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September 20, 2012

Updated Centerpiece Harvest Basket

Well a couple of people chimed in and thought the basket looked better without the jute ribbon but I wasn't willing to give up on it.  I studied it throughout the day yesterday and decided to try gathering the ribbon up to create a swag and now I'm much happier with it! Yesterday's post showed the basket like this... 
Here it is now with a little tweak that I think made all the difference!
The sun is out briefly in between the rain we keep getting. So I took advantage and snapped a few extra shots.
This one really captures a nice glow and speaks fall!
Of course Mr. Owl had to be featured again... I am enjoying all the owls I've been seeing this year!
This is where it's residing on my formal dining table.  
Next week I plan to get a tablescape pulled together using my centerpiece!
Well I hope you agree that my little tweak was just what it needed!

I'm joining these parties:
Tablescape Thursday 
Let's Dish 


  1. And BINGO was his name-o! Score, baby!!! That simple gesture of pinching the jute up makes all the difference. Good call!!! No, strike that. GREAT call!!!

  2. Yes!!!! It looks fabulous. Love the sunlight filtering in across it, too, great shot. xo

  3. I like it both ways, but you're right the swag does make a difference. Very pretty!

  4. Great shots, you've got a good eye. The feeling of Fall was all over those 2 sunny ones. Your basket arrangement is lovely and so is your blog. Thank you for Following me, I know I will be delighted as a Follower of yours as well.
    Take care, Victoria Lavender

  5. What a difference that made! I love it now! You were right to stick to what you love and made it look fabulous. Looking forward to your tablescape! I am still loving that owl also! :)


  6. Hi Liz,
    How are you?

    Sounds we have the same weather. Seems very tropical.

    The harvest basket looks so fruitful and I love the owl watching your treasure.

    Have a blessed day.

    Hugs from Stockholm,

  7. Oh I like the swag too! Love your owl peeking out over the basket.

  8. That is so cute and the owl is just adorable Liz.

  9. It's amazing what a little tweak can do. Love the basket.

  10. Beautiful sunlit streaming photos Liz. It is looking like Fall. I think I correct my redirection problem. See if you can get to my blog via this comment alone. Thanks:)


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