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September 12, 2014

This Week's Rambling's #12

This was a slower paced week.... it started out fabulous with weather in the mid 70's, clear skies and sunshine!  Of course some rain had to move in so I've been indoors more.
 On Monday I posted my re-vamped harvest basket- my first entry into fall decorating.
I caught the evening sun shining on it so I snapped another picture to share.  It shows off the colors a lot better.  You can see Monday's post "here"

I listed a curio cabinet on Craigslist and two nice ladies (mother and daughter) came over to see it.  They were highly interested in my gardens out back so we did a tour of them first!  A while back I had a garage sale and as it turns out the daughter had been here before and she had toured it then too! 
You are welcome to check out my other blog that is devoted to my gardening addiction.  Here is the link - Sit With Me In My Garden

Last Sunday we took a trip to an Antique store.  I wandered about and right out front I found this cast iron garden bench.  It has some condition issues that Dan says he can fix and we plans to have it sand blasted so the details will show up better. 

I wrote to Richard at My Historic House because I figured he would be able to tell me if it was Victorian or not.  He estimated it to be from around 1910-1920 (not Victorian) not common but not rare.  I don't usually go for something like this but the unusual cameo style caught my attention.  The little side arm pieces need to be reattached and one leg.  It's fairly short so we think it may be more suited for children.  I don't expect to see this fully restored until next year but hopefully it will be ready for next spring/summer!

Talk about weird...
Inside this antique store I came across this piece of pottery.  I had to take a step back because guess what!  I sold this at one of my garage sales a long time ago!  To come across it after all these years blew my mind!  My mom used to do a lot of ceramics in the 70's.  This was one of her pieces from 1979.  I used it for a long time when all my deco was brown and beige but then it went into storage and eventually I parted with it.  Funny thing is- I had made a comment to Dan a while back of how weird it would be to visit a resale shop and find one of my pieces I sold at a garage sale...and boom it finally happened!  The owner is going to be shutting the place down and I'm tempted to go back and look around some more.  I'm not an antique collector by any means but I did see an item or two worth going back to see.

 I finally found my tray was the topic of my next post which you can see "here"
It took a long time for me to find something that would work!

 The other night I piled the pillows up on the side of the sofa to sit down and Teddy decided my leopard print pillow was the ideal spot to land!  I don't usually allow this but I got a kick out of how he cuddled up on it.  About every 10 minutes I got a new picture!

It's feeling like fall here more and more.  We've dropped into the mid 50's and it makes you think of fires crackling and flannel shirts!  We'll warm back up but you can't deny it's coming!

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  1. The bench is beautiful, Liz. What a find! It's feeling more and more like fall here too--always a nice time of year. Teddy is looking adorable as usual. Have a great weekend!


  2. That bench will be beautiful in your garden. Can't wait to see what you do with it!! How odd to see one of your own things in an antique shop. We sold some of Mom and Dad's things at auction some time ago and I swear that I've seen some of them at a local resale shop. It is a weird feeling! Your new tray is the perfect piece for that vignette! What a find!! Have a great weekend, Liz!

  3. Lovely Fall flower centerpiece. I am so glad you found the perfect try. it looks beautiful on your table. Teddy is adorable as always. Happy weekend.

  4. That bench is gorgeous, Liz! I can just see it nestled among your beautiful flowers next summer.

  5. Hi Liz, love the garden bench. It will be gorgeous in your garden.Teddy is adorable lounging on your pillows. Looks like he was really enjoying it. Lovely week from your home. Yes, it will be sweatshirt and flannel weather soon. Michigan is a beautiful state in the autumn!!
    Have a great weekend.

  6. I love your vintage finds. I love the pottery and the bench. Thanx for sharing.
    XX Jo from - Anne's Attic - design http://fulcolbaxia.wordpress.com

  7. Liz,
    Some great finds while you and Dan were out and about!!!
    I adore your Autumnal Box and the sunlight accentuates the hues beautifully, dear friend!!!
    You were meant to keep that piece of your Mother's pottery!!!
    Love, LOVE, L O V E all the "cat antics" of Teddy on the pillow.
    He's going to be one "POSH" Feline!!!

  8. Love that bench, even in the condition it is in. Can't wait to see it all spruced up. How weird that must have been to find your Mother's ceramic piece. What a lucky cat! He looks very comfortable. You may have just given up your pretty pillows! laurie


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