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January 31, 2012

I have a TAN

I have a
Well sort of....
Terrarium, Angel, Nest
I'm working on a new addition
I am still working it into the scene...
At this time of year I think we
all feel the need to nest!


January 27, 2012

Living Room Wrapped UP

Well I guess I'm done for now with my tweaking around the living room.
Recently I showed you my new bowl I had purchased for the coffee table
and I felt it was too big.  Our room is set up to view tv, listen to the stereo and use the computer...sort of an an inclusive package!  Anyway, I didn't want something on the coffee table that was tall or intrusive to viewing without having to move it. Our TV is set low to be at a natural viewing height when sitting so I have to be careful what I put on the coffee table.
I have this bird cage I got from Ethan Allen many years ago but I seriously overpaid for it and I'm so stubborn I keep trying to find a way to use it!  I managed to get a floral ring inside there and set a topiary ball in the middle.  This is a new look for me and this bird cage. It's had pot-pourri in it, and a faux orchid on a stick with rocks around it too!  Funny thing is- it's never had a bird in it!  Of course not a real bird!
 My elephant seemed to go well with the bird cage and my new deco ball from T.J. Maxx.  The bowl is also new and I felt it was a good pickup to the look I was displaying on the table.
It's actually a glass bowl that is painted from underneath.  I was looking for a bowl but I never imagined this!

 The green in the bowl works well with the sofa and it makes me happy to see the bird cage in use and my elephant!  I love elephants!
 This elephant lamp is on my desk along with this clock that looks like an antique but is a reproduction find from T.J. Maxx.  This is my  view when I'm on the computer (which is probably too often!) 
I edited out 3 other picture frames. I looked at my table and thought "I'm turning into my mother" it was too busy!  (sorry Mom!)
A couple of views of the room.  I hope to be able to get new curtains in the near future. 
As you can see we have a very large screen tv and speakers.  I can tell you the earth does feel like it's moving sometimes when we play a movie!  Behind the tv is a sub-woofer and it can make you feel the seat! I have the room fashioned to view the tv but it also works well for socializing.
 Just to the right of the room behind the sofa is a built in drawer unit with a wood top.  I currently have some books there with my new Lion bookends.
Another T.J. Maxx find!
 I guess I'm building my wild kingdom!
 They are holding a shield
The kids gave us a framed portrait from the wedding and I've been working on this corner to create a family area.  It's subject to change a bit, but you get the idea!
I have one more area to the right that I'm not happy with yet, but I hope to settle on something soon!  You know how it is- you just have to keep playing around until you feel it's right!
Have a wonderful weekend!

I'm joining Marty at A Stroll Thru Life
for Tabletop Tuesday

January 25, 2012

Swirling with Mikasa

Please join me on my
dish blog
to see my new tablescape and 
my dishes I won from Mikasa!

Swirling with Mikasa

Monday Jan. 16th I was notified by Mikasa that I had won a sweepstakes of theirs! I had entered a tablescape on their new "The Great Dinner Party" web page.  They did a random drawing and I won 8 place settings of a pattern called Swirl.  There were 5 colors to choose from so I chose 
Swirl Chocolate!
 I chose to mix them with a couple of other dishes so they could be highlighted more.  Their dark color proved to be challenging to take pictures of!
 As you can see they are a very deep chocolate color 
I staged them on a charger that has a woven design.  I used a simple white dinner plate between the first two layers
I added in a small red dish to give a punch 
of color and
 I layered their bowl on top, but it still felt like it needed more color
So I added the small square bowl and rolled a napkin thinking of the shape of an egg roll!  I felt like the unique bowl shape of the Mikasa
Swirl dish felt Asian in design so I decided to work with that theme.
This very oversized hurricane was chosen and I put river rocks in the bottom, set a tall pillar candle in the center and used some miniature sea shell covered balls to accent around it.
The white placemats also have a pearly swirl design on them and my white flatware came into play again!
These glasses are unique in their slightly swirled design and I was lucky that their green color worked well with everything else!
I have to admit I started out with a whole different idea, but once I started rummaging through my linens, dishes and flatware my direction took a new course!
It was fun working with these dishes and I want to thank Mikasa/Lifetime Brands for
their generous gift!
Evening is falling...
 We are having a homemade coleslaw, rice, shredded pork and egg rolls for dinner!
After dinner we're having  
Butter Pecan Ice Cream!
Thank-you for joining me!

Mikasa Swirl Chocolate dishes
White dishes by Palm/Restaurant from Home Goods
Red dishes by 222 Fifth called Belize
Chargers by Chris Madden from JCPenney
Flatware from Horchow/Neiman Marcus called Sophia
Green stemware by Impulse called Roma from 
One King's Lane
Placemats from Pier 1 Imports
I'm joining
Between Naps on the Porch
Tablescape Thursday

January 24, 2012

China Cabinet Spruced Up!

