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September 21, 2012

That's Amore....

Last month our son and his wife participated in an annual event that her parents, grandparents, and some aunts and uncles partake in.

  I admire the G's family and their devotion to this canning event.  It's a family tradition with them and they really make a team effort!

This is our son Ryan stirring the pot....
It was in the 90's that day.

 You have to love shots like these...

 I love seeing men involved in cooking!

They are very particular about the tomatoes they use and go to specific places for them each year.  I can attest to how good their sauce is because I've had many dishes prepared with it!

You have to love family traditions!  Respect, love and knowledge are all gained by them!
We don't have enough of it in our country these days.  Ryan married into a 100% 
Italian family....he did all right!!
He's already learned something and become involved in a long standing family tradition
That's amore!!


  1. great post ! Love family traditions !

  2. You know I loved this post, Liz! ;-) It is what life is all about, family, friends sharing food and fun and love! xo

  3. THIS IS A FABULOUS POST!!!!!!! It's so cool to see families pulling together doing activities. When it's a long-standing tradition, that makes it just that much better! Our family used to gather walnuts. We would hull them, my Dad would put them out to dry in the garage, and then - as a family - we would crack them out on the patio and then bring them in to sit around the rec room with our little individual pails picking the nuts out while watching shows like "Bonanza" on TV. We'd put them in sealed jars, and then bake yummy desserts with them all winter and make ice cream with them in the summer. GREAT memories! My Dad, even though he suffers with Alzheimers, still gets out there and gathers the walnuts every year. I actually got out in the woods with him last year. Freaked me out! I was apparently oblivious to the dangers of woods when I was little because I was NOT happy to be in those woods as an adult. It was cool, however, to be in there with my Dad...just like in the old days. Daddy doesn't do anything with the walnuts anymore. I think the disease has taken that part away from him. Maybe this year I can get him to show me (if he can recall) exactly what to do so that at least he, my Mom and I (my brother is deceased, my sister lives far away in Minnesota) can relive those days. Geez...now I want to go play Chicago's "Old Days"!!! I love how Ryan has embraced a part of his wife's family tradition, and I hope he will carry it on. Tradition is a good thing and that truly is amore, my friend! Excellent post, Liz!

  4. This is so cool. How nice that the family does it together without fail. It takes a lot of effort to make sure traditions like this don't fall away. Thanks for showing the photos. Great post!

  5. WOW!!

    I grew up with a lot of Italian families, many of the grand parents were right off the boat from Italy and I have never seen such a production canning tomatoes! And we even have a tomato festival here!! Here, usually the Nooni's never let anyone else in their kitchens!! LOL!!

    Amazing tradition!


  6. Hi Liz,
    What a special tradition, looks like so much fun! Lovely post. XOXO ~Liz

  7. Wow! That's fabulous! I bet the sauce is incredible! Happy Fall! Angie xo

  8. What a wonderful tradition!!! I think a family that cooks together stays together. Have a wonderful week, Laura

  9. It looks like good memories are being made as well as good tomato sauce. That is a great family tradition. Liz, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the sweet comment about my blog. This has been such a heartache and headache but I feel better knowing that nice people like you are standing with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  10. Ok, Liz, I just went back and looked. This blog had fallen off of my list! I added it back; and now I am going back to see all that I've missed! this was a great post! Gotta love those family traditions!


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