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September 12, 2012

Kitchen, Roosters and Sunflowers!

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I thought I would share with you a couple of new vignettes in the kitchen that I recently created.
To begin with I picked up this basket a while back and it really hadn't been given a home.  It's made to stack plates in and that's why the front has the dropped down opening.
Of course I couldn't leave well enough alone! I have this cute little white pedestal that I realized would fit in there and help to raise the plates up higher.  Of course now it needs something to cozy it up!
 I looked about and saw this Williams Sonoma wash cloth and because of the stripe I thought it might be a good touch.  After playing with it a bit I liked it but something was bugging me.
I dug through my napkins and found this Pottery Barn napkin that had some nice earthy tones that would work well with my colors.
This napkin allowed me to fill in the space a bit better.
 I love chicken wire items and this little basket was a good addition to the pieces I got from Pottery Barn a couple of years ago. The tray on the wall is from Wendell August and the Rooster pitcher is a Bordallo Pinheiro piece.
This picture is a print I ordered on line and the frame was a T.J. Maxx find.  I liked the coloring in the frame and it works great with my kitchen. 
Small kitchen....4 ft. between the base cupboards. It works well for one person- gets crowded easily! Let's just say you can do a lot of butt-bumping!
 This is a quick shot of the kitchen.  I moved the knife block off to the back right which shows in the picture above.  I have a tv on a swivel mount that we watch in the mornings while having coffee and sometimes while I'm making dinner!  The little clock below the tv is actually a unit that controls lights inside and outside  of the house.  It's a bit utilitarian but I have few places to hide things.
 Speaking of coffee this is my little nook for coffee. 
 Just to the right of the tv is this other vignette I created.  I got a bun on to create something using a collection of pitchers and this is what I ended up with.
I wanted to do something in the whites but I had to work with it to fit in with my look.  The rooster hadn't been used since I bought it because It's so big I struggled with what to do with it.  I found it on 75% off at Cracker Barrel last year! Couldn't resist!
 I lined my chicken wire tray with this napkin which is also another one from Pottery Barn.  
This was a pitcher I scarfed up from T.J. Maxx several years ago.  It's by Poterie Mont Rachas, France.
It was kind of pricey for T.J. Maxx but something told me to grab it! After I searched the internet for more of the product I was even happier with myself for buying it- especially at T.J.'s prices!
This is an old pitcher in front that I got from my Mom's and the one behind was a fairly new purchase from a trip to PA.
The one with the woven exterior was another T.J. Maxx piece from last spring. I liked the organic feeling it brought to the vignette.  It ties in well with the chicken wire tray and helps ground the look.
The Milkhouse milk bottle candle is a cute addition and I love having a little fragrance fill the air! The sunflower added some yellow which draws on the coloring in the Mont Rachas pitcher 

So these are my two new vignettes!  
Thanks for visiting!



  1. I love it Liz! You made your wire basket even cuter! Would love to have one of those over on the tray next to my breakfast table.

  2. I LOVE that big ol' white rooster!!! He's so cool simply because he's big (with me, bigger is always better!) and he's a single neutral color!!! He can fit in just about anywhere! He's perfect for that vignette. Great job with the chicken wire dish holder, too! That was a smooth move to add that napkin! Gorgeous pitchers, too!!! Now....about that thing that controls the lighting? That seems like a really good idea to me. Is it like a timer for outdoor lighting? Can you control various areas to be lit at certain times? For instance, I would want the light beneath the American flag to come on every night at a certain time and go off at a certain time in the morning, but I would want other lights to be on for less time. Does it control that sort of thing? Where did you get it? Does it require hardwiring? Yes...I'm asking a lot of questions! :-) As for the coziness of your kitchen space, ours is the same. I think there's only about 5-6 feet across the area where I do the cooking, etc. I'm OK with it because it prevents me from having to take a lot of steps between the stove and sink or the fridge and stove or whatever. Very convenient. The only time it bugs me is when there are a lot of people over because they all want to hang out all over the kitchen! They don't know how to just stay over there on the other side where there's lots of space in the dining area! :-) I really like the tray hanging on the wall, too.

  3. I love your kitchen, Liz, and it is filled with lovely things that caught your eye. Both vignettes are creative and beautiful. Aren't Milkhouse Candles the best?! I had my hard drive removed from my old lap top when I brought it to be recycled. Do you think it is worth sending to see if your husband can retrieve any photos?? The motherboard is dead :( xo

  4. I am in a chicken wire kick lately...that said, I love your chicken wire tray and basket!

  5. Nice addition to your kitchen! Love the white chicken too.

  6. You are very clever with the plates. I love your one butt kitchen. Beautiful!


  7. Your kitchen looks great, Liz. Very pretty. That big chicken is gorgeous..I am glad you found the place for it. Have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  8. Liz, How lovely it all looks.
    I'm wishing now that I went to TJ MAXX when we were in the states. Linda

  9. They look great! I love the big white rooster and the white pitchers.

  10. Liz your kitchen and vignette is awesome! I'm in love with the big white rooster. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I imagine it is not only cooler in Northern Michigan but very beautiful!

  11. Your new vignettes are so pretty, Liz! I love your roos so pretty!!

  12. Lovely vignettes! Lovely kitchen! Lovely lady!

  13. Thank you so much for your visit and comment, and also for becoming a follower!! I am returning the favor. This is my first visit to your blog. It's beautiful. Your kitchen is so pretty. You've done a fabulous job decorating it. Love your vignettes. Please visit again soon. I'm off to look at some of your other posts!

  14. Even if your kitchen is mall, it's sufficient and darling. Your vignettes are so cute! Love the white rooster. He can fit in anywhere, because of his coloring. Adding the napkin was clever and adds warmth and color. Very cute. I can see you are having fun.

  15. Both are beautiful Liz. Especially love the big white rooster. Wish I did a little more butt bumping in my kitchen. Maybe it would knock a little off. lol! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with Share Your Cup.


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