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January 28, 2022

January, Sorting and Emptying my Office and Dish closet.


To start with i'm showing you my credenza.  I brought the white rooster back and built the look from there.  I try to find things that go with the picture.

These flower pots are new.  I got them from Terrain.  When I saw them I knew immediately where they were going to go.

So I began emptying out the dish closet in the small bedroom that I took over quite a few years ago.  I emptied everything (in several stages) and determined what I actually used and things that had been just hanging around.  This is just a sampling of everything I went through.  It truly was some of the hardest decisions I've made to let go of a lot of this.  There are stacks of chargers and placemats by the closet too.

This is one side of my closet now.  I also let go of a lot of wine glasses that I had accumulated and kept what I knew I would use for my tablescaping. My husband put this all together and it's supported heavily to take on the weight of all of this.  He made the wine glass rack too.

This is the other half.  I got a whole bunch of metal racks designed to hold pot lids, and rather than storing everything in stacks I was able to get all of the dinner plates on the racks, leaving the salad/dessert  plates to put in front.  I also went through a ton of placemats and chargers that I had accumulated.  I was heavily into Tuscan when I started blogging and I've transitioned to a different style over the years. 

Believe it or not this is far more organized than it was.  These are commonly used decorating items and I got them all on this shelf.  I've got more downstairs and that's on the project list too.

There are 4 napkin containers (there was 7) so I let go of a lot of them. Extra silverware is on the bottom and some more deco stuff.  The art on the right lower area is from my Grandson.  Forgive the dust I hadn't taken care of that yet.

Thi is a backed up view of my office which also serves as storage for the dishes and deco items.  I was too ashamed to take a picture of it before.  My sewing machine is stuffed underneath the printer.

My backyard garden area is in a frozen state!

Sigh.... can't wait for winter to be over!


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