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January 31, 2014

Stepping up the Blues in my Kitchen Dinette

I've been continuing on my quest for color because of  this all white winter wonderland I'm living in. 

I pulled out a big white pitcher and filled it with some
silk florals that I had in storage.  More shopping my house!

 I chose the agapanthus for the blue, some antique roses, grasses, and a purple orchid branch for a pop of color!

 Our outdoor world is limiting...tons of snow and some icy patches that have made it a little more treaturous than normal so I've really been staying home a lot.

It does my brain good to walk into this area and see some color.  I picked up that dough bowl last fall in Litiz on our trip to Pennsylvania that I posted about "here"  
Come to think about it I also got that white pitcher In Pennsylvania several years ago.

 A little more blue and extra color just because!

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Thank you Kathryn for featuring me on Anything Blue Friday.  My last week's post was listed as the favorite!  I thank all of you who visited!


I won a real goodie!

I've been following a blogger called The Enchanted Home for a few months and I recently entered to win this lovely bowl in a giveaway she offered.
I'm overjoyed with the fact that I won the giveaway!

I also wanted to point to the post that I won this from.
I particularly enjoyed so many things she showed on this post.  
Even though most of us don't have such lavish homes and furnishings we can still take away ideas from these great designers.  Learning to layer and stage things to look good is something I enjoy seeing examples of.

These are two examples from her post that were my favorite.  

The giveaway item I won was offered by
Bonny  Neiman
This is her web page "here"
and her blog "here"

Once I receive this and find it the perfect spot I will 
show you it's new home!

Thank you again to Tina at The Enchanted Home and
Bonny from Bonny Neiman Antiques

January 29, 2014

French Country Breakfast

First I'm going to start off showing you the view from the window at my kitchen sink.  The sun was out so I hustled to get this tablescape together and I thought maybe you'd like to see what it's like outside in my snowy winter wonderland world.  We received another 12" of snow over the weekend and the schools were all closed for two days because of the extreme cold and snow.

To say I'm craving color is almost an understatement!  With that in mind yellow has been poking my brain so I brought out some beautiful dishes that were gifted to me by my son and daughter-in-law! 

My black and white fleur de-lis tablecloth became the backdrop to this French Country breakfast tablescape. 

"Adelaide" Yellow by 222 Fifth  is a beautiful pattern.  I used black plates to highlight these soft yellow dishes.  Love the design on them!

Antique pewter napkin rings with a petite checked black and white napkin seemed perfectly Country French to me!

The sun radiated beauty into the flowers.

Yummy color

The Fleur-de-lis pattern is repeated on the coffee mugs.  Once again the Pier 1 white chargers come into play. Their swirl pattern seems perfect for this French inspired breakfast table.

Behind the glass you may notice the Fleur-de-lis accent piece on the box.  
Fleur-de-lis is from Old French- flour de lys meaning Flower of the Lily

 Doesn't that look so much nicer than the white outdoors! 

Do you know what makes for some very delicious French Toast with not much effort?  I use a loaf of cinnamon bread (no raisins) to make the French Toast with and it's delicious!  I recommend it if you want add a little something special for breakfast!

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January 27, 2014

Shopping Your House

I've been snowed in here (literally) and have been looking  for things to keep me busy so I decided to "shop" my own house and create some new space and add some different accents to the livig room.

I pulled a couple of items from my office.  
Visit "My office- previous post " to see where they were before.

I brought back my game table which had been put in storage downstairs for a while. I slid the chest back over to the corner window creating a little nook.

Since there's no lamp on this table I thought I'd try my cloche out which I've also pulled from the office.  

I brought back these two green porcelain pieces that I've had for about 7 yrs.  They work really well with this lamp (a mark down that I got them to reduce it a bit more when I pointed out a flaw on the finish.  Sometimes it pays to open your mouth!  I always say it doesn't cost a dime to ask a question!
 Moving the sofa forward created a more personal space. 

 I like this comfy cluster.  Plenty of room yet cozy!

So there you have my new lay out and new/old deco accents!  
Now what else can I get myself involved with??
Oh yes...laundry! Woohoo!

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January 23, 2014

Winter- Through My Windows

"The sun has come out and we get excited about that around here! 
 It's only 9 degrees as I'm snapping shots from the windows in my house.  I debated with myself about going out to take more pictures but the debate was short and the answer was "not going there"!

 Living in the Great Lakes region we get snowfalls quite regularly.  Notice the little stakes- they are there to help hubby remember not to get too close to my garden area. I have iris planted there and his snow blower can quickly do damage!

We keep several bird feeders well stocked. 

Through the window in the living room is my weeping mulberry tree.  The birds zoom in and out of it a lot.

A cardinal was visiting

Out back my fairy in the flower garden is holding a bouquet of snow!

Don't worry, she'll look like this come summer!

What do I do to keep busy?

Well as of the past few days I've been shuffling
my furniture in the living room and I've 
brought back my game table. 
I'll elaborate on this in another post!

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January 19, 2014

Got My Blue Back On The Plate Rack

Well- I attempted to have just white dishes on my plate rack for a different look, but after a few days it was just to bland for me.
 I also wanted to get away from the Americana look I had started because I was veering off track from my Tuscan and French deco.

  I fussed around a bit and used a mix of 
items to create a new look.
I have to admit I love a country cupboard look and even though this is a narrow plate rack is I think I achieved what I was goaling for.

This plate rack would be cute with doors that have chicken wire on them. 

Sunflower pitcher by Maxcera, Pottery Barn Moo Cow creamer, Milkhouse Creamery Candle

Bordallo Pinheiro Rooster Pitcher

Devon Cottage pattern by Johnson Bros.

 I loaded up my big cobalt blue vase with wheat and I stuck pine cones in my antique salt glazed bowl.

I snatched a picture off another wall to see what a portrait style frame would look like next to the plate rack and I like it.  

 I have this print of a rooster that I'm thinking of framing to go where the sunflower picture is so I can put that back where it was. 

Now I want to paint the walls a different color!  I'll wait a little while longer to bring that up with the hubs!

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January 13, 2014

Enter Shakespeare.....

At my entryway table I've created a new vignette
This Shakespeare Hamlet box/book has been looking for a spot and I finally found one

Since I moved the Tuscan mirror to this entry nook I needed to add some items that would look good with it. 

This large bottle caught my attention .  It's coloring struck me as a good pickup to the mirror and I loved the texture it has.

I decided to add these little glass votives accented with gold foil.  One of those items you buy and think "I'm sure I'll use it somewhere"!

I tossed some antique looking keys on there to suggest that someone has come in and dropped their keys at the entry table.  There is also a bit of lace coming out of the side.  The little cloche covered candle was new to me last September after reading about them from Ron at The Uptown Acorn  "here"   (he is a talented decorator- visit his blog if you haven't)!



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