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August 30, 2019

A little Garden and a little Household Deco!

I'll start off with this lovely Oriental lily called Captain Tricolore'!  I planted them this spring.  It kind of gotten taken over by my hanging basket of Lofos vine.

 Next up is my little trike planter. I had to cut it back a couple of weeks ago because it was way overgrown.

 My Flamingo greets me in the morning!
 Late summer deco!

 I made an arrangement of (faux) sunflowers for the season!

 My recent tablescape included a tablecloth with these roosters and I also ordered the table runner to put on my bureau.

I have a thing for flying pigs!

Lastly an arrangement of African Daisies (Voltage Yellow Osteospermum).  

August 25, 2019

Forgotten Garden Second Edition

 As I explained before with my Island Garden I transplanted a bunch of perennials from this bed.  I decided that since it's become so shaded that I'd plant it with hostas.  I started out with two but then I decided to expand.  So begins the Second Edition of my Forgotten Garden!

 I was pretty satisfied with this but those little golden/green ones up front looked skimpy so I went on a hunt for more.  I found the first two at Home Depot, then I tried a local garden center and found two and then I went to Cadillac which is a 45 minute run and found two more!

The two from the garden center were larger so there's a little inconsistency with their sizes but next year it should all look better.  I ordered several of these from New Hampshire Hostas.  Two are a bluish tone to compliment the blue spruce that is nearby.  I put in two other hostas in that frontal row that are different but similar in size.  Oh and I put in a couple of ferns.

 These Tassel Ferns are nestled up near the lilacs in a nice more densely shaded area.

 This is the first hosta I brought home.  It's called Aureo Marginata Fortunei.

And now with a fresh layer of mulch!
Hostas, hostas, hostas!

My ordered hostas include:
2 Afterglow Hosta
2 Christmas Candy Hosta
2 Great Lakes Gold Hosta
2 Majestic Hosta
2 Prairie Sky Hosta
1 Strawberry Surprise Hosta

Metamorphosis Monday

August 13, 2019

Gone Plaid for Roosters (T)

I've gone plaid for roosters!

 My centerpiece is a combination of a faux planter of sunflowers (from Pier 1 last year)...

 ...and a MacKenzie  Childs courtly check enameled pedestal platter turned upside down.

I was pleasantly surprised that the pedestal and the flower pot matched in size perfectly!

 I continued with the plaid theme with my napkins drawing on some green found in the pedestal platter.

 Napkin rings from Pier 1 (several years ago) added to the cozy appeal of this table.

 Brunch anyone?

One of my favorite stemware pieces called Trellis (by Fitz & Floyd) seemed perfect for this table setting.

 I kept the dishware simple with a black edged plate (got them from Horchow several years back and they are labeled CMG made in Portugal) layered on top of the Pier 1 chargers and framed by bamboo silverware from Horchow.

 The Backyard Rooster (from April Cornell) features various roosters and a small pompom on each corner.  (They have an oblong on sale for a very reasonable price "here")

As you can see my backyard is in full bloom.  We are enjoying such a great summer up here. 

So that's a wrap with my
Gone Plaid for Roosters!

Between Naps On The Porch
Love Your Creativity 

August 8, 2019

Update on the Garden Island and a bit more...

A panoramic of the island.  I initially started it to cut down on the view and road noise.  It's been expanded three times but I'm sure this will be the last.

 I planted 6 Huchera (Coral Bells) called Peach Flambe'

 I think they look good near the variegated sedum.

Most of these plants were transplanted so some look a little wimpy right now.

 These little yellow flowers are from a plant (Heliopsis) called Tuscan Sun they should look much better next year.

You may have noticed my garden statue. She's kind of like that famous Bird Girl statue as seen in the movie Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil.  Not as delicate and not as pricey!

 This is a plant called (Helenium plant) Sneezeweed and a nearby coneflower.

Some phlox are blooming and contrast nicely with the Blue Oat Grass.

 Up by the garage this planter is coming along nicely.  The "Prince Tut" grass in the center didn't get as tall as I'd hoped but the Superbena Royal Chambry are doing well.

I started these Dahlias from bulbs a while it took a bit for them to finally start blooming they are putting out a lot of flowers now.  I just dead headed half a dozen flowers off of it.  I used the topiary frame to support them and force the blooms upright.

I've been busy with family visiting and having to go downstate to address my mother's estate affairs.  She's still alive and just turned 97 but is now living in an adult assisted care facility.  Getting older sure makes you have to face up to things you didn't expect!


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