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December 20, 2021

Christmas Wrapped Up


The living room. Peaceful especially in the evenings.
(these are in reverse order so you could start at the bottom and work your way up)

The kitchen window, I always do something here.  

I brought back this angel candle holder and loaded it with a few candles.

Another Santa display that was out by the front door last year.

Three doves that an old friend from New Mexico sent me many years ago.

The nativity.  

Looking back the other way.  I used many of the same elements as in the past but just found new ways to display them.

This angel was on center display above the mantel for a few years.

Eleves made an appearance in several spots this year.  I put her up on a candle holder and nestled this lighted ornament into her hand.

We found this Santa at Bronners this year, couldn't resist it!

Our grandson is here right now and I was decorating a bit with him in mind!

On the coffee table a gathering of bottle brush trees displayed in a mercury glass bowl.  I put a clear glass dish down inside to stand the trees on.

A bowl full of ornmanets with more bottle brush trees.

This is a MacKenzie Childs piece I got at least 8 years ago.

(another MacKenzie Childs piece)

This mantel is loaded up with MacKenzie Childs pieces.

These two reindeer and tree are new 
MacKenzie Childs pieces this year.

The big green cone trees were new from Home Goods this year too.

I love how the draped garlands and stockings layered in ended up looking.

A few of the elves on the tree...

The tree waiting for gifts to be opened!

Out by the front door I displayed a group of my nutcrackers.

A couple of closeups of the Candy Cane tree.

This giant candy cane came from Hobby Lobby and several of the ornaments and ribbon.

 The candy cane tree I created with my grandson in mind!

The formal dining table!
Well that's it for this year, wishing you a wonderful and joyous Christmas!

December 8, 2021

Christmas on the Credenza


Each season I've been doing a vignette on the credenza.  Some of the same elements are here as last year with a couple of additions.

The sun was streaming in so I thought it was a good time to capture this.  Forgot to turn off the chandelier though!

These lighted birch trees are new and I added some different bottle brush trees as well as the deer.

I't's pretty with the lights on in the evening.

I like to imagine that this is real and and that this is  like a village.

I hope you liked it! 

October 5, 2021

October Highlights - Dining With Fall Colors (T)


 Greetings everyone!  Fall is coming on quickly around here so I decided to embrace it!

Deep yellow, deep red, pumpkin and green made for a colorful table!

Reviving some dishes that also repeat the colors in the placemats.  The napkins are from Williams Sonoma (several years ago) and the mugs are too. 
 We'll have warmed cider in the mugs with a cinnamon stick!

 A stop at Costco and I couldn't resist this arrangement of 2 dozen roses in these gorgeous colors!

So beautiful, they bring me great joy!

We'll have a sausage casserole and apple pie afterwards!

Not my best looking but I cut out a big apple in the center and oaks leaves for around the sides.

Ready to dine!

October 1, 2021

October Highlights - Kitchen


October has arrived!  Fall brings on warm and inviting smells warming our homes and senses!
I've pulled out my fall placemats which really warms things up!

I  pulled out my MacKenzie Childs and chose to decorate my bureau with the bulk of my collection.

I left my candlesticks in place and just added the owl and pumpkins.   I kept it simple but colorful!

My MacKenzie Childs cake platter came in handy to display a pumpkin and I surrounded the base with a leaf wreath and some autumn berry picks.

I placed a couple of mixed fall picks to enhance these pumpkins.

I can hardly believe October has arrived.  September went by in a flash!  I hope winter does too!  Haha!


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