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September 18, 2012

Rainy with a chance of sun...

We are experiencing rain with intermittent sun...literally!
I told myself get outside while it's not raining and catch a few pictures! Everything always looks so pretty after a rain.

My grasses are topped out!

My flowerless Endless Summer hydrangeas on the right...healthy and strong...ho hum.. I will have to wait until next year for flowers!  The Limelight hydrangeas are doing just fine.  I'm going to be snipping some of their loveliness to enjoy indoors!

They are ready to bring in and start drying!

The ferns are about done.  They've been fabulous this year...and no that is not a giant snake...it's a hose!  Funny thing is it's a black hose with a soft yellow stripe and at times it does look like a snake!  

At the edge of the woods are some wildflowers blooming...one of which is responsible for my plugged up head right now- darn Goldenrod!  
The other is (Actaea) Baneberry or Bugbane...
I always thought it looked poisonous and after reading up on it I found out the whole plant is poisonous- the berries are the worst, if ingested. It can cause a sedative affect on the heart and cause immediate cardiac arrest! It doesn't bother the birds which are the primary seed disperser.  The Indians used the roots for pain for female problems in women.  Sounds to me like it would numb you!

I meandered towards the fountain area but from a different point of view and snapped a quick shot.  All the impatiens are heavily weighted with the rain.  The grass is loving it!

Everything is still green and growing. Doesn't quite look like fall yet does it!

Wouldn't you know the Sweet Autumn Clematis is blooming and it's raining!  I actually took this a few days ago...

This is it today! Copious amounts of flowers for a change! This is the best year for these that I've ever had..wouldn't you know it's going to be 
raining for several days!

See what I mean!  I had to share our forecast with you!

Not 10 minutes after I took these pictures it was dark and gloomy again! It's definitely intermittent today!

Just a few days more and it's officially fall!
Saturday September 22 to be exact!
My autumn display on the deck...love these crazy shaped gourds and colorful pumpkins!

How's the season in your area?  Any signs of fall yet?


  1. Liz, I'm so jealous right now...lol!! Perfect gardens and temps for fall!! LOVE your fall display. I've never done one on the back porch; but, you've got me motivated to do one this year! This is just beautiful!

  2. Beautiful images. Prettiest I've sen some time. Don't believe I've seen a bug gane flower before. Just amazing.

    FYI its a common misconception but goldenrod has nothing to do with allergies. It's ragweed that is he culprit.

  3. Beautiful garden!! And love the fall display! :D

  4. Your weather is a bit cooler and rainier than mine...you have some beautiful natives with those exotic plants...my Endless Summer did not flower either due to a very freezing cold April...I am enjoying every drop of rain right now as we still need so much...

  5. Hi Liz,

    I just love the fall vignette on your deck and, of course, your gardens look amazing! If only I could have a shaded seating area like yours :-) Too bad you didn't receive all this rain in early summer!

  6. Liz,

    I love your fall display. The trees in your area seem to be a little further along in turning. My coralbark maple is only beginning to show some color, while yours is already a strong yellow. Have a happy fall.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers


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