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September 22, 2014

Embracing Fall on the Mantel

Well- fall is officially greeting us tomorrow and I have chosen to embrace it! 

That said...

I decided to focus my attention on the mantel for some seasonal decorating.  
Those of you who follow me will notice I lowered the two tall French Pedestal Urns down to the hearth.   After I placed them there I felt a need for some more symmetry so I flanked the fireplace with the two wing back chairs. 

 A used a combination of faux plants to add some warm tones and texture.

I clustered pumpkins, gourds and apples along with some floral sprays with touches of leaves and sunflowers to create an autumnal bounty.   My goal this year was to keep most of what I already had on the mantel and embellish it with a harvest of these seasonal favorites.

I enjoy the warm rich tones this season offers us.  Our trees are starting to show signs of change and it won't be long before our landscape will be bursting with these beautiful colors!

I'm glad I got this chance to take pictures on Friday with the sun filling the room since it's been raining all weekend and we haven't seen the sun since!

The evenings always seem more special when there are candles glowing!

As our good friend Ron from The Uptown Acorn would say- It's Fall Y'all!!

I'm joining the following parties:
Between Naps on the Porch for
Metamorphosis Monday

Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home for
Amaze Me Monday

A Stroll Thru Life for
Inspire Me Tuesday

Ivy and Elephants for

Ivy and Elephants

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  1. Hi Liz! Oh, how nice to hear from you and to see you're still getting your lovely decorating on. Your mantel is just beautiful. Those huge urns are just gorgeous and they look perfect on the hearth. I love how you've dressed your mantel too. Hope all is well with you in your world.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. Beautiful room, Liz! I love that picture with the sun coming in ~ it looks very soft and inviting. Your mantel looks great. I love those large urns next to the fireplace. The mantel décor you chose really suits the room beautifully.

  3. Beautiful Fall décor, Liz. I love your urns! Yes, we are just so happy about Rea's progress. She is going back for her final strongest chemo followed by her stem cell rescue, the beginning of October. It makes me nervous because they said the chemo will wipe her out completely that's why they give the stem cells right away and she will be in isolation for about 4 to 6 weeks. But know how strong she has been all throughout makes us feel better. I am going home next week for at least 3 weeks. I have only been home 2 weeks the whole summer. My poor hubby has lost so much weight. ..Christine

  4. I really like this new arrangement, Liz! The chairs in front of the fireplace...VERY classic and classy!!! Hey, wait a minute! You're the one always moving the furniture around, so why is it ME with the bad back??!?!! My furniture pretty much stays in place except during the holidays thanks to Mr. I-Can't-Adjust-To-Change who lives here! :-)

    I love the symmetry of the mantel! You did an excellent job on it! The mix of high and low is perfect! I was working on my mantel before this back decided to act crazy on me, and I'm looking forward to getting back to it. You've really raised my inspiration level a notch!!!

  5. I love the color, the shadows of your home!
    It always look wonderful but so much more in Autumn, I think.
    It exudes warmth and comfort.
    Love it,

    PS - If I were going to embrace Autumn today - right now - in my mantel I'd have fish bowls. It can't be any more water left to fall... really. Non-stop since noon. But Noah's Ark kind of Flood. While I'm indoors I like but one will have to leave eventually ;)

  6. Liz, your mantel and fireplace are beautifully designed. You've done a lovely job decorating it. Love the painting above the mantel, too.


  7. Liz, what a lovely Fall mantel! I love your Staffordshire spaniels; they're one of my favorites! The Fall pops of color, in your mantel design, are so pretty! I love symmetry; your French urns and chairs are just perfect the way you have arranged them! Your sun filled room is so inviting; I would have a difficult time leaving this room!

  8. Lovely liz. I always loved your tall vases. They look good flanked on each side of your fireplace. The chairs look great there too. I am balanced person, so this is perfect. Fall has arrived and you have magically welcomed it into your lovely home.

  9. Your home is absolutely gorgeous. I love how decorated your mantle. I love the color of the two wing chairs that flank your fireplace.

  10. Liz this looks amaizing, just the right amount of fall.

  11. Hi Liz, your mantel is stunning and beautiful for fall. Love the urns on the bottom too and the balance is perfect. The whole room is gorgeous. Such a welcoming space.
    Happy Fall.

  12. Liz,
    Amazing how the mood of the room changes from the bright sunlight
    to the evening shadows on your mantle, dear friend!!!
    The wing chairs are elegantly styled flanking either side of your fireplace.
    We, too, are awaiting the changing of the leaves and cooler breezes!!!
    Happy Autumn!!!

  13. That is such a pretty room, Liz. I have always loved how comfortable and warm it feels. I really like symmetry, too. It is just feels right to me to have things matched up (usually). Hope you had a great day. xo Diana

  14. Oh wow, this is gorgeous. I love your fall mantel. Those urns on the side are stunning. Such a pretty room.

  15. Liz, I think I've said it before -- I LOVE those urns you used on the hearth. The Fall foliage looks beautiful in them. The Fall colors look so pretty on your mantel, and I like that it looks so symmetrical. laurie

  16. I have this EXACT same picture hanging over the bed in the master bedroom. I first saw it at a shop in Boston when I was visiting my husband while he was a visiting fellow at Harvard. It spoke to me like nothing ever had before. Yours looks beautiful over your mantle, and everything looks so welcoming and seasonal.


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