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September 24, 2012

PB Inspired Indian Corn Project

Today I'm joining Debbiedoo's

Well I saw this picture in the Pottery Barn catalog and decided I wanted to try my hand at creating it for myself.
Pottery Barn 
This project turned out to be a tad bit harder than I anticipated.  The challenge being how to get the ears of corn to stand around the base.
I started with this glass bowl. I knew I had to get the corn to affixed to the bowl somehow.  

I forgot to mention that I had decided to keep my Indian Corn natural rather than to give it the gold tone the PB had given theirs.  So I glued them on- but ran short by three.  I couldn't attach the jute twine, which may have helped to hold them in place, because I was short a few pieces of corn.  

Disaster picture...
Later that evening the corn began to fall off... insert___curse word (stop laughing)!!  I was tongue and cheek about the hot glue- but I didn't want the glue to be permanent.  The next morning I removed all of them and peeled off the hot blue.  I ran a row of that jute ribbon you see in the background around (which coincidentally happened to be the same height as the side of the bowl) and hot glued it to the bowl and overlapped it so I could hot glue it to itself- hoping it would hang on better.  My hope was that if the corn could have something else to attach to than just the glass it might stick better.

The next day I went out and found more of the mini Indian Corn.  This time I found more of the long slender versions...Note the larger ones in the upper tier...I think that was another problem....they were too heavy.  I also tied each husk with a little bit of raffia just to keep them a little more organized and not too wild.

So here it is a close up...I used a wired twine.  I thought it had a nice rustic feel to it and I was able to put some pressure on the corn in hopes that it would stay in place!  I turned the bowl upside down too so that my vase could stand on it's bottom and that worked out great.

The pedestal vase was something I had in storage and since it has a tapered shape I didn't have much room for filler like PB has used.  I might try something organic like lentils. The candle is from T.J.Maxx. It's scented with a wonderful cinnamon/pumpkin fragrance. 

Now I need to get my buns in gear and do a tablescape!  I've made two centerpieces in the last week...time to finish the look!

Tell me what you think!!

I will be joining the following parties!

My little PB Inspired Indian Corn  Project
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  1. WOW Liz! Your Indian Corn centerpiece is gorgeous!!! It's so much prettier than Pottery Barn. Love It!


  2. You did such an amazing job! It is gorgeous :)

  3. Really love this..need to give it a try!
    Just gorgeous!

  4. Not just saying this...but, yours looks better than Pottery Barns!!!

  5. Glad to read the pitfalls before I tried this project, thanks for the good, the bad and the perfect end results. I'm trying to finish up a project today so hopefully I can give this a try tomorrow. Thanks for,sharing.

  6. Your Indian Corn centerpiece looks fantastic! You did a wonderful job :)


  7. Tenacity, thy name is Liz!!! Go, girl!!! I would have thrown in the towel before I even got started!!! :-) You did a GREAT job!

  8. Your Rocks! Liz?

    Wow... you really have a crafty fingers, lady? That's gorgeous.

    Great job. Hope you enjoy your week ahead.

    Hugs from a chilly Stockholm,

    Will be back to peep your TS..

  9. I agree with Alycia! Saved a bundle from the PB price, I'm sure. xo

  10. Wonderful project. I have to hand it to you, you are persistent. It certainly paid off. Love the look.

  11. I think your candle looks great and I love the natural corn-enjoy:@)

  12. Your corn embellished candle holder turned out great, but I have to giggle. I always have similar problems when I try to do crafts. I'll bet your TJMaxx candle smells really good. Nice color.

  13. Just wanted to tell you I love Traverse City!!!
    Hubby and I spent some time there a few summers ago and I was pretty sure I could live there.

  14. This is beautiful Liz. I love that you left the corn natural.

  15. That is really pretty, Liz. It makes a lovely, autumn centrepiece.

  16. Wow. That looks amazing Liz. Might have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Liz, your indian corn project turned out beautiful! Just a little FYI..use a rubber band around the base and place your corn inside the rubber band. Then use ribbon/twine to hide the rubber band. I done something similar and it worked like a charm!! Hope you're having a wonderful day, Gail

  18. Hi Liz
    I just found your blog and checked out the garden blog too. It seems you have some of the same interests that I have..hydrangeas and flower arranging. Your table center experience made me chuckle...been there, done that!It did turn out beautifully!

  19. Liz,
    I love the look!! Really, I like it much better than the original version with your different colored corn attached.

  20. And there you have it! Just gorgeous Liz. You did better than PB:) Thanks for sharing both posts with me.

  21. Love that natural look. Challenges were met and you have a beautiful center piece. Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  22. What a great job, Liz! I love your PB inspired candle holder...yours is prettier.

  23. Filler? Shelled corn from a feed store, popcorn, acorns, pecans in the hull -- use what you have.

  24. I like yours the best! Very pretty

  25. That's super nice! I can almost smell the cinnamon pumpkin in the air.

  26. Love this! I will be making one!

  27. Dang! I missed this one, too! I've got to go and see if this blog is still on my list! I haven't seen any of these. This was a great copy!

  28. Ok, I had to come back and look at this. I like your version better than the P.B. version! Well done! laurie

  29. Where did you find the dried corn?

    1. I found the corn at road side stands and the farm market. They sell them bundled in groups of 3 and I just untied them.


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