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September 19, 2012

Centerpiece Harvest Basket

Today I am showing you my 
Centerpiece Harvest Basket that I 
just completed.

A break down...
After a couple of cups of coffee and listening to the boring news shows I decided to get this project moving along.  Last week hubby and I took a trip to Hobby Lobby (80 miles away for us) and did a little shopping there as well at another small floral and gift shop I found in this town.  That's where I found this basket.  I kept seeing these large wooden box like containers with seasonal decorations on other blogs and this struck me as an alternative idea.  It's quite large and a bit heavy.
I had a bunch of those papers they wrap things up with at Hobby Lobby and I scrunched them up tightly to create a bed for my project.
Then I laid a heavy amount of this textured straw like filler for the base of my design.
I rummaged through my containers with faux fall picks and accessories.
See the texture of this basket.  I don't know what the material is but I liked it's woody look.  As you can see I've assembled it.
 The white pumpkins were new from 
Hobby Lobby and Mr. Owl was from JoAnn's- 
I had all the rest.
 I've been visualizing using Mr. Owl in so many places, but he finally got a home here!  My cats also thought he was a cute toy and I found it on the floor once- thank goodness they didn't ruin it!
Here's a top view of it
I never mentioned the woven jute ribbon.  I bought that at Hobby Lobby and wasn't quite sure how I was going to use it but this morning while staring at the roll near the basket it came to me to wrap the basket with it-  and create a ruffle or skirt.
I tacked it in several spots at the top to keep it from moving out of place.

I'm going to set this on my big dining table. I plan to set a nice tablescape and use this for my centerpiece!
 I hope you like it...I love hearing your thoughts!

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  1. Liz it looks great! Love the white pumpkin and the owl! I like the basket without the ribbon a little better myself but it's wonderful both ways! Hugs, Linda

  2. This is stunning! I like everything about it and I just love Mr. Owl...too cute!

  3. That is some centerpiece! Love the owl and the ribbon wrapped around it. I also have to travel a distance (90 min) to the nearest Hobby Lobby (I always want to call it Holly Hobby!) xo

  4. Love the size of your basket. You were able to place a beautiful vignette inside making it completely mobile if you want to display it elsewhere. Hobby Lobby carries unique items. Your Autumn centerpiece looks fabulous!

  5. I like that! Okay, off to garage to go through my baskets!

  6. Beautiful Liz. Cute little owl too:)

  7. Dang, Liz...the morning news shows must've been REALLY boring because they inspired you to get all Energizer Bunnified! :-) This is SO cool!!!! You did a great job with it! I like the ribbon treatment around it because it ties into the color of the owl and the pretty white pumpkins. Thank goodness no owls were harmed in the making of this basket! :-)

  8. The. Basket is lovely. The owl is so darn cute! Love your little Fall accents you put in there. I do like the basket without the ribbon skirt.

  9. Wow Liz, you really created a Fall beauty. Love the basket and the ribbon looks great. I think you owl is so cute. Oh how those kitties love those critters. I put a $1 store crow out in my birdbath on some sunflower heads. He has tons of feathers missing and I keep finding him on the ground. Not sure if it's cats, other birds, or the deer. Either way he's pretty funny looking now. Thanks for sharing your wonderful basket with SYC.


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