rose tone.  Eventually the ones still on the shrub will darken into a deeper rose tone and then shift to brown when they are finally done.

 I caught these while they still have some green mixed in with the soft rose tones that they finish off with.  They have been without water for a few days but the little green leaves still look fresh.  I'm going to cut some more of these as they get darker. 

Early Fall Hydrangeas in the Morning Sun!

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  1. Liz,
    These are gorgeous, and to think they came from your own garden, makes them all the more precious. Pinning these beauties!

  2. Liz, I'm drooling over those gorgeous hydrangeas! When I was young my mother and grandmother had blue ones and I just simply never appreciated the blue ones. And I'm not sure I ever noticed any that were as lovely as the ones you have. I would love to have ones in my yard like you have. Thanks for sharing and telling how they change color.


  3. Beautiful! Love dried hydrangeas!!

  4. Your hydrangeas are beautiful, Liz! Believe it or not, that's my favorite flower; and I don't have a single bush in my gardens! I just buy them at the grocery store...lol! After being in Charleston this past weekend, we made lots of plans to revamp our courtyard. I think a hydrangea bush or two are in my future.

  5. Those are absolutely beautiful, Liz. That reminds me I have to cut mine in the next day or so. xo Diana

  6. Just gorgeous Liz. What a beautiful fall display. Your pics are stunning.

  7. They are beautiful, for sure! Liz, I'm hoping to plant some limelights this fall. If it would ever rain and soften that hard ground a little! I enjoyed your blossoms and cannot wait until I have my own to watch the transformation you described.

  8. Your Limelight hydrangeas are gorgeous and look s pretty on your table. Thanks for the tips on drying them.


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