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September 15, 2014

Morning Glories..finally!

I've finally got some Morning Glory blooms!  I went through my blog archives and realized that exactly one year ago I also posted that my Morning Glories have just started to bloom!  

It just keeps raining here- it's getting annoying!  You'd think we lived out in Seattle!

Of course they are perched so high up I could barely get a picture.  The Sweet Autumn Clematis is ready to start blooming too.  It's going to warm up (they say) to the 70's again so I hope to see more blooms!  

We had such high winds last week with one of the storms that my big flower pots with the (orange) Fuchsia's you see in the background were pushed right over on the ground.  It gave them a flat face for a few days but they seem ok now. 

I re-arranged the deck and moved this pot over.  Boy is it heavy- I had to rock it gently back and forth until I got there.  I cut it back a couple of weeks ago.  The petunias were looking too shabby.   They're starting to recover but we've gone down to 42 degrees at night and the annuals aren't too happy with those temps.  There were reports of frost already but I think we'll be safe for a while.

Have you heard of any frosts in your region yet?


  1. Hello Liz !
    Thanks for stopping by : ) ... yes, it is a long process and my contractor is multitasking on other jobs too so it drags on .. but I don't mind that much.
    We are having the same sort of weather ... no frost warnings though ...
    Pinching back the sedums starts about mid June and I usually have to do it again early August so they truly will not be floppy .. I hate that happening. Mums .. I don't seem to have a lot of luck with mums the past few years .. I like them for Fall but I think asters usually do more for me. Having said that ? the asters I put in are NOT doing a thing for me this year ! haha
    I think it is all the chaos with the hardscaping in the garden ... I did put in a lot of new plants this year .. got the plant tags crammed in a storage box ... so for the most part having a cool wet season has been easier on them ... but heaven knows what kind of winter we will have .. fingers crossed we don't lose a lot of plants.
    I have tried to grow "Moonflower" vine for so many years with failure every time ... I had to give up .. but I love those huge white flowers .. probably why I chose a white hibiscus.
    In any case your garden is looking gorgeous ! I always love seeing that header picture.
    The hosta and grasses look so pretty together.
    Joy : )

  2. I had to laugh I moved large pots like that too, some are just so heavy.

  3. Hi Liz.... sounds like we are experiencing similar weather patterns... frost is only two counties away tonight.... then again we are basically across the lake from each other although you're a bit farther north.... I imagine Lake Michigan moderates your area a bit more than here.... Larry

  4. On this side of the Atlantic we have been frost free so far and the weather has been unseasonably calm and warm for some weeks.

  5. There are frost warnings up in parts of NY...maybe down to 35 later this week...yikes! Love the lush foliage of the morning glories with the blue popping through.

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I can grow just about anything EXCEPT morning glories. LOL- I have NO luck with them no matter HOW I start them off...nicked, water-soaked.- you name it. Yours are glorious! GLORY-ous!

    We have frost all around us the last few days- and it is only 30 something here this morning. UGH! Not ready for this at all yet- xo Diana

  7. Liz, I was happy to see this post. My morning glories have not bloomed yet so there is hope. Have a nice week!

  8. Mother Nature is playing tricks with the weather.
    Here in Seattle, we had high 80's yesterday.
    Going to cool of today, fall is in the air.
    My petunias are wilting.

  9. Hi Liz, your morning glories are so pretty and so healthy. I have not had luck with them here. Wish we had your rain. We really need it and they predict some for Wed. or Thurs.
    Your garden is beautiful and taking you right into fall.
    Enjoy the 70 degree temps.

  10. No, no frost warning yet in Virginia. Our weather has been quite nice (though we can use some rain). I hope it's going to stay nice for at least a few more weeks. Fall is such a gorgeous time a year. You have a very pretty garden.


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