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September 11, 2012

America- We Will Go On

A while back I created a little video with a program on my computer using still photos.  
I wanted to pay tribute to America- From our spirit for independence and our continued determination to keep going on- even through the worst of times.  

Our country has stood together through a 
lot of tough times.
From the early days when we fought 
for our independence to that awful day of 9/11.... 

One thing that always stays true...
United We Stand.... 

Our spirit is strong....

We Will Go On

I'll never forget that morning of 9/11.
We were having our morning coffee watching the Today show....Katie Couric and Matt Lauer appeared with breaking news.. The look on their faces said a lot.  The story that unfolded was hard to grasp. 

I'll never forget.

Music by Daniel Rodriguez,
formerly a New York Policeman who gained
notoriety after 9/11


  1. Oh, wow, Liz...SO poignant! I think every person in America over the age of about 10 at that time remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing when this tragedy unfolded. I was at home alone, taking my time about getting ready to head into the shop. I, too, was watching "The Today Show" when news of the 1st strike aired. I sat there in disbelief, thinking it was a tragic accident. Even when I saw the 2nd plane hit, I still thought it was an accident...that the 2nd plane's vision had been obscured by the dense smoke. When I found out it was an act of terrorism, I panicked and drove to a friend's house. Ramon was working at a place that was considered a vulnerable target and was put on lockdown, so I couldn't go to him. I was scared out of my wits. I was glued to the TV set for the next several weeks. I didn't even open the shop for several days! It was all just so unbelievable, so horrible, so sad. These - the attacks against the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and the intentional downing of Flight 93 - were among the most heinous acts every carried out against our country, and I will NEVER forget. You did a really great job with this piece. I'm super impressed!

  2. It was an awful, awful day- xo Diana


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