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November 27, 2016

Getting In The Holiday Mood!

We have been in Pennsylvania again and visited my favorite little garden center with household decorative and holiday items.

I took random shots around the inside store area showing the holiday goodies they had spread out everywhere! 

Some of these trees jumped in my shopping basket! 

Ornaments to attract you like candy in a jar!

Loaded with candles, plants, baskets, dishes and more. 

This place is called Terrain.  It was a local garden center in Glenn Mills, PA.  It used to be called Styers.  If you ask any local where to find Terrain they will reply "Oh Styers".  

Little flowering plants for glass terrariums or such.

My daughter was eyeing up the little mini terrariums.  

They are selling amaryllis that are already started and the bulb is encased in wax and they don't need to be watered.  There are two in this center moss arrangement.

This room area usually has dishes, books and foodie items.

I turned around and noticed all those wreaths tucked up there along the edge of the ceiling. 

I'm itching to own one of these big marble cheese boards.  Just don't like the price!  I think I posted that same thought last time I visited here!

This place is just fun to visit and explore.  Even if you only walked out with a $3.00 ornament you'd be happy having visited.

My daughter feeling crazed with all the choices!  LOL.... 

As we were walking back out I tried to capture a picture of this area.  A frosty winter wonderland of trees, lights, and ornaments. 

Wagon carts loaded with wreaths.  It's all about the presentation- everything seems so much more engaging with how they do it!

Dan loved this wreath. Probably should've bought it. They had baskets full of winterberry in a few areas.  I wanted some but I was concerned with my cats back home getting into them so I passed.

A very old sleigh....

The smell of campfire wood burning in the center area of some Christmas trees.

Those glass cylinders have more of those special amaryllis bulbs sealed in wax.
Great gift item! 

I wanted to buy a poinsettia but with having to travel so far back home I decided to pass.  I loved the rosemary topiaries too! 

I loved these crate displays.  

We actually came all this way to witness our grandson's Christening.  Our daughter and the brother of our daughter in-law were asked to be the Godparents.  There were seven babies being baptized- an it all went so nicely. 
It was a wonderful day! 

I can't wait to get my holiday decorating started! 

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November 20, 2016

Thanksgiving At Our Home This Year

I thought I'd do a review of Thanksgiving at Our Home this year. 
Early in November I set the dining table up to reflect the Thanksgiving spirit!
A medley of harvest elements...

In the kitchen dining area...

More reflections of turkeys, pilgrims and harvest elements...

Some colorful dining in the kitchen!

Cozy and colorful...

Everyday on the kitchen dining table...

More warm harvest colors in the living room...

Setting up for a Thanksgiving Day Dinner in the dining room...

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!
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November 17, 2016

Thanksgiving Woodland Themed Tablescape (T)

Planning the Thanksgiving Day Table with a touch of Turquoise!  This is a new color for me to have in my cupboards!  I was inspired by Jann Olson from her Thanksgiving Pie Bake Off post as seen "here" to use this color.  

 Let's back up a few moments to where I began this tablescape.  This square platter was a find at Hobby Lobby a little while back.  
I couldn't get the camera to focus on the platter so I set this little pine cone piece on it so it would finally focus!  I thought the pumpkins in all corners was cute.  I suppose it could be used as a charger too.

The burnt orange chargers are also from HL…
The tablecloth was from Williams Sonoma last year.  Love the quality of it!  Often times you can find these things at their outlet well after they've sold out of the stores.  

 They have a faux finish to look like wood grain.

I brought out my Plymouth dishes from Williams Sonoma.  Last year I took these dishes down to share with our family gathering as seen "here".

 The turkey is sitting in the middle of a wreath that also came from Hobby Lobby.  Sorry for the lackluster pictures- I took them quickly while I was building the tablescape.
The wreath has an asymmetrical design but I felt that would be perfect for this woodland setting.  I stuck feathers at all four corners to add to the woodland theme.  

After I took this picture I decided it needed just a little more for the centerpiece.

 I added some flame-free tea lights and tucked them into the leaves around the turkey to add some glow.
Again this centerpiece is easy to pick up and remove for the dishes of food.

I had some leaves made of burlap in my stockpile so I placed one just under each dinner plate and used it to hold the napkin.  If you can see it well enough there is a touch of bluish green feathers on the turkey that go well with the new stemware.

The napkins are from Pier 1 this year

 I kept the pheasants on the candle holders since they add nicely to the woodland theme and the height adds some drama like candles would.  

I framed the sides of the centerpiece with the antlers from Pier 1 that I picked up a little while back.

The aquamarine stemware is from the Pioneer Woman at Walmart.  They are really a great value.  Thick and nicely made and her name is embossed on the bottom too.  The clear crystal stemware is from Williams Sonoma called Vintage.

Wishing you all a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!



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