Well- I'm still moving around the house 
updating, redesigning and organizing!
Today I tackled my China Cabinet.  
It had gotten a bit too disorganized and 
needed some editing.
Back in September I purchased
some new plates by Spode-
The Traditions Series
Archives Collection- Cranberry
*See below for description 

Initially I just squeezed them
in there.
 I bought acrylic stands for displaying them.
 By using the stands it allows me to stage 
some of the stemware behind and in front, 
rather than using the plate rail which 
would have kept them in a fixed position.
I relocated my red stemware to the top
shelf (they were behind the plates on the 2nd shelf)
 I moved the china set down to
the wood base surface.
 I also removed most of the crystal
stemware- washed and hand dried
them. Then I went about relocating
most of the pieces.

These are some of my favorite pieces
in my china cabinet...
Back in the mid 70's my parents 
went on a whirlwind trip of Europe.
While in Venice my Mother bought this
serving set at the Murano Factory. 
She's  been asking us to take
things of hers for years so I asked 
for this.
While in high school my daughter 
met a girl from Italy that was here
as a foreign exchange student.  Her
experience with her sponsors turned
out poorly so we took over and had
her live with us.  The next summer after
she had left we sent our daughter over
to see her in Naples and they toured all
over Italy.  While in Venice my daughter
went to the Murano factory and found
these glasses and a candy dish that she
bought for me!
This is a little favorite of mine that
I found at an antique store.  The first and
only antique I've ever purchased!  Since
I love gardening I was intrigued by it.
The tag said it was from the 1930's.
 I think I need more of the red Mikasa crystal 
pieces don't you??  :-)
This also gave me a chance to dust 
inside.  It's pretty sealed up but somehow
dust migrates in there over time.
Finally done and closed up!  
Whew! That took about 2 hrs to do!
Glad I finally did it!
*This set of six (6) 10 1/2" dinner plates in the Traditions Series from the Spode Archive Collection in Cranberry, made in England. The titles of this beautiful set of six are : Aesop's Fables, Caramanian, Castle, Greek, Lucano, and Milkmaid. This red / pink transferware series features magnificent traditional designs with wonderful landscape scenes of some of the most popular hand-engraved original copper engravings that were taken from Spode's archives. 
(I bought mine through Replacements Ltd. on Ebay)

I'm joining Bunny Jeans Decore and More
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Bunny Hop Party

January 22, 2012

Working around the room....

A week ago I ordered a new "bowl" from EBay.   I hoped it's oval shape would work well on the coffee table. I don't
have a terrific amount of stores 
with good decorating items, so 
I often shop the internet.
When it came in I was surprised
 at how big it was 
(even though I knew the measurements) 
and I was disappointed at how 
tall it sat on the table.  I debated
on returning it but I didn't want
to pay to ship it back (It's very heavy) so I  
kept it and finally came up with
an idea.
I decided to try it over on my 
game table. I was amazed how 
much better it looked there. Now 
I had inspiration to create a 
new look!
 I pulled together some of my
faux book/boxes  and staged
some of them behind the lamp.  
I slipped the lamp cord in 
between the books so that worked 
out well for hiding it.
 I also included this copper
tray that my son and his
new wife, gave us from 
Pennsylvania. It's made by
the Wendell August Co. close
to where they live.
My father came from Calumet, Michigan
which is copper country. Lots of copper mines
were in existence when his family came over
from Sweden (late 1800's).  His father was a miner 
so we always hold a special place in our hearts
regarding copper and the heritage that
came from my Dad's past.  They picked
this out for us with that in mind!
 There is a small spider on
one of the leaves (see it?)
 I did have to get some more
of the decorative balls to
fill this bowl up. (Hooray for Hobby Lobby)
This game table was purchased to
be my computer/desk table.
I wanted something 
unconventional and I wanted it 
to integrate easily in the room. I originally had a laptop and it 
worked out beautifully for a while.  
2006 New furniture
Eventually I switched to a
different computer- but it's so 
much larger- it looked like an 
elephant on a beach ball! 
Sometimes we actually use it for 
a game table! 
Care for Scrabble, Chess or Cards anyone?
Now I think it kind of looks like
a den or library reading table....
 View sitting at
my desk

So that's my most recent makeover
in my living room!

I still have more to do! 
 Thanks for Stopping by! 

I am joining Between Naps
on the Porch for
Metamorphosis Monday
I will be joining Marty
at A Stroll Thru Life for her 

Please stop by and visit all
the talented bloggers!


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