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March 31, 2014

Morphing Flower Arrangement!

I had two visions for the flowers that I used in my tablescape last week. 
I kept thinking about making the change to the other idea and while staring at them in this morning's sun I decided to get off my duff and do something!!
Ok but gees but it's only 9 a.m.!!

From This

To This!

I used these glass jar/vases from Pottery Barn that just happened to
fit into this garden tote that I've had for a couple of years purchased through
One King's Lane.  I wanted them to appear gathered and not too planned 
although my tendency for symmetry still got in there!

I'm tickled with it- I got two looks for the price of one!
Of course this led me into another post which I'll get to

March 30, 2014

Sunlit Sunday

Well today is the last Sunlit Sunday blog party for this year.  I've been joining the party with my other blog but I thought I would toss together some current scenes of my yard where my gardens are still hidden by the blanket of white.

My garden benches are starting to appear again
When I opened the door I could hear the chickadees tweeting their songs- so nice!

We didn't remove all the snow on the deck this winter.  As you can see we've got a ways to go yet but as soon as it's all melted I know the plants will quickly emerge.  We go from a frozen quiet landscape to full speed ahead in spring!
Looking forward to seeing what everyone will be up to this summer in their gardens!

Summer 2013
Watching and waiting!

Summer 2013
I much prefer this kind of view!

Thank you as always for visiting!!

March 29, 2014

Sunlit Sunday

This Sunday is the last Sunlit Sunday party for this year hosted by Karen @
 I normally join the party through my garden blog Sit With Me In My Garden 
but this year I found myself joining under this blog so I stuck with it.
I invite anyone who follows me to also join me at my garden blog which I am more active with during the seasons of Spring, Summer and Fall

A few days back I did a tablescape with this arrangement as my centerpiece.  The lilies have since opened up and it looks even better than before.

I'm all about flowers
My garden blog reflects that- it's not about vegetables!

 I moved the arrangement around to show more of the flowers.

Seeing the sun beem in on the flowers makes me happy :-)
Love the lemon yellow colored lilies and the miniature roses!

 Thank you Karen for hosting this blog party each year from January through March.  It's a nice happy place to visit and helps remind us to look for a sunny disposition in our lives even when the sun isn't shining!


March 26, 2014

My Spring Bling

 Spring has sprung....
Time for some Spring Bling!

I created my arrangement in this oversized hurricane/vase which was originally
purchased (8 yrs. ago from Crate & Barrel) to set a candle in with filler around it. 
I wanted this to appear like a garden of flowers bursting out!

This floral bundle also came with ornamental kale which I shortened to act
as a dressing around the base of the floral stems

It was snowing outside as I took these pictures, but the sun came out and 
I did a happy dance!  

I let the flowers help me decide which set of dishes I was going to use

I chose these because of their multi colored design much like the flower arrangement.  
This is a fun set with 6 patterns made by Rosanna- called LaVie Boho
The white plates are Ralph Lauren- Sophia

I chose 4 of the 6 patterns and alternated the tidbit dishes with each setting.
The flatware was set on angle to fit on the placemat.

I felt blessed that the sun was shining.  I added a soft glow to enhance this 
picture although it was beautiful in it's original form

For this luncheon lets imagine a lemon poppy seed muffin placed on the tidbit plate, cherry chicken salad served on crisp beds of romain lettuce, chilled wine (probably a Riesling) and for dessert a serving of ice cream topped with crumbled nuts and drizzled praline syrup presented in the clear glass bee stemware!

 My Spring Bling!
Now all I need is for Spring to really appear!!

March 23, 2014

Refractions of Light and Sunrise

A few recent pictures I captured with the sunlight coming into my home. 

 An early evening capture of the sun 

Refractions of light make a dazzling display

 This morning's sun beamed across the landscape like one of those giant spot lights.  I'd hate to miss all these sunrises.  Good thing I'm an early riser!
Hope everyone has had a beautiful Sunday!

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March 20, 2014

Santos Cage Doll Spring Arrangement

I was playing around with a new arrangement on the dining table and I came around the corner and was thrilled to see the dazzling light refractions on the ceiling from the sun!  The flowers were highlighted and even the candles seemed to be glowing!  It pretty much confirmed to me that this was a good look!
It was very early evening- 5 minutes later it looked completely different! I haven't seen the sun make it through to shine on the chandelier since last fall! 

In a weird way it's a sign of spring!  

I didn't even have a chance to iron the table topper I laid out!

I was experimenting to see if I could use the Santos Cage Doll on the table.  I tossed in a little candle ring made with silk forsythia flowers and I added the mercury glass candle votive for a little extra something to look at.

The flowers were an arrangement I made up a few years ago and had forgotten about it.  I was picking through my deco stuff and saw it and figured why not?  I was going to take the big candelabras down to storage but once I put the Santo's doll there I thought I'd try one of the candelabras and I liked it.  

I'm pretty happy with this and it feels springlike to me so I'm going to stick with it until I do something for Easter.
   When I made the arrangement I used a styrofoam piece to secure the silk flowers and surrounded the outside with Spanish moss. 

 Less exciting without the sun but I did iron the table topper!

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March 19, 2014

Purple Profusion

More spring dreams and
the color purple comes to my mind. 
What a majestic scene the sun helped create!

I've got lilacs on my mind!
It will be a while before we see them blooming
so my faux lilacs will have to do!

The dishes were from T.J. Maxx 2 or 3 years ago. 
 Royal Stafford Clematis by Andrew Tanner

The sun was a welcome sight- notice the time in the next picture- I was taking pictures real early!

The faux lilacs were grabbed up on mark down at a gift shop late last summer.  Can't wait for the real thing!  

Crystal by Mikasa called Windlass we purchased for our 20th Wedding Anniversary.  Placemats from Pier 1 a few years ago, flatware called Baroque from Neiman Marcus

My tallest vase I picked up a long time ago at our outlet center by Gorham called Lady Anne

Dreaming of Spring 
even though we still have snow!
It's melted a bunch since I took these pictures. 
I even lit my little lilac scented candle I found at a local store.
You can find them on the internet easily.

